Pineapple Bags and Shoes

This Spanish businessman has entered retirement. However, he made the most of his retirement by making vegan shoes and bags out of pineapple leaves for Chanel, Mango, and H&M.

Launching from insider, Thursday (12/8/2021), Carmen Hijosa has been working in the fashion world for 12 years. The company he works for, Piñatex, has worked with more than 3,000 brands worldwide, including Hugo Boss, Chanel, Mango, and Ecoalf. Michaelkors Outlet

The interesting thing happened in 2016, Hijosa was able to make a profit of USD 363,000 due to the launch of its first prototype at Piñatex.

Since then, his skills and talents have been appreciated by the company by channeling his ideas to get even greater profits in the next year.

pineapple fiber

His contribution to the company shows very rapid progress. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Piñatex continued to grow by 40 percent compared to 2019.

Currently, the company is still in a transition phase and the transition is working on a hybrid basis.

Back in 1993, Hijosa was just 12 years old when he moved to Ireland. The goal is to want to study as well as work.

Over time, he was finally accepted and worked in a small company consisting of approximately 30 people.

His job at that time was producing luxury leather products for the companies Harrods, Liberty, and Takashimaya.

While that wasn’t his primary calling, the next step he took was to work as a consultant for the European Union and the World Bank. Tas Branded

The job opened up opportunities for him to be able to travel and learn about the things he loves. Then, in 1993, he went to the Philippines to check the leather products produced. An unsupportive work atmosphere is one of the reasons for quitting his job.

“I don’t have a plan B, I promised myself that I won’t work for ‘skin’ again,” Hijosa replied. Since that decision, his life slowly began to change.

When he quit his job, he didn’t immediately come up with any innovations to get him out of the situation.

The process was very slow, considering Hijosa had to be able to analyze the local market in the Philippines.

The next new thing began as a new leaf. His work was carried out apparently in collaboration with the country’s Design Center which deals with farmers, such as craftsmen.

For him, what happened at that time provided new inspiration to connect about what he wanted to create so far. “By working closely with this product, I began to realize what I had been looking for all along,” he explains.

When he worked directly in the field and held the agricultural produce with his own hands, there was a warm feeling and it was as if the fibers were talking to him directly.

“I kept trying again, and again, and again,” he replied. At that point, Hijosa told INSIDER, Tuesday (10/08/2021) that he was fascinated by pineapple leaves.

“The fiber is very fine, but strong and also flexible. I thought I could put it all together,” he replied. Sepatu Branded

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