Research: Paper Bags & Cotton Bags Are Not Environmentally Friendly

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, found that plastic bags have a lower environmental footprint than paper waste and multipurpose cotton bags. Michaelkors Outlet

Launching the Channel News Asia page, Wednesday (21/10/2020), for the record, these findings only apply in Singapore and similar cities, where burning is part of the city’s waste management structure. In the study, scientists analyzed the life cycles of five bag types to evaluate their environmental impacts related to production, distribution, transportation, waste collection, treatment, and end-of-life disposal.

The study found that reusable polypropylene non-woven plastic bags were the most environmentally friendly choice. Followed by disposable plastic bags, said NTU in an official statement.

“Using plastic bags is probably the best option in cities like Singapore,” said Assistant Professor Grzegorz Lisak, director of the Center for Residue and Resource Reclamation at the Nanyang Institute for Environment and Water (NEWRI), who led the research. Tas Branded

“Our main message is that reusable plastic bags are the best choice. As long as they are used repeatedly, more than 50 times to be exact,” he said. “One surprising conclusion, however, was that if plastic bags were properly cared for afterward, they were less damaging to the environment than other types of bags in the study.”

Scientists found that the potential for global warming due to the use of single-use paper bags is more than 80 times that of reusable plastic. Single-use plastics and cotton bags that have been reused 50 times have the potential to cause global warming more than 10 times that of plastic bags that are reused 50 times.

According to the study, plastic bags need to be reused four times to offset the emissions equivalent of making one single-use plastic bag. Paper bags and cotton bags have a relatively larger environmental footprint due to the toxic potential in their production. Sepatu Branded

The paper bag production process which consumes large amounts of water and natural resources is the cause of the relative negative impact on the environment.

“Therefore, improving production methods, optimizing resource use, and following sustainable practices in the future can support the use of cotton and paper bags,” the study explains.

Hence, it is important to evaluate the case-by-case implications for dealing with plastic waste. Assistant Professor Lisak said, “In a well-structured closed metropolitan waste management system with incineration treatment, using plastic bags is probably the best option, provided there is no significant leakage of waste into the environment.”

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