Some Bag Trends from Runway Fashion Week That Will Be Hot Next Year!

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the latest runway collections, then you know that luxury jewelery and party-ready outfits are the status quo for the new season. But when it comes to handbags, practicality is king (perhaps this is a prolonged pandemic effect). We look at small street bags that are still relevant to more functional styles today, such as the extra-large tote bag and the chic low-key sling bag.

Of course, practically by no means “basic” with this new set of bags. The Proenza Schouler proves just that with a compact front flap bag, perfect for the everyday but having the power to dress up any look in your wardrobe. Risk takers will appreciate the layered runway maximalist approach, seeing models display not just one, but two or even three bags on one person.

If handbags aren’t your thing, well, there’s a spring trend for that too. Including the rise of bag-less purses. Designers have cracked the code on how to go hands free in style with more thoughtful options including a necklace purse and kitschy coin purse that can be worn on your belt. In essence, everything is here for everyone. So to stay ahead, check out the most famous handbag trends that are sure to be everywhere next spring.

  1. Open-Knit Season Michaelkors Outlet

Don’t judge last season’s art trends too quickly, as the New York runway proves that craftsman-inspired designs will last. Reinforcing the offering with an open woven bag, the brand brought a large tote bag and leather net bucket alongside our dream crochet-knit fashion.

  1. Now Serving Dumplings

There’s often a bag shape that steals the hearts of style lovers, and now, it’s all about dumplings or dumplings. A playful name for the foldable design that fills the runway and public streets, the on-trend silhouette pops up in a variety of sizes, colors and designs throughout the week, further cementing its status as the ultimate must-have.

  1. Multi-bag Lady

Is there anything better than one bag? Two or three bags, according to NYFW’s newest and best. Giving bag-girls a whole new meaning, designers have outfitted them in bulk, with the storage space they need to re-emerge in society as their most extraordinary selves.

  1. Be Brief Tas Branded

With a return to office activities to come (for the most part), the brand is mixing up accessories that are chic as they are practical and will work wonders in your back-to-work wardrobe. From sheer manila tote bags and billfold clutches to everyday bags that remind you of your lawyer’s briefcase. This timeless style is the perfect way to update even the most casual of looks, with little or no extra effort.

  1. The Phantom Bag

It seems that more and more brands are encouraging their customers to go without a handbag, by offering a unique and fully functional alternative instead. This season, there’s an unavoidable influx of “bagless wallets” that allow women to keep their small items safe, without the hassle of carrying an actual handbag (as usual). Whether it’s tucked around your neck, lariat style, or looped through your belt, hands-free options are trending right now.

  1. Sealed with a Kiss Lock

This past week’s London show gave way, to some handbags worthy of your attention, including a kiss-lock coin purse that will remind you of something you could find in your grandma’s closet. This elegant bag is presented with modern updates and romantic details, such as floral embellishments and pastel plaid prints. Maybe it’s time to consider swapping your clutch for this new (old) silhouette for a night out.

  1. Harness Your Power

Unite your needs this season with a harness-style bag, as seen on the runway. While it may feel a lot like the fanny pack trend circulating in the industry, what sets this trend apart from London Fashion Week is the supportive body straps, to enhance the saddle design. Some are worn around the waist, satchel style, while others can be strapped around your thighs in a scuba-like style. In either case, the silhouette is discreet enough to wear with a “second-skin” outfit, but also petite enough to fit around baggie clothing options.

  1. Supersize It Sepatu Branded

“Bigger is better” seems to be the ongoing motto at Fashion Month, and we’re here for it. Designers are popping your favorite silhouettes from last season (like the baguette compact and woven bag), into extra-large proportions that are actually quite chic. Whether you prefer something simple like an oversized collapsible leather clutch, or a raffia tote bag with fringed over-the-top details, the runway has a lot to offer for spring.

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