Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved bag is more than half a century old

In addition to trend-following accessories, collecting fashion items sometimes also becomes an investment in fashion. No wonder someone is willing to buy one item at a fantastic price, because the model is classic and can be used from time to time no matter what is trending. For example, a bag. Michaelkors Outlet

The bag model that you love can change over time, but one bag with a classic style and basic color can last a long time! In fact, even Queen Elizabeth has this kind of bag, you know! The leader of the British Empire has a bag that is more than half a century old. Countless times he has worn this bag at various royal events, both formal and casual.

One of the moments when Queen Elizabeth II used her Classic bag was when the president of India visited the palace in 2009, also when meeting the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau Tas Branded

Queen Elizabeth II Classic Handbag

Queen Elizabeth’s favorite bag is a short strappy bag or handbag, from designer Launer. This bag is made of shiny leather, has a classic style and is black in color. It’s no wonder that this bag, which sells for $ 2,430 or around Rp.34 million, is still the Queen’s favorite bag today.

Queen Elizabeth even gave the designer ‘The Royal Warrant’ award, Lauren, in 1968. Until now, handbags from the same brand still seem to be a favorite. The Queen is known to have hundreds of Launer bags, you know! Sepatu Branded

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