4. Have Muscle? Wear a Polo Shirt Michaelkors Outlet

Polo shirts are also still a must have item on your clothing shopping list. Polo shirts will make you look more attractive especially if you have muscular arm muscles, your muscles will stand out more and your appearance will be more manly.

You can wear polo shirts with ordinary jeans and sneakers. Because it is still a shirt you are free to choose look.

Polo Shirt
Polo Shirt

5. Summer Still Stylish Wear Short Pants

In the summer short pants are clothes that we must have especially if you like to travel. Definitely not going to feel at home if you wear trousers and make it hot. It’s not difficult to mix and match short-pants in various colors you have.

You can use a t-shirt with a simple design and a little extra accessories in the form of a sports watch. To add to the impression of sportiness, or wear sneakers with colors that match the shirt or short pants you wear.

6. Plain Shirts For Meetings Or Dating Still Okay

If you have entered the workforce, this plain shirt will be one of the must-have clothes. In formal or casual conditions, a plain shirt model can be your savior.

If you want to look formal, unified matching plain shirts with material pants that are not too loose. But if you want to display a relaxed theme you can wear a plain shirt with navy jeans.

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