10. Must Have Item From Past to Present: Denim Jacket

You can match denim jackets with any outfit. Especially if you already have a plain shirt and sneakers, you can go anywhere wearing that simple style. Michaelkors Outlet

11. Slim fit Jeans make your performers look like Scholars

Slimfit jeans are one type of jeans, slimfit jeans have a piece that cones to the end of the pants. Wearing slim fit jeans will show off your long legs so it will really help you with short legs look taller.

Slimfit jeans are best suited if you wear a sweater with a plain shirt inside. Don’t forget to use authentic black vans to make your appearance more cool.

12. The timeless Flannel

Flannel Shirt

Flannel is one of the clothes that is durable and timeless. From the 70s until now Flannel still has a lot of fans. You can wear the flannel as the outer of a plain shirt or use the flannel directly paired with ankle pants and black old school vans shoes.

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