Practical Tips on Cleaning the Camera Lens

Optical equipment is prone to accidental exposure to dirt or dust. For example, your glasses. For those of you who wear glasses, it seems like you clean your glasses almost every day so that your vision is not obstructed by dust sticking to the lens. The same thing happened to the camera lens.

If the camera lens is covered in dirt, the camera will find it difficult to find its focal point which will result in the quality of the resulting image.

Therefore, you need to clean your camera lens regularly. Besides being able to produce better images, periodically cleaning the lens can also extend the life of your lens.

The following are five practical tips on cleaning your camera lens.

  • Dusty lens

If you often use the lens in a dusty environment, it helps you clean the dust first by using a soft brush. Wiping the lens while dust is still on the lens can cause scratches on the lens surface. Michaelkors Outlet

Brush dust gently from the center of the lens to the edge area. Then remove dust from the edges by holding the lens upside down (lens glass facing the ground) and making dust fall to the ground when you brush it.

Make sure you use a brush with soft bristles if you don’t want to cause scratches that you will regret later.

  • Air spray

Some people use canned air to clean the dust from the lens, but this canned air is sometimes too strong so that it can move the dust to a more angled place than the lens housing.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to use a soft brush or air spray to blow out the dust. Do not blow it with your mouth because it can cause dew which can cause mold on the lens.

  • Microfiber cloth

After removing the dust, the best tool for cleaning the lens is a microfiber cloth which is a soft cloth that you can buy at a cheap price.

This cloth was created specifically to clean surfaces made of glass on the camera lens. By using it, you can clean stains from camera lenses and other camera parts.

Start wiping from the center of the lens with a circular motion towards the edge of the lens.

  • Cleaning fluid

If there are stubborn stains that cannot be cleaned using only a microfiber brush and cloth, you can use a few drops of lens cleaning fluid that is commonly available at camera stores.

Do not drop this liquid directly onto the lens, but drop it into the cleaning cloth. Too much cleaning fluid can also damage the lens, so start with a few drops first.

  • Clear water

In an emergency you can use clear water which is dripped onto a piece of paper tissue to clean the lens. Try to avoid using a rough cloth, such as a shirt or towel, to clean the lens.

Also, avoid using a wet tissue with a scent to clean the lens because it can leave unwanted stains on the surface of the camera lens.

The right lens cleaning technique can make your camera lens clear again and can extend the life of the lens wearer. Choose the right lens cleaning technique and equipment when you want to clean it.

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