Queue 13 Hours for LV Bag

For the sophaholic, shopping is an activity that cannot be separated from his life. They are very fanatical and crazy about goods made by famous brands.

They are always waiting to get the newest product. As seen at Ion Orchard, Thursday, July 13 2017. Since morning 300 people have gathered waiting for the launch of the latest Louis Vuitton product. Michaelkors Outlet

Why are they so enthusiastic about buying this inexpensive product? As reported by nextshar, here are 4 reasons.

1.They want to be the first to get the latest collection from their favorite brand. Moreover, this product is a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme.

Everyone knows that this French brand has been popular all over the world. While Supreme is a streetwear label that is also very popular. This collaboration makes the fans curious so that they have been waiting in line since last night.

They are willing to queue for hours just to get some clothes and accessories such as leather backpacks and iPhone cases. Tas Branded

2. They want to get a lottery number, so they can witness the launch of their proud product firsthand. Although the launch was only done on Friday, since Thursday morning they have been queuing up.

3. In fact, one of the people who joined the queue was Muhammad Syahir. This 17 year old teenager has been queuing since 6 pm. But how unfortunate this teenager was, he hoped to get a lottery number under 300, but in fact he had got the number 630.

It turns out that they buy these items to make a profit. The majority of these first buyers will resell to other parties at a much higher price. They are like brokers.

4. Obsession with being a high-end fashion icon.

Apparently, Louis Vuitton is the most powerful brand in Singapore. The previous collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Fragment Design has also shocked the residents of this island nation. Sepatu Branded

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