Running Belt Variant for Runners

Lately, running is being loved. One indicator is the rise of running events with all its gimmicks. Natural. Because running is not only easy to do by anyone, but also brings many benefits to our body. Not only for physical health but also serves to clear our minds. The effect, all trinkets or accessories related to this sport are hunted by many people, from shoes to running belts. Well, for running belts, not many people know that this item has several types with different functions and purposes, namely race belts, gear storage belts, to hydration belts. So, what’s the difference? Here are the various types of running belts for runners

1. Race belt

However, if you don’t want to do that, you can use a race belt. In a way, a race belt is a practical running belt. You just have to pin the BIB number to the race belt the night before the race starts, so that the next day you will run comfortably. To be sure, by doing this, you can save time and use it to warm up. Race belt itself also consists of several types again, which only serves to embed BIB numbers, and some have features to store goods or gels. One of the recommended race belt products is the Aonijie race belt. Not only made from elastic and lightweight material, the Aonijie race belt also has six slots that function to store energy gel. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Gear storage belt

It is undeniable, now, running is now also considered a lifestyle. So do not be surprised if not a few of our friends who often upload the results of his run on social media. Starting from the pace, how far is the distance traveled, to how many calories are expended. Then, how do they do this while running? The answer, they use a gear storage belt. Broadly speaking, the main purpose of this belt is a waist bag that is used to store items such as cell phones, keys, or credit cards when running.

Generally, gear storage belts have large pockets with zippers and are waterproof. In addition, there is also a gear storage belt that can be used to embed BIB numbers and gels. One product that you can have is the Kamor running belt. This product is equipped with two zipper pockets on both sides. Both bags are waterproof enough, so these bags will keep your belongings in them dry. The size of the Kamor running belt can also be adjusted between 27 to 39 inches. So, you have enough space to put a smartphone, key, ID card, or even a snack bar.

3. Hydration belt

For those of you who want to try to follow a running event with a considerable distance such as a half marathon or even a marathon, the hydration belt is the right friend. As the name suggests, this type of running belt can be used to store drinking bottles and even several bottles at a time which are placed around the hips. Just like the two previous types, there are also hydration belt products that have pockets for storing goods. However, one drawback of this product is that it cannot be used to embed BIB numbers. One product you can choose is the Aonijie hydration belt. This product can hold two small bottles with a diameter of about 5.5 cm or smaller, and is equipped with a safety strap to hold the bottle.

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