Running Belt vs Backpack, Which Should You Choose to Jogging ?

There is one dilemma that is commonly experienced by you who begin to deal with it as a hobby, namely you think about what items to bring and where to put them while running. Well, to overcome this, there are only two answers, namely using a running belt or backpack.

Indeed, the two goods have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing one of them to be your running partner, there are still several other factors that you should pay attention to. Starting from the distance, location to run, to the weather. So you are not confused, here are five factors that you should consider before choosing a running belt or backpack.

Running belt
Running belt
  • Running area

This is the first question you must answer. If you only run around residential areas, parks, gyms, or areas near where you live, a running belt would be the right choice. You don’t need to carry a lot of stuff. All you need is a few personal items like a smartphone and cash.

However, if you plan to run in areas that are a bit more challenging like hills or mountains, you certainly need backpack assistance. You will need additional space to bring some things, from extra clothes, food, drinks, gadgets, to personal medicines.

  • Running Duration

Just like the location where you are running, you also have to consider how long you will be traveling for adventure. Will you run for only a few hours, or even take a few days? Indeed, there are some running belts that are designed with pockets large enough to hold a lot of things. However, if you want to leave for a few days, you certainly have to consider the function of the backpack itself. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Weather

Some of us may not realize that the weather is one of the factors you need to consider if you want to run. Backpack can be regarded as an additional ‘layer of clothing’ which can function as a layer to keep your back warm, if you run when the weather is cold.

However, if the weather is a little warm or even hot, the running belt is the right choice because it is only used in the waist area. To be sure, running belt will not interfere with your comfort when running.

  • Items to be brought

Before running, you should also consider what items you really want to carry. Consider some of the factors described above and decide what items are important and needed during running. This aims to keep you feeling safe, comfortable, and hassle-free during and after running. As already explained, if you run for a short duration, you can use a running belt to carry some important items, ranging from smartphones, money, or car keys. However, if you travel more than one day, backpack is the right choice. You can load many items at once. However, that does not mean you can carry anything. You still have to choose what items can be important while you are running.

After reading some of these explanations, the key to getting the best decision is planning. Both of these objects do have their advantages and disadvantages, but, you still have to decide what you need more while running. So, happy running!

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