Research: Using Branded Bags Can Help Prevent Infidelity

When dating a partner, women often wear a collection of their branded bags. And without realizing it, the habit of wearing designer products can make couples not flirt with other women. Then what is the relationship between wearing a branded bag and infidelity?

A study recently published by the University of Minnesota, states that women use luxury products to signal to other women that they are in a committed relationship with their husband or boyfriend. This study was conducted on 649 female respondents with varying ages and relationship status. Michaelkors Outlet

“It may seem irrational that every year Americans spend more than USD 250 billion on luxury products. The average woman has three new bags a year. But actually, overconsumption is a smart way for women who want to protect their relationship,” he said. Vladas Griskevicius, co-author of the study quoted from the Huffington Post. “When a woman flaunts a designer product, she signals to other women ‘Back off from my partner!'” He added.

Vladas and another researcher, Yajin Wang found that it doesn’t matter whether women buy expensive accessories from their own money or gifts, luxury products still have the same effect.

“We found that women who wear luxury goods and designer brands are considered to have loyal partners. This makes other women not want to flirt with the man. Regardless of who actually buys these things, other women will conclude that the man the man who bought the exclusive bag was especially for his partner, “explained Yajin Wang. Tas Branded

Research also revealed that women tend to spend more money, about 32 percent to buy branded goods when they feel the relationship is in trouble.

This isn’t the first study to look at the link between luxury goods and infidelity. In June 2013, a survey conducted by dating site Ashley Madison, found that the favorite shopping destination of cheating wives is Banana Republic. Previously, a similar study conducted by UK-based dating site Illicit Encounters found that men and women who cheat, prefer to drive in Audi cars. Sepatu Branded

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