Randoseru : Japanese Traditional Bag

Randoseru, not a new item in Japan, this must-have item has become an everyday companion since Japanese children enter elementary school, and must continue to be used until grade 6. And now, this stiff bag made of genuine or imitation leather has become an item. popular fashion, both in Japan and abroad. Michaelkors Outlet

Derived from the Dutch language “ransel” or “backbag”, the term randoseru originally appeared in the Edo era (1603-1867) where these bags were used by foot-fighters (infantry) to carry their goods. The shape of the backpack is made to resemble the original military version to honor and make this bag an icon in Japan. The initiation of the use of backpacks used in schools itself began in 1885 by the Japanese government through elementary schools.

Parents usually buy randoseru for their children before entering elementary school. At first for the students, the randoseru used was a black randoseru, while for the students the randoseru used was red. Tas Branded

But over time, the freedom to choose colors where bright colors and even color combinations (dual tones) began to bloom. More than half of the random purchases for girls, the color choice is pink, while boys still prefer black, followed by brown, dark blue, green, and navy blue.

Not only elementary school students, adults also wear it, because many adults want to reminisce about the times when they were in school where this bag became a symbol of their childhood years. Another reason is because of the random design itself which is unique, functional and durable.
In recent years, the popularity of randoseru has even reached outside of Japan. First for anime lovers who are interested in buying it after often seeing it in Japanese animation. Second, many tourists who come to Japan are looking for this bag to complete their fashion collection. Such as souvenir shops Yorozu and Nagomi at Kansai International Airport, Osaka, which began to stock random bags to anticipate unexpected requests from tourists. According to Yorozu, their shop can sell around 120 randoseru per month.

Seiban, one of the producers of randoseru, has also experienced an increase in foreign buyers at their stores in the Harajuku area, Tokyo, so they have hired staff who can speak foreign languages ​​to serve their buyers.

The popularity of randoseru increased among foreigners after Zooey Deschanel, an American actress who is also a fashion pioneer, has worn it several times. His photos are also circulating in the world to cause a stir in the country of Japan where this bag originated. Sepatu Branded

This bag is really a good friend in school days. Each randoseru is made with a guarantee of durability of up to 6 years. Randoseru generally measure 30 cm high, 23 cm wide and 18 cm deep. Want to know what it does?

First, as a place to store stationery because it has a special compartment for stationery. Then the place to slip the list of lessons. Other equipment such as lunch boxes and bus cards.

Second, to maintain a straight spine shape, because the back of the randoseru is sturdy and straight so that children at the age of 6-12 years are accustomed to being upright when walking. The back of the randoseru looks heavy and sturdy, by using this bag the child’s back is accustomed to being upright and straight when walking.

Third, to protect the head in case of an accident or fall on the road.

Fourth, so that it is easy to identify. When in a crowd, children are easily recognized by the backpack they wear.

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