How to Resolve Fungi on the Camera Lens

The fungus attached to the lens is caused by moisture trapped inside or on the lens surface. If the temperature warms up, fungus can appear due to the humidity. The fungus that grows on this lens can look like a spider’s web on the inner surface of the lens. Here are ways you can do to deal with fungus

A. Resolve mold on the interior of the lens

The best way to avoid this fungus is to prevent moisture from entering the camera. However, this is difficult to do if you yourself live in a climate like Indonesia. The best way you can do is not to use the camera in high humidity and also during the rainy season.

  • Precautions when the camera is wet

When the camera is already wet, you should immediately dry it. You do this by opening the camera compartment and put it in a zipped plastic bag with silica gel in it or rice. If the camera has a removable lens, remove the lens and put it in plastic with silica gel or rice in it.

  • Store the camera in a dry place

If you must use the camera in high humidity, make sure you store the camera in a dry, cool place afterwards. This place should allow enough light to enter because most fungi like to grow in the dark.

However, do not leave the lens and camera in direct sunlight for a long time. Excessive heat can damage the camera parts and lenses made of plastic.

  • Efforts to clean the fungus

Mold tends to grow between the glass elements and it is very difficult to clean without damaging the lens components. Sending it to a lens repair center is a good idea. If you want to try it yourself, it helps you do the drying process like the points above.

B. Resolve mold on the exterior of the lens Michaelkors Outlet

  • Clean fingerprints and oil from the camera

The fungus can land on the camera and lens when you touch the surface of the lens and viewfinder. Try to avoid leaving fingerprints in this area and wipe fingerprints with a clean, dry cloth. Although fungus usually grows inside the camera area, but fungus also grows on the outside due to this fingerprint.

  • Do not blow the lens

Never clean the dust that sticks to the lens by blowing it. Humidity arising from the exhalation can cause mold on the surface area of ​​the lens. Instead of being blown using the mouth it is better to use a blower and a dry, clean cloth.

  • Clean the fungus immediately

If you finally find mold on the exterior of the lens and the camera, the lens should be cleaned immediately. The liquid between vinegar and water placed on a clean cloth can clean the fungus in this exterior area.

The fungus is the most stubborn disease in the affairs of this camera and lens. More attention is needed so that the fungus does not easily stick to your camera and lens. So, do not let the careless care of your camera lens, yes!


Practical Tips on Cleaning the Camera Lens

Optical equipment is prone to accidental exposure to dirt or dust. For example, your glasses. For those of you who wear glasses, it seems like you clean your glasses almost every day so that your vision is not obstructed by dust sticking to the lens. The same thing happened to the camera lens.

If the camera lens is covered in dirt, the camera will find it difficult to find its focal point which will result in the quality of the resulting image.

Therefore, you need to clean your camera lens regularly. Besides being able to produce better images, periodically cleaning the lens can also extend the life of your lens.

The following are five practical tips on cleaning your camera lens.

  • Dusty lens

If you often use the lens in a dusty environment, it helps you clean the dust first by using a soft brush. Wiping the lens while dust is still on the lens can cause scratches on the lens surface. Michaelkors Outlet

Brush dust gently from the center of the lens to the edge area. Then remove dust from the edges by holding the lens upside down (lens glass facing the ground) and making dust fall to the ground when you brush it.

Make sure you use a brush with soft bristles if you don’t want to cause scratches that you will regret later.

  • Air spray

Some people use canned air to clean the dust from the lens, but this canned air is sometimes too strong so that it can move the dust to a more angled place than the lens housing.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to use a soft brush or air spray to blow out the dust. Do not blow it with your mouth because it can cause dew which can cause mold on the lens.

  • Microfiber cloth

After removing the dust, the best tool for cleaning the lens is a microfiber cloth which is a soft cloth that you can buy at a cheap price.

This cloth was created specifically to clean surfaces made of glass on the camera lens. By using it, you can clean stains from camera lenses and other camera parts.

Start wiping from the center of the lens with a circular motion towards the edge of the lens.

  • Cleaning fluid

If there are stubborn stains that cannot be cleaned using only a microfiber brush and cloth, you can use a few drops of lens cleaning fluid that is commonly available at camera stores.

Do not drop this liquid directly onto the lens, but drop it into the cleaning cloth. Too much cleaning fluid can also damage the lens, so start with a few drops first.

  • Clear water

In an emergency you can use clear water which is dripped onto a piece of paper tissue to clean the lens. Try to avoid using a rough cloth, such as a shirt or towel, to clean the lens.

Also, avoid using a wet tissue with a scent to clean the lens because it can leave unwanted stains on the surface of the camera lens.

The right lens cleaning technique can make your camera lens clear again and can extend the life of the lens wearer. Choose the right lens cleaning technique and equipment when you want to clean it.


Tips on Packing Camera Bags for Traveling

If you are a fan of photography, you might not think of leaving the camera at home while traveling, right? Traveling is a potential opportunity that allows you to be able to photograph impressive objects.

However, of course you also don’t want to damage photographic equipment when carrying it while traveling. To make sure your camera is safe, here are tips on how to pack a camera bag for traveling.

1. Make sure all camera components are installed properly

What components are there in your camera? All parts such as the lens cover, battery compartment panel, or USB slot cover on the camera must be securely attached. This is necessary if the cover parts are not released, or are accidentally torn due to shocks that occur during the trip.

2. Remove the battery and memory card from the camera

Do you want to maintain the camera’s battery life while traveling? Removing the battery can be a good alternative to do. If the battery is removed, you don’t need to worry that the camera will accidentally run out of battery.

However, keep the camera battery in an easily accessible location because you may be asked by airport inspection personnel to prove that the camera is working equipment.

3. Avoid storing the camera in the trunk

When traveling by plane, you should not leave camera equipment in the trunk. As much as possible, carry all components and camera equipment in the aircraft cabin. If the camera and other photographic equipment must be inspected, consider purchasing special protective covers that can be secured. Also check the policies of the airlines regarding photography equipment inspection.

4. Maintain the camera handle when removed from the bag.

If you must remove the camera from the bag when it passes the security check, make sure you hold the camera well. When you have to grab several items at once, don’t let your camera drop the camera. Michaelkors Outlet

5. Airport x-ray equipment will not damage the camera

What if you have to put a camera bag inside the x-ray equipment? Both digital data and image data are basically safe from x-ray equipment. Likewise with digital camera components, each component will not be damaged even if it has to go through x-ray scanning at the airport.  

6. Remove the DSLR camera lens from the camera body

If you have a DSLR camera, don’t travel with a lens attached to the camera body. Most likely, this will greatly jeopardize the durability of the lens supporting function on the camera. If the camera shifts during the trip, this will put pressure on the lens. Therefore, it is better to bring the lens separately, and make sure all lens covers are securely attached at both ends of the lens.

7. Pack the camera in a bag container with a soft pad

Don’t have a special camera bag for traveling? You can still maintain the camera’s function by packing all the components in a container that is coated with a soft surface. After that, you can combine it into a tote bag.

But if that’s not enough, you can see the original boxes and packaging for the camera again. Consider putting the camera in the box to make it safer when carried during traveling. If the camera will be packaged in a carrying case in which to place toiletries, be sure to pack the camera in a sealed plastic bag to protect it from accidental liquid spills.


Stylish Bag for Weekend Use

The weekend is coming soon! Have you decided which weekend to enjoy? Starting from family gathering to quality time with a partner, may have become a priority. Oh yes, to maximize the appearance of the weekend is the bag an important role that you think? Before the weekend, you should know 5 stylish bag models to accompany the following weekend.

  • Micro bag that is ready to steal the attention

Take a break from your favorite clutch and replace it with a micro bag! Micro bag is a bag with a small size that is practically carried anywhere. Choose a brightly colored bag that is able to steal attention on the display even though its size is small. Simply wearing a simple dress or plain top with this bag can make you look elegant on weekends.

  • Simple clutch for chic style

If you like chic, on weekends. You can wear clothes with a soft color and wear a clutch with a white color that looks neutral. Clutch looks suitable if used for hangouts or just lunch with friends who make an elegant and feminine look at the same time. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Bucket bag that was trending in the 90s

The bucket bag had become a happening bag in the 90s and has now returned as a bag favored by fashion lovers. Bucket bag is a bag with a drawstring detail at the top. Now, various renowned designers have launched bucket bags with a more modern touch. For weekends, you can choose the type of bucket bag that suits your style. The bag comes in simple models to models with powerful stud details.

  • Rattan bags for relaxing in outdoor places

Want to enjoy a weekend at an outdoor location like a cafe or beachfront? To be more integrated with nature, match clothes with rattan handbags. Certainly, make you look more chic and unique. This bag is also favored by fashion lovers, making you always on trend when using this bag. For clothes, you can use a long dress with floral or lace accented dress is enough to make you look chic.

  • Unique animal design backpack

Want to look different on weekends? Dare to try a backpack with this animal design? The exciting atmosphere is immediately reflected when you wear a backpack with this cartoon crocodile design. With this bag, it can melt the atmosphere of your weekend which will surely make people around you feel stolen by this bag. Just wear a sweater and jeans, you can immediately look stylish.


This Impact of Wearing a Heavy Bag on the Shoulder and Back Skin

Your bag is not Doraemon’s bag or Hermione Granger’s magical bag. When all things come in and get heavy, not only does it cause muscle problems and posture, the skin can also be affected. This is the effect of wearing a heavy bag on your shoulder and back skin. Carrying lots of things in a bag is a habit for many people. In addition to muscle problems and abnormal posture, heavy shoulder bags or backs also have a negative effect on the skin.

  • Heavy Load Makes Skin Red and Irritated

When you change your clothes at night, have you ever seen a red rash on the shoulder where your purse straps hang? That’s a sign if your bag is too heavy. Many people will underestimate this red scar, assuming it will disappear by itself the next day. But if carrying heavy bags becomes a habit, the skin will be vulnerable to blisters / irritation. On a severe level, skin irritation makes the skin peel. When the skin has been injured, it will become scar marks that are difficult to remove.    

  • Friction on the skin causes inflammation

Another result of the friction of a bag strap or a heavy bag continuously can also be experienced by the shoulders and back in the form of zits, known as acne mechanica. Pressure from the bag will trap sweat and dirt in the pore and make it clogged.  

Repeated friction will make these clogged pores irritated and inflamed, which eventually turns into zits. Acne can appear faster if the weather is hot or the condition of your clothes is damp or the material does not absorb sweat.

The best way to prevent the two effects above is clearly reducing the volume of bags that you carry every day. Get used to carry important items when leaving the house. Put heavy items in the campus locker, office, or even in the car. But if you do not have many choices, the following product recommendations for overcoming irritation and pimples that may arise due to a heavy bag.    

1. Mild Soap Michaelkors Outlet

Both irritation and acne can cause skin to be more sensitive. So make sure you use mild formulas (mild soap or gentle soap). Don’t use rough scrubs because they can aggravate irritation or acne.

2. Skin Soothing Gel

When the skin is still reddish rash and has not been injured, you can use a skin soothing gel, for example aloe vera gel that is already known for its skin soothing agent. Apply this soothing gel as soon as you see a reddish rash. When using the gel, avoid rubbing the skin or exposing it to the sun.    

3. Anti-Itch Cream  

When the skin is irritated, it is usually accompanied by itching. Well, this problem can be solved with an anti-itch cream that not only removes itching but also speeds up the healing process of the surface tissue of the injured skin.

4. Acne Medication

All medications or acne serum commonly used for the face can be used to relieve acne mechanica acne, especially those containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Wait until dry before wearing clothes because benzoyl peroxide has a bleaching effect that can change the color of clothes.


How to Wash Bags, Slippers, and Jackets with the Right Fur, to Avoid Damaging!

There are several ways to wash bags, slippers, and fur jackets properly, so they don’t get damaged! Do not regret because the wrong washing and then become damaged. Fashion items made from fur aren’t cheap, right?

a. How to wash fur jacket by hand

One of the safest ways to wash fur material is by hand. However, there are a number of things to consider starting from the water and detergent used, as well as how to dry a wet fur jacket after washing.  

We recommend using cold water to maintain the shape and texture of the fur so it does not go flat. Then, choose a mild detergent to wash the fur jacket so that the fur does not rot. Be sure to make the foam first before immersing the fur jacket in water.  

Things to remember to wash a fur jacket:

1. Read the jacket label description on how to wash the fur jacket properly.

2. Always check the jacket pockets so that no items are left in the bag to avoid sticking stains on the fur. For example, such as perishable paper or pens that cause ink to leak.

3. Never wash fur jackets mixed with clothing with other materials and colors. Wash it by itself!

b. How to wash goose down jacket until faux fur using a washing machine

Not only by hand, washing a fur jacket with a washing machine can also. But make sure to follow the jacket label instructions because they are different, yes! By using a front load washing machine, there is a goose down jacket that can be washed using a 30 degree setting and mild detergent.   Michaelkors Outlet

While washing the fur jacket using a top load washing machine is to fill the tube with cold water and mild detergent, then choose the shortest lap. Then soak the fur jacket for 15 minutes to remove the foam.

c. How to dry the fur jacket

For the process of drying the jacket, don’t use a washing machine dryer because it can result in limp or deflating fur. After washing and rinsing, remove from the jar and coat with a dry towel to absorb the remaining water, immediately hang and dry in the sun. But don’t jump into the sun right away! After dry combed with a wide comb to restore fur grooves as before.

d. How to clean bags, shoes and fur slippers

Bags, shoes and fur sandals are also very risky, especially if they are pastel. If it’s already dirty, try the fur endurance test whether it’s easy to fall out or not. If not, try vacuuming with dust using a vacuum cleaner. If there are stains that make an impression, it can be wiped using a wet cloth and mild detergent or a special stain remover.  

How to dry it the same as a fur jacket, which is to let it dry by itself in the sun, but do not directly under the sun that is too hot and comb with a wide comb after dry.

e. Clean the oil stain with cornflour on the jacket, bag and fur boots

Now many life hacks are spread as a solution to various daily problems. By using ingredients that are also easy to find, who would have thought corn flour had many uses such as lifting oil stains? This can be applied also to clean fur from oil stains.  

How to clean the fur material with corn flour is by spreading flour in the stained area and let stand for 10-15 minutes. After settling, vacuum the flour using a vacuum cleaner. As a result the oil stains also lifted so it looks faint and disappear. After that, shake off the jacket to remove the remaining flour.


Bag Models Most Often Appear in Korean Drama

Feel inspired to mix and match your clothes after watching a Korean drama? Indeed, in addition to watching the cool, Korean drama can also be a source of inspiration for your fashion. Korean drama always has attractive clothes and makeup on each of its characters, so that makes the audience want to imitate their appearance. Besides clothes, the bags worn by characters in Korean dramas are also very interesting. Come on, see 8 bag models that often appear in Korean dramas!  

  1. Mini sling bag for casual style

This bag model appeared in the drama She’s So Lovable. This bag can not store a lot of things because of its small size, so it is more suitable when used in relaxed places like malls. Mini sling bag is one type of bag that is suitable for use with any outfit.  

2. Classy two tone clutch bag

Usually a clutch bag like this is worn by wealthy female characters, like in the drama Hotel King. This clutch bag will create an impression of luxury and elegance without looking excessive. Combine with a matching pencil skirt with a bag, then complete with a plain blouse and beautiful high heels.

3. A practical backpack pattern for playful style

Patterned backpacks are also widely used in Korean dramas, both by female and male characters. This backpack with a star motif in the drama The Heirs is perfect for going to campus or traveling, because it can make a lot of stuff but doesn’t look too stiff. But remember not to wear clothes with colors that are too excited so as not to make you look too crowded.

4. Drawstring canvas bag

Drawstring canvas bags in the drama Descendants Of The Sun are very much sought after by the audience. The reason, this bag has a simple model but can create an effortlessly stylish impression for the wearer. You also don’t need to worry about items spilling, because this bag has a drawstring to keep the contents safe. Canvas bags can indeed be used anywhere, to campus, when hanging out with friends, even to date.

5. Two tone canvas bag Michaelkors Outlet

In addition to a plain canvas bag, a canvas bag with two colors like in the drama Doctor Crush is also very comfortable to wear. Pair it with your favorite t-shirt and jeans, then complete it with a bomber jacket or varsity jacket. This bag is perfect for you who have a casual style.  

6. Statement strap

The statement bag strap is really on trend again! You don’t need to buy the whole bag, you know, because now there are lots that sell statement straps separately. Just choose a plain bag with a removable strap, then choose your favorite statement strap. There are many types of statement straps, ranging from floral, patches, to pom poms. The style of this bag can make you different from the others.  

7. Brown leather bag

A classic brown leather bag can give an adult impression on your appearance. Very suitable for use to the office or to other formal events. Pair it with after a sophisticated blazer and block high heels.

8. Pastel bag

This pastel bag is sweet and makes the appearance look softer. To combine it, you can wear a sweater with a matching pastel color, or even make it contrast by using a dark colored shirt. Also choose shoes with pastel colors, so it looks more sweet.


Mix and Match With Batik Bag

Want to look a little ethnic with a touch of batik bag? But, like afraid of your style so old? Maybe you can match up with other more modern fashon items. Curious as to what solid match? Check out 5 solid match with batik bags for you modern women.  

1. Look casual on weekends with overalls

Weekend arrives! time to wear clothes that are effortless but still chic. Want to use loose clothes to be free to move? Just combine linen overalls and knit outerwear as the output. Do not miss, choose a batik bag with a shoulder bag model that is ready to give an ethnic touch to the look.

To balance the appearance with a batik bag, also use fur or fur accented sandals that give a modern look to the look. How about this outfit? You can make this outfit as a recommendation for relaxing or a walk to enjoy the museum on weekends, you know!

2. Look sporty with a bucket bag

Can you really look sporty with a batik bag? Of course, I can. Combine turtle neck sweaters with jogger pants then, choose a batik bag with a simple bucket bag model. In order to look more sporty, espadrilles sneakers are ready to perfect your look. This sneakers is arguably quite unique because it has an accent like woven on the bottom, but if you don’t like it, just replace it with white sneakers for a more modern impression.

3. Sling batik bag for a classic look Michaelkors Outlet

Like classic style? Now you can combine batik sling bags with ruffle accented dresses that are very classic. To match the clothes, choose matching pump shoes with a dress. Voila! The classic impression is very thick in this outfit. If you need a reference to an invitation or a formal event, you can copy this style.

4. Batik bag that looks elegant

Never underestimate your batik bag! Batik bag, with a hand bag model can be used to formal events to special events such as, romantic dinner with a partner. Choose a white dress with a formal model, then mix with straps accented high heels and use long pearl earrings to sweeten the appearance. Trust, deh, with this inspiration makes your style look elegant.

5. Friday night out with an elegant batik clutch

Every now and then try to use your battery clutch when Friday night out. Just pair it with a black dress accented with a belt, elegant ball drop earrings and stilleto pearls that make your legs look sexy. Do not worry, with this style guaranteed you will not look old-fashioned when wearing a batik clutch.


Stylish Batik Bags for Traveling

Want a vacation but don’t want to look boring with brown batik? No need to worry. For matters of the bag, the color brown instead becomes the last choice. Many colors of batik bags can brighten up the look of your holiday. Here are recommendations for batik bag colors that are suitable for your traveling activities.

Bringing a blue or green accessory to the beach area gives a fresh impression to your look. If you plan to enjoy the beach breeze all day, choose a size that is not too big so it is not too much of a hassle. You can also combine it with natural colored clothes like light brown or white.

  • Traveling while working? Choose bolder colors like red

The red color is suitable for more serious events. Who would have thought, it turns out that the red batik pattern also gave the impression of being playful, you know. For two purposes at the same time as work and traveling, choose a backpack large enough. So, it can fit for your laptop and holiday equipment.

  • Display light and easy with white based colors

Imagine walking in the middle of a bazaar or pop-up market in Seoul or Paris. In winter like now, surely you will need stacked clothes that already make you look thick. It is better to combine it with batik bag with white or other soft colors. So, your bag doesn’t make it look fuller and heavier.  

Do you have to travel to attend your wedding invitation or just attend a music festival? The combination of bright colors over black will give a prominent accent to support your party attire. You can choose whatever color you like or adjust it with other accessories. If you prefer a glamorous look, try a combination of black and gold or silver.  

  • Color combination for a walk in the middle of the city

Prefer man made trips aka visiting man-made places? Examples such as malls, museums, coffee shops, and other places of entertainment? You need bright colors in your accessories. Including the batik bag that you want to carry. Try mixing a short dress with a tote bag model. You can get the streetstyle look that’s still sweet.


How to Store Batik Bags So As Not to Dull and Smell Quickly

Unlike other bags, batik bags cannot be stored carelessly. If you put the alias alias is not stored in the closet, the risk of dull fabric. Meanwhile, if left in a closed container, the aroma will become unpleasant. Then how to keep batik bags in order to stay durable and not smell damp? In order to keep the batik bag as beautiful as new, this is a way to store it so it doesn’t get dull and smelly.    

  • Avoid stacking bags

Compared to other fabric bags, batik bags are more easily tangled. If the fabric is left tangled, each cloth will stick together so that it becomes sticky and easily torn. Stacking a batik bag with another bag also raises the same risk. Cloth bags will overlap so that it is easily scratched, even the possibility of friction of the bag will make the fabric thinner. We recommend that you store batik bags in standing condition, not stacked.

In addition, piled up for a long time will leave a line or a crease mark on the fabric. The fabric fibers in these folds will become thinner and thinner, making the bag tear easily.

  • Empty the bag when it will be stored in the closet

Before the bag is stored in the cupboard, check the inside of the bag and make sure there are no items in the bag, especially if the item is makeup, money, or a pen. The chemicals present in items risk making the fabric fibers lining the bag moist and eroded, so the fabric becomes thinner. This chemical also triggers moisture, so the fabric becomes moldy and smells bad when stored for a long time.

  • Put it in a dust bag before storing it in the cupboard

Batik bags are best kept in a cupboard to avoid damp and hot air from outside which risks discoloring the color. However, storing it in a wooden cabinet has the risk of causing odor due to the condition of wood which tends to be damp, especially if the bag uses leather as the inside. To prevent this, put the bag in a dust bag, then add camphor on the outside of the dust bag to absorb moist air. Don’t put mothballs too close to the bag, because the chemicals will damage the bag’s fibers.

Not much different from batik cloth, batik bags that have a lot of fiber are very much loved by moths. Animals that are usually in the corner of this cupboard will eat the fabric fibers, making the bag quickly thin and torn. To avoid moths you can add pepper to the corner of the cupboard where the bags are stored. Not only is the aroma of pepper not favored by moths, it will also absorb moisture so as to prevent a musty-smelling bag.

  • Remove the bag periodically so that the cloth is not stiff

Batik bags also need oxygen so that the fibers remain supple and not stiff. In addition, if the bag is constantly being stored, it is likely to invite mold, especially if the condition of the storage cabinet is damp. Take out the bag every 3 weeks to flex the fiber. If there is dust or stains, wash the bag using warm water and special soap with minimal foam. Drying it is quite aerated, not dried in the hot sun because it risks damaging the fibers of the batik bag.


Difference between Handbags of Batik, Stamp, and Print

Want to buy a batik bag but still confused you should choose the type of batik, stamp or print on the upholstery? Just like clothes, batik bags also use these three types of batik. However, because the motives are now almost the same, the difference is often not apparent. Then, how to recognize it? So as not to buy wrong, this is the way to distinguish the types of batik, stamp and print on the bag.

  • Batik written, the ink penetrates to the back of the fabric

Although applied to the fabric used to coat the bag, batik ink will still penetrate to the inside of the bag. The color on the inside of the bag is still as clear as the front, because the batik process is done on both sides. Considering hand-painted batik, there are usually some asymmetrical motifs or the magnitude of each motif is not the same. In addition, batik can only be applied on several types of fabric, such as silk, rayon, hemp, and silk. The process of making batik can not be done on polyester fabric because it makes the color faded.

The advantages of batik bags that use batik cloth, the color on the bag will not fade quickly, because through the coloring process several times. And, because the process of coloring using natural materials, fabric fibers also become more durable, so that batik bags are not easily damaged or torn even if stored for a long time. Unfortunately, besides the price is more expensive, a batik bag also needs extra care so it will not be moldy. The washing process should not use detergents that contain soap and the bag must be stored in a cool and non-moisturizing place to prevent the fiber from being damaged. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Stamped batik, using brightly colored motifs

The process of making a printed batik bag is similar to written batik, which uses night fluid on the motif. However, printed batik motifs are not made manually, but rather are made by attaching iron plates to the size of the existing patterns on the fabric. The process of sticking the cap makes the fabric more stressed so that it is widely applied to stiffer fabrics, such as cotton. Compared to batik that is oriented towards natural colors like brown or dark green, the color of printed batik is brighter.

The advantage of printed batik is that the price is not as expensive as a written batik bag, but the color is not as durable as written batik and the choice of motifs is also limited, because the motifs are also limited to the stamp. The fabric texture on the bag is not as soft as the cloth on a batik bag.

  • Batik print, motives are neater and do not have a sharp aroma

The batik print design on a bag usually imitates an existing design, and most of the motifs are modern. The manufacturing technique is relatively the same as screen printing, which uses chemical dyes and is printed on fabric according to the motifs that have been made. However, because the coloring process is only done on one side, the color of batik print does not penetrate into the inside of the bag. The color is fading faster than written batik and stamp. But, batik print is very affordable and the upholstery does not have a sharp aroma like a batik bag or stamp. The maintenance process is even easier, do not have to always be washed with special detergent or stored in a separate cabinet.


Mix and match waist bags with contemporary style

Waist bags are back in trend! With various modifications, the use of waist bags has now become very chic and stylish. If a decade ago the trend of waist bags had only one type of model, worn like a belt with a small storage in it, now the designers concocted the design of the waist bag by giving it a thick feminine touch, but still minimalist. Want to look fashionable with a waist bag? Consider first 4 tips for solid matching waist bags for this contemporary style.

  1. Tiny cross body bag with a more feminine style

Although the name is a waist bag, its use is not always in the waist area. Now this little bag is widely used with a cross body model, slung between the shoulders and across to your waist. Make a rope arrangement to the maximum length, then tackle.

2. Basic waist bag for contemporary style

If you still keep an old waist bag with a basic model, good news for you because this is the right time to wear it again. This waist bag, which was a trend decades ago, usually has a parachute material or a canvas with a boyish impression.

So, you need a solid match that is the exact opposite to get a unique impression! Pair with playful clothes so they don’t look ‘old school’ and boring, unless you really want to carry a minimalist style.  

You can use a contemporary dress with a firm cutting or layering style alias. Pin big earrings to add a vintage feel. Style like this does require a small accessory that can reduce the solid match of clothes that are already ‘crowded’, so the basic model waist bag and used at the waist as a belt is the right choice.

Its use is very practical, because the waist bag is small in size you will select items that need to be carried. By carrying enough goods, you can avoid the risk of back or neck pain. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Placing a waist bag in the chest area which is very up to date

Here comes the most hits styling way now! In a way, this style is what makes people start to glance back at the waist bag that had always been coveted because of its practicality, but nevertheless used because it seemed awkward and boring.  

Using a waist bag with a sling on the chest makes you more free to move. Place storage in front of the body, making it easy to reach its contents. Unlike the cross body model, this time you let the length of the strap fit right in the body so that the storage section is right on the chest.  

These solid waist bag tips give the impression of being sleek, and can be used by both men and women. You are also free to choose the model of a waist bag, which is minimalist or rich in detail and ornamentation. It’s your style!  

Are all the tricks to use a modern waist bag dominated by feminine impression? Of course not. For those of you who prefer the impression of boyish and even tend to rebel, the waist bag can be the right answer, because it gives the impression of a simple while making your hands free to move.

4. Loosen the waist strap for a rebel impression

Choose a model of a plain waist bag with a semi-glossy leather material, then use the waist with a little loosen. To avoid sagging easily, make sure the back of the strap is inserted into the belt hole.  

This loose waist bag style makes the storage area fall around the upper thigh, then keep it next to the body. This will give the impression of rebel aka swag especially when combined with clothes that support.


Stylish and practical handbag models to use for invitations

Bored with the bag to the invitation that’s all? Want to find a new bag, but confused about what kind of model, huh? Need to reference a suitable bag to wear to the invitation? Maybe you can try using a handbag that can steal attention. These 5 models of stylish and practical handbags to use for the Invitation.    

  • Micro bag
Micro bag
Micro bag

Take a break from your favorite clutch and replace it with a micro bag! Micro bag is a bag with a small size that is practically carried anywhere. To go to the invitation, choose a micro bag with a model that looks formal and choose a brightly colored bag that can steal attention on the display even though its size is small. Simply wearing a simple dress or plain top with this bag can make an elegant appearance when invited to.

  • Clutch Floral

The classic dress choice will be the outfit for the invitation next week. To maximize the appearance, choose a floral accented clutch that is ready to strengthen the classic impression. Usually this floral accent comes with a three-dimensional design or print on the bag. Just adjust it to your taste, of course you look elegant with the touch of this bag.

The bucket bag had become a happening bag in the 90s and has now returned as a bag that is loved by fashion lovers. Bucket bag is a bag with a drawstring detail at the top. Now, various renowned designers have launched bucket bags with a more modern touch. For invitations, choose a bucket bag with a portable model that impresses a more formal look.

  • Rattan bags for outdoor events

Got an invite with an outdoor event theme? To be more integrated with the theme of the event, mix clothes with rattan handbags. Certainly, make you look more chic and unique. This bag is also favored by fashion lovers, making you always on trend when using this bag. For clothes, you can use a long dress with floral or lace accented dress is enough to make you look chic.

  • Metal handle bag that gives an edgy touch

If you include lovers of edgy style, choose a handbag with a metal accent on the handle or handle of the bag. The round handle emphasizes the edgy style of the look, while it also has a modern feel when wearing this bag. By the way, you can also mix this bag with statement shoes to perfect your edgy look.

So, what kind of bag will you wear to the invitation this time?


10 Things to Consider When Buying a Branded Bag Online

How about buying a handbag with a well-known brand online? For this one item you have to be careful because if you buy wrong, the value of the loss is not small. To be more careful, here are 10 things to consider when buying branded bags online.  

  1. Find out the condition of the goods

The authenticity of the goods can be seen from the condition of the goods. Reporting from Brightside, you must ask for a more detailed picture of the bag, for example neat seams without blemishes especially loose threads.  

2. Pay attention to the little things

There are ‘intakes’ that you should pay attention to, namely metal clasps, buttons, zipper pulls, and keys. The quality must be perfect and if the original bag, must have a number or name printed on the bag. For example, in every Hermes bag there is a ‘Hermes Paris’ logo made in France. Behind him shows the year and material used.  

3. Ensure the quality of the ingredients

There is a quality you will get for a high price, this applies to branded bags. Famous brands will not use rough leather, non-greasy or sticky skin trim.  

4. Serial number

This is the most important sign of the authenticity of a branded bag. The serial number label must be sealed and installed in a special way, it is impossible for someone to remove it without damaging it. Fake bags, usually have a sticker with a number located on the surface.  

5. The packaging is still complete

Usually branded bags are equipped with dust bags, cloth bags as protectors. Make sure this dust bag is not in the slightest defect. In addition, all additional accessories must be fully packaged in one package. There are also sellers who from the beginning said not to provide dust bags or sold separately, this must be ensured before buying.

6. Discounts sometimes ‘cheat’ Michaelkors Outlet

This offer can ‘darken’ the eyes of branded goods lovers because of price discounts. According to the official website of Banananina, a reseller who sells original bags of famous brands from America and Europe, the most important point is not to be easily tempted by low prices or discounts. Hold yourself and don’t fall into a trap yet, okay!

7. Store research

Shop selection is also very important, this is still related to the previous point. You can not buy in any place because it is prone to fraud. You must see the credibility of the store from the reviews or comments of buyers in the mass media.

8. Check Online Stores

After store research, you should choose a place of sale that has an offline store, not just online. That way you as a buyer can survey or just look at the products offered. In addition, the offline store can be seen whether he is serious about selling or not.

9. Ask for friend input

If you want to shop at foreign sites, you should be able to invite friends to shop together. “This is a trick to take into account taxes or duties when goods arrive. So they can be shared crowded and cheaper

10. Color determines price

If you want to look cool with a branded handbag without making a grimace wallet, this is the easy way. Color selection is very influential on the price of the bag. Usually, classic color bags, such as black or brown, will be more expensive than red or floral designs. Which tips are the most difficult to apply?


Style of Wearing Men’s Waist Bags

Fashion continues to rotate and repeat. If today you find it less trendy, maybe next year the fashion item you call old school will skyrocket. These past few weeks, you must often see many men uploading their appearance on Instagram wearing waist bags.  

Evidence of the 90s is back again, one of which is the existence of this bag. If in the past the waist bag was identical to the tourist style, now the waist bag has gone into everyday activities. There are lots of ways to make you look cool with a waist bag!

1. For beginner waist bag users

Now, small bags that are worn around the waist or sling are important bags to have. Don’t be afraid to look like an old man, there are plenty of modern fanny packs. Usually used when biking or running.

For those of you who are not confident, wear this monochrome outfit and waist bag. You can also create a sporty style to make it more funky. Ready to go hang out!

2. The waist bag is attached to the outside of the shirt

The design tends to be like a curve, and looks like it can fit quite a lot of things. For small-bodied men, just attach the waist bag outside the shirt. For the big body, you can cross the bag on the chest like a sling bag.

3. Waist bag with a very small size

For this type of waist bag with a small size, it is suitable for you to go to the concert. Even though it has a small charge, you can enter your phone, money and card. Besides going to a concert, you don’t need a lot of things to bring, do you?

Choose a waist bag size that matches your body size. Do not let the waist bag you use is too small for your body size. Michaelkors Outlet

4. Cross it in the stomach

Suitable to be crossed and adjusted in length. You do not need to follow its function as a waist bag, you can also create your own style by making it like a sling bag.
You can change styles by having this bag. So, don’t be afraid of being bored if you only have one bag.

5. Conventional waist bags

This method is the most conventional way to wear a waist bag. In accordance with the beginning of this bag made, minimalist style leather waist bag will be suitable for use with any outfit. Classic black makes it easy for you to choose a solid match with a contrasting outfit color. You can create a vintage sporty style by putting your shirt in your pants.


How to clean men’s leather wallet easily and quickly

Men’s leather wallets prove to be the most favorite model of consumers. Not without reason, this one men’s wallet model was proven to be durable thanks to the use of natural leather material with a strong texture. Genuine leather wallets have proven to be tough, even for years of use. So do not be surprised, if men are included rarely change this one accessory. Although it is strong from tears, this material needs special attention. Confused how? Check out how to clean a man’s leather wallet to make it last longer:

Leather Wallet
Leather Wallet

1. Use Special Liquid Skin Cleanser

Now widely available versatile skin cleaning fluid that you can buy at online stores. Not infrequently also if the branded men’s leather wallet you buy also offers a special cleaning set. Don’t forget to always do a small test whether the cleaning liquid or how to clean your leather wallet is safe.    

2. Use a Wet Wipe for Mild Cleaning

As a first step, you can try how to clean the simplest leather wallet on this one. Only with a microfiber cloth or soft cloth and a little water, you can make your wallet cleaner like you originally bought. Make sure the cloth used is not completely wet. You can splash water or dip one corner of the cloth with a little water then squeeze. Wipe gently by using the wet cloth until clean.    

3. Use Baby Soap Michaelkors Outlet

If there are stains that are still left behind, you can use baby soap without the scent to clean the mild stains. Mix baby soap with a little water then dip the tip of a soft cloth. Wipe the wet cloth in the direction of the leather material in the stain area. Then wipe again using a soft, dry cloth to remove the remaining soap and allow to dry.    

4. Mix Baking Soda and Water

If you have stubborn stains, you can use a mixture of baking soda and water or alcohol and water. The method is the same as before, which is gently wiped using a soft cloth and dry.


Canvas Wallets VS Leather Wallets

A wallet is one thing that every man must have. Not only to save money and identity cards, wallet is also one of the fashion items to watch. Besides being able to increase self-confidence, choosing the right wallet also affects the age of its use. A man tends to be lazy to change his wallet, so men prefer to choose a durable wallet.  

Of the many materials that make wallets, canvas and leather are two of the most popular choices. Of the two types of wallet material, which one is more durable to use? Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of each of these wallet materials!

1. Here are some of the advantages of a canvas wallet!

Canvas Wallet
Canvas Wallet

Canvas wallets are one type of wallet that is a favorite of men, especially those who are dynamic at heart. The advantage of a canvas wallet is that the price is cheaper than a leather wallet. This is because the canvas material is made from a mixture of cotton and polyester which is cheaper than genuine animal skin.  

Another advantage of a canvas wallet is that it is dynamic and diverse, a canvas wallet can be shaped and colored according to the soul of the man who uses it. Another reason the choice canvas wallet that suits you is its lighter weight than a leather wallet. Canvas also tends to be flexible compared to leather. As for durability, if you choose a wallet with thick canvas material, then this wallet will tend to be durable in use.

2. Know also the lack of a canvas wallet

In addition to strengths, a canvas wallet also has several drawbacks that you should consider before buying it. Canvas wallets are easier to tear if they are scratched by sharp objects, especially if you put a wallet with various keys in the same pocket. Apart from that being used continuously will also erode the canvas wallet.  

Another disadvantage of the canvas wallet is that the design is less timeless. If you like the classic style that is timeless, this wallet is not suitable for you because most canvas wallets designs tend to target young people today with a variety of colors and images. One more disadvantage of a canvas wallet is that if it is spilled with liquid or food, then you will have difficulty cleaning it because the liquid easily stains the canvas material.

3. Check the following excess leather wallet Michaelkors Outlet

Leather Wallet
Leather Wallet

Leather wallet is an option for some men because of some of the strengths that we will discuss. The advantage of a leather wallet is its elegant and timeless design so that you will not feel out of trend because the design of a leather wallet tends to be classic. Another advantage of a leather wallet is that the color will look more antique over time. This is because the skin will appear patina which makes the skin darker and masculine.  

Leather wallet also has another advantage that is scratch resistant because leather is stronger than canvas, so you don’t need to worry about your wallet being scratched by keys or coins in your pocket. The advantages of a leather wallet are also more resistant than liquids because thick leather will prevent water from entering and wetting your money.    

4. The price is more expensive to be lacking a leather wallet

Not always a good leather wallet, leather wallet also has disadvantages that you should consider before buying it. One drawback is that genuine leather wallets tend to be more expensive. Genuine leather and leather processing into a wallet has a higher level of difficulty compared to canvas wallets.

5. Many imitation leather wallets

Another drawback is the leather wallet will emit a leather odor which for some people is uncomfortable but there are also those who like the distinctive smell of this skin. The last drawback of a leather wallet is that it tends to be monotonous and looks old for those who don’t like it. But for some people who like the form of a leather wallet it looks elegant. On the other hand, there is also an imitation leather wallet. In terms of price, it’s definitely cheaper. However, the quality and durability are also far less than genuine leather.

Now, that is the advantages and disadvantages of a canvas wallet with a leather wallet, both of which have advantages and disadvantages so that the best and most durable choice is to return to your taste as a man, yes!


Stylish with Wallet? Get to know the 8 coolest types of wallets for men

You don’t like to be complicated and choose to carry your wallet everyday? Yes, many men choose this style because it feels simple and casual. Especially if you don’t want to travel far, for example, just to the mall. What wallet do you wear now? That’s not the only wallet model available, you know. To make you look more perfect, let’s see the 8 coolest types of wallets for men that you can complete at home.

1. A simple two-fold wallet
The most standard type of wallet for men is a folding wallet. With a simple design, you can put your money and cards in one place. The size is also right for you who don’t want to carry too much hand when you go out. You can put it in a bag. Make sure the wallet you buy has the right size according to your card and money.

2. Triple fold wallet with bigger size

The shape is similar to a two-fold wallet above. The difference is that this wallet is bigger so it needs to be folded into three. This design is very classic and usually has a longer size. If you don’t like holding folded money, this model is the best choice. Unfortunately, this wallet doesn’t fit right in my pants. There is a little part of the wallet poking out of the bag. It might feel a little uncomfortable when you sit down.

3. Slim hybrit wallet for cards and less money

When many people still pay attention to wallet design, this one type of wallet instead provides the most modern choice. This wallet is made with very cheap capital with a low profile design. Only the card holder is made of flexible silicone material. The main problem is only when you want to bring a lot of money. Maybe you will be confused where to put it.

4. Money clipper for travelers Michaelkors Outlet

This model is the lowest type of wallet. More precisely it almost doesn’t look like a wallet at all. Money clipper is quite classic and is perfect for men who choose a minimalist style. Money clipper has also been widely produced in a variety of modern designs. Especially by manufacturers of sports accessories such as skateboards or surfing. For cashless times like now, this model might be the most appropriate choice.

5. Wallet with money clipper

If you can’t choose between a money clipper or a folding wallet, no problem. You can choose both. Now many men’s wallets combine the functions of the two types of wallets. Usually, folding wallets are used to store cards while the clipper is used to clamp banknotes.

6. Chechkbook wallet for the vintage style of young executives

In ancient times, this type of long, slim, double fold wallet was very trendy among people in the upper middle economic level. This was used to carry check books in the past. However, now this model is a favorite for those who like vintage style. To be more cool, you can be stylish with a jacket and put this wallet in a pocket on the inside of the jacket.  

7. Coin wallet with zippers

In Indonesia, we still often use coins. It must be annoying not knowing where to store coins. Then, we choose to place it in a bag that might disappear instantly when we need it. Maybe this could be the answer for you. Put your cards, banknotes and coins in the same wallet so they don’t get lost and are easy to carry.  

8. Card storage wallet or cardholder

Or you can just bring a cardholder. This could be a solution for you who really do not like to bring paper money. Cardholders are also easy for you to store anywhere. Maybe in a pants pocket or in a bag.



Not only women, but men who want to look simple everywhere without having to carry a lot of luggage, are more comfortable using a type of men’s sling bag compared to a backpack. Because basically this one bag model is designed for traveling or everyday needs, with a load or capacity that is not as much as a backpack product. It’s just possible because it looks too feminine, so many of the adam are somewhat reluctant to wear it.

Talking about this one bag model, actually has existed since ancient times, it’s just that the majority of users are women compared to men, but the more here there is no gender difference, anyone who feels comfortable can make it a choice of fashion collections used in everyday life , both for traveling or supporting other needs. when talking about the price offer itself can also be said to be cheap.

Just look at it from a financial perspective. So that your men’s sling bag does not look feminine, or is not wrong in choosing to look like a woman, then here are some tips for choosing it correctly, namely: Michaelkors Outlet

  • Choose colors that are neutral or calm, the safest is to determine colors that tend to be masculine compared to bright colors, like black, then also brown and dark colors that are nude, this kind of color tends to be appropriate for men, but it’s also very easy mix and match with fashion items that you will wear later.
  • Quality materials, so as not to regret the issue of durability or durability, then this material is a very important consideration, choose materials that look good, such as leather, then also relatively thick canvas material, these materials in general can indeed provide power last longer for the bag product you are using.
  • Capacity that suits your needs, because its main function is to carry various types of goods, it cannot be denied if this capacity becomes a very important part to be seen, afraid that the capacity of the selected bag is not as expected, for example to work, but to buy a small one , of course, can not load your important items right. That is why this capacity is a very important part to think about before buying.
  • Choose models that are masculine, of course you might not wear the same sling bag as worn by women, for men themselves generally the type of sling bag that is popularly used is messenger bag, then there is also a satchel bag, this kind of model is most appropriate for work, without a feminine impression, because it is sold specifically to the adam.
  • Also consider the brand, talk about quality, in addition to being seen in terms of ingredients, it is no less important to see the brand, however the quality brands are valued with more expensive value, but also equivalent to the quality of the product obtained, more durable and not damaged easily.
  • Avoid the selection of bags that apply too many motifs, look for the plain ones, because the look is too crowded seems more similar to the type of bag for women.

Difficult to easily choose a men’s sling bag, because of the identical model of fashion items this one was issued for women. But with the 6 steps above you can still get the best.


Two Way Bag (II)

  • Choose ingredients according to the impression you want to highlight

Bag material is also able to determine the impression displayed. There are so many materials that can be used to make bags. However, this time we will discuss the most commonly used materials, namely genuine leather, synthetic leather, and nylon.

  • Choose genuine leather, if you want a bag that is distinctive and durable

First of all, we will explain about genuine leather or also called leather. Genuine leather is generally made from cowhide, but some are made from sheep skin and crocodiles.

In addition, there are a variety of types of leather, such as leather with a shiny surface, enamel leather, processed leather, printed leather, and so on. Many manufacturers also produce leather bags, from local brands to well-known brands. However, you also have to be careful in choosing because the price of each product will differ depending on the main ingredient of the leather used. Usually, if the genuine leather comes from cow or sheep skin. Michaelkors outlet

However, for rare materials such as crocodile skin, of course the price will be higher, it might even surprise you. Although there are many variations of bags to choose from, consider bags with materials and prices that fit your financial situation.

  • Choose synthetic leather, if you want a waterproof bag and an affordable price

Other ingredients are synthetic leather or often called artificial leather or imitation leather. At first glance, the characteristics of this material feels similar to genuine leather, in a version that is much more affordable. If you do not have enough budget and are not too concerned with materials, you can make bags made of synthetic leather as an option.

In addition, both the color, design, and characteristics are also very varied and have their own uniqueness. Unlike real leather, synthetic leather doesn’t get dirty easily, it can even be washed with water without leaving any marks. That is why many argue that this material is suitable as a material for daily use.

Although it looks interesting, if you pay close attention, this material has the appearance of a less classy appearance. If you attend an event that requires you to look neat and classy by wearing a bag made from synthetic leather, the balance of appearance will be disrupted. In addition, you also need to remember that synthetic leather does not last as long as genuine leather.

  • Choose nylon, if you want a bag with a high degree of durability

The last material we will explain to you is nylon. We recommend this material for those of you who are looking for bags at the most affordable prices. Nylon itself is a fabric made from chemical fibers with prices that tend to be cheap. Although cheap, nylon has the characteristics of a very strong material plus it is equipped with a variety of other functional aspects.

Because nylon bags have a variety of color choices and unique designs, you can be more flexible when choosing products. Not only that, nylon is also very resistant to rain and wind, and is not easily damaged so it is widely used in products for outdoor activities. That’s what makes this material suitable as a backpack maker or just to accentuate the impression of a casual look.

However, even though it gives the impression of being casual, it can’t be denied also if the nylon material seems cheap. Therefore, be careful in choosing a design so as not to create a cheap impression and not interfere with your appearance when used to attend an event with a certain dresscode.