Bodypack Sling Bag Model

Bodypack Sling Bag Model

Bodypack now comes with a more modern and trendy design and model. There have been many shopping centers to online sites offering this bodypack. If you are interested in becoming one of the people who has the latest model of bodypack, then don’t make the wrong choice. Here we will provide some recommendations for a bodypack sling bag for you. Michaelkors Outlet

Bodypack Vertica Edge Sling Bag

The first bodypack we will discuss is the Bodypack Vertical Edge Sling Bag. For those of you who like to travel long distances with friends and family, then this sling bag is a must-have. The Bodypack Vertica Edge Sling Bag is specially designed for traveling. Because of its sling bag shape, it provides convenience and comfort in moving when traveling anywhere. This model’s bodypack sling bag has multi-functional bag parts. So that personal items are stored and neatly organized without worrying about being damaged.

These parts include the pouch as a very effective storage container for carry-on. In addition, it is also equipped with a main compartment as a pocket for your tablet. With a size of 7 inches, the tablet that is carried can be stored properly and avoid impact to damage. Do not forget the second compartment as an organizer pocket.

On the front of the Bodypack Vertica Edge Sling Bag there is also an additional pocket. Likewise, there are extra pockets that can be used to store small items. In addition to its functions and uses that can be a constant companion for all daily activities, the Bodypack Vertica Edge Sling Bag is made with the best and quality ballistic materials. The material used will provide comfort when used even though it is used throughout the day. The Bodypack Vertica Edge Sling Bag comes in a classy and elegant black color.

Evaquate Backpack Bodypack Tas Branded

The next bodypack sling bag model is the Bodypack Evaquate Backpack. This sling bag comes as a form of concern for your business and traveling activities. As we already know, business activities or traveling, even carrying out these two activities simultaneously, definitely require quite a lot of luggage.

To help all your needs, don’t forget to have a multi-purpose bag to carry anywhere and anytime. Evaquate Backpack Bodypack is highly recommended for you. Because this bodypack has the ability to carry all other important needs, and how to use it is easy to carry. Of course, with all its 3 in 1 functions.

You need to know that the Bodypack Evaquate Backpack is specially designed with its ability to swap roles. This means that apart from being used as a shoulder bag or sling bag, it can also be used as a hand bag.

As the newest model of the bodypack sling bag, it is equipped with two straps, namely the shoulder strap and the shoulder strap. When changing roles, these two straps can be removed and put back easily. You can keep these straps when you are not using them.

Evaquate Bodypack Backpack provides safe and neatly organized luggage storage. The reason is, it has been equipped with three separate compartments. Such as a place to store personal items, an organizer pocket as a place to organize important documents, and a laptop storage pocket with a size of 14 inches.

Gallivant Bodypack

The next sling bag is the Bodypack Gallivant. This Gallivant Bodypack has two functions at once in its use. Besides being able to be used as a shoulder bag or sling bag, there are times when this bodypack can be used as a tote bag or tote bag. When traveling, you can carry large amounts of luggage. In addition, the load becomes lighter. As a bodypack sling bag that supports all activities, the Gallivant Bodypack is equipped with two pockets, one for a 14 inch laptop and an organizer pocket. When carrying luggage when traveling is spelled out more concise. Sepatu Branded

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5 Ways to Take Care of Transparent Bags So Not Yellowing Quickly

5 Ways to Take Care of Transparent Bags So Not Yellowing Quickly

Transparent bags are now becoming a trend that is widely worn to support appearance. Agree, right, if this type of bag can always make it look more stylish? But you already know that this bag needs extra care? Transparent bag or also known as PVC bag can indeed be carelessly cared for. Unlike bags with other materials that use canvas or polyester that are easy to maintain, transparent bags that use PVC are known to be quicker to yellow or fade not to be treated properly. Don’t want to, right, your transparent bag quickly turns yellow? 5 ways to care for transparent bags so they don’t turn yellow quickly. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Clean transparent bags regularly

One of the easiest ways to prevent transparent bags from yellowing is to clean them regularly. How to clean it also should not be arbitrary. To clean a dusty transparent bag, simply use a soft cloth wipe or use a tissue. In addition, you also need to regularly care for transparent bags so they are not dull. You can use silicon wax or skin cream, then gently wipe the bag. Easy, right? Not only that, you can also use warm water to clean transparent bags. Just use warm water mixed with a little soap and clean the stains that stick.

2. Store the transparent bag in a dusty bag with silica gel

Tas Branded
The next step, after your transparent bag is clean. You just have to store it in a dusty bag or special bag that can protect your bag from scratches, dust, to the effect of yellowing. Do not forget when storing a transparent bag in a dusty bag, also insert silica gel so that the bag stays durable and is not easily damaged. Oh, yes! Also make sure you put your bag in an open place to minimize the moist effect.

3. Do not store the transparent bag in a hot place

Aside from not putting your bag in a humid place, another thing to avoid is not to keep the bag in a hot place. The heat effect itself is believed to make the bag turn yellow and fade quickly, this is certainly not good for your favorite PVC bag. So, make sure you keep your bag in the shade.

4. Use baking soda to clean the transparent bag from yellowish stains

Transparent bags do turn yellow faster because many things can cause the worst to happen. Could be due to excessive heat until stained. Well, if this happens to you, you can try using baking soda to remove stains. The method is very practical! Simply mix baking soda into the water, flatten and soak your transparent bag in a few moments into the mixture. Brush soft stains on the bag using a toothbrush.

5. Do not store transparent bags in a wet condition

Another tip that you also need to remember is do not occasionally keep your PVC bag wet. Maybe after the rain or after the process of cleaning the bag, make sure your transparent bag is always dry, yes! This is to minimize the effect of yellowing until the emergence of fungus on the bag. To dry it, just use a soft cloth and wipe it evenly until it is completely dry. Sepatu Branded

Easy, take care of this transparent bag, right? Michaelkors Outlet

Dirty Canvas Tote Bag? Here are 5 care tips

Dirty Canvas Tote Bag? Here are 5 care tips

1. Provide water in a container that contains the size of your tote bag

Are you one of the biggest fans of contemporary canvas tote bags? With more and more used, without realizing your favorite tote bag will be increasingly unclean like when buying first even dirty. Especially if the tote bag material is a canvas that is easily exposed to a collection of dust. Not difficult and does not require a lot of money, really, to care for him. Curious how to do it? Check out some tips on caring for canvas tote bags below. Michaelkors Outlet

After removing the contents of the tote bag so that nothing remains, prepare a container that is enough to hold your tote bag. Fill the container with relatively clean water. Look for the surface of the dirty tote bag and wet it with water using the help of a sponge. Try to clean the tote bag starting from the surface, so that the visible dirt will be lifted immediately.

2. Use the help of a cleaning sponge or a soft bristled toothbrush

To remove stubborn stains and stains that easily attach to your favorite tote bag, try to clean by gently wetting the used sponge or toothbrush. Try to brush enough in one direction, so that the tote bag material will be maintained and not easily damaged. Tote bags are included in the category of bags that are quite durable and durable. If your tote bag may not be used for a sufficiently long period of time, it’s better to keep the tote bag in plastic and dry so it doesn’t get moldy inside.

3. If necessary, use the help of soap or shampoo to remove impurities that are difficult to clean Tas Branded

If in your favorite tote bag there are stains that are quite real and many on the surface of the bag and difficult to remove, you can try this one way. Rub water on a sponge or toothbrush, you can pour washing soap, soap or even shampoo in sufficient quantities. Apply it to the surface of the stain, and also apply it to the sponge, toothbrush or wet cloth. Rub gently and in a direction until the stain disappears and is no longer visible.

4. Rinse the bag again with clean cold water

If after cleaning, you feel all the stains attached to your favorite tote bag are gone and not seen again, it’s time to rinse. This rinsing process is useful for removing traces of dirt that might not be seen while making the bag cleaner, brightly colored as before. This rinsing process also removes traces of soap, shampoo or detergent that you use when trying to remove dirt. Just provide cold water that is not a water used for immersion.

5. Dry the tote bag in a cool and windy place after the rinse process is complete

After finishing the rinsing process and getting rid of the invisible stains as well as the traces of the soapy water, it is time to dry them. Avoid drying by using a washing machine or dryer you usually do on clothes. It would be better if you dry it naturally. Place the tote bag upside down in a cool, windy place to dry. Never try to dry a tote bag that has been dried directly under direct sunlight. This is because, the color of the tote bag will fade faster. In addition, the condition of the bag is also more vulnerable to fragility. Sepatu Branded

No need to be confused anymore looking for ways to clean your favorite tote bag, right?

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Plain Drawstring Bags Various Types and Materials Used

Plain Drawstring Bags Various Types and Materials Used

Plain drawstring bag is a bag that is now increasingly popular in various circles. Why say various circles? Because drawstring bags are flexible. Especially for drawstring bags without this motif. The use of drawstring bags is now not restricted to women or men. Because, drawstring bags can be said to be a multifunctional bag. Drawstring bags themselves are usually used when traveling or something else. Sometimes the drawstring bag is also worn by school children because it is simpler and simpler.

Not even a few people use drawstring bags for souvenirs. Speaking of models, drawstring bags without motives are now being sought by many people. Model of the Current Plain Drawstring Bag As you know, now many types of bags that can be used. Including drawstring bags without motives.

Almost all types of bags are distinguished according to the type and model. Then differentiated according to the wearer, whether male or female. But it is different from drawstring bags with designs without motives. Regarding the model, the drawstring bag has only one model and that is indeed very identical. Drawstring bags only have drawstring on the top. However, drawstring bags can be divided into several types. Because, there are several types of drawstring bags that have different designs. Michaelkors Outlet

Plain drawstring bags are also distinguished based on the material used. As it is known that drawstring bags are made from various materials. Such as polyester which has a strong and sturdy character. This one material is also very resistant to sunlight. Then cotton canvas. This material is a material made from nature. The most identical characteristic is very strong. Another material for making drawstring bags is nylon. This one material is certainly familiar. Because, most bags are also made of nylon.

Types of Plain Drawstring Bags Here are some types of drawstring bags without the usual motives worn.

1. Backpack Type Drawstring Bag Tas Branded

The first type is a drawstring bag without a motif that has a type of backpack. Drawstring bags of this type are usually used by school children. The design is simple because it is indeed innocent synonymous with school children. This design is also very comfortable to use. The top of the backpack forms a drawstring. So it is very easy to open or close. Plain backpack drawstring bag design is suitable for you.

2. Drawstring Bag Type Sling Bag

Next is a drawstring bag that is still without a motive though. Bags like this also have a sling bag type. As is known that the bag with the type of sling bag is a women’s bag. So that this plain sling bag can be used by women. But it still has a shaved model. However, the type is a sling bag. Now there are many drawstring bags for women like this.

3. Drawstring Bag Type Pouch

Plain drawstring bags also have a pouch type. Bags like this are usually used by women. The size is also smaller than the two types of bags above.
Drawstring bag accessories above are also very simple and attractive. Most women also use a bag like this. Because the size is more minimalist and not too big. Moreover, the goods carried are also not too many.

4. Drawstring Bags Type Backpacks

The next type of drawstring bag is almost like a backpack. But this time it’s not shaped like a backpack. Therefore, the material used is not too rigid.
Then bags like this are commonly used when traveling casually. It can even be used while exercising. Its function is to bring drink.

Plain drawstring bags like this are very unique indeed. More precisely is simple, practical, and very functional. Talking about functionality, drawstring bags are very useful for its users. The uses are very diverse. Among them is used to carry goods such as drinking or provision. Sepatu Branded

For this type of simple drawstring bag, it is usually used to carry shoes or sandals. You could say as a substitute for plastic bags. While those who have a type of women’s sling bag are usually used as accessories. More precisely to support the appearance.

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Get to know the latest types of women’s handbags

Get to know the latest types of women’s handbags

Hand bag is a handbag that is used by hand. This one bag in addition to having a small rope to carry the bag, usually also equipped with a long rope so it is easier to carry. The size of a handbag is usually small to medium. In the bag usually has an additional compartment with a zipper. Hand bag suitable for certain events or walks that do not need a lot of luggage.

  • Backpack

This backpack is often used for various outdoor activities. It can also be worn when we need to carry lots of heavy items such as laptops, important documents, and others. This bag is also called a backpack. Suitable also used for adventure into the wild because it makes it easier for users to carry lots of goods without feeling objectionable.

  • Bucket/Pouch

Pouch is a simple mini bag model. This bag is also often called a bucket bag because the top can be closed by pulling the straps. Looks bud, this bag comes in small to medium sizes. This bag is also comfortable for you to wear for a walk, you know. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Tote Bag

Totebag bags are categorized as a tote bag. This open top bag model can be used to carry lots of things easily. The size varies from small to large. With the top so it is easy to carry. This bag usually uses canvas or nylon which is sturdy.

  • Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are widely known as sling bags. This bag is very suitable for use in various daily activities. Comfortable also worn for traveling because its use is easy and not complicated. From wallets, make up, to gadgets, you can go in this one bag.

  • Messenger Bag

This bag might be a familiar model. It used to be used by postal posters because it contained a lot of things. This messenger bag usually has a sling. Comfortable to wear even for running fast. Usually this bag is made from natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. This product comes in small to large sizes, you know.

  • Hobo Bag

A crescent model bag called hobo bag was also chosen as a women’s bag for traveling. This bag product model is like a bag with a curved model. Usually have a large size and slung on the shoulder. Made from soft leather which is decorated with various accessories to make the bag more attractive. Tas Branded

  • Satchel Bag

Satchel bags are also comfortable for traveling. This model bag is characterized by having a strap in the middle of the bag cover. This strap is for securing the bag so it doesn’t open easily. This bag used to be used by students because it is easy to carry. Now Satchel has also developed a lot with more modern models.

  • Field Bag

This bag is as the name suggests, field bag, widely used outdoors. It used to be used by medics and carriers of communications on the battlefield. This bag can be used to store various medical treatments for wounded soldiers. But nowadays many bag field bags are used to be taken to school, campus, or even when hanging out. This bag comes in a variety of materials and design patterns are also interesting.

  • Shoulder Bag

This sling bag has a long strap to make it easier to carry. Present in a trendy design that makes users look fashionable. Comfortable to use because the fabrication is also diverse. Suitable for the office can also be taken to campus or hangout. Sepatu Branded

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The right briefcase can support your career Quality of work and appearance both have important values ​​in the world of work professionalism. Even though the way you work is perfect, but it doesn’t have the appearance of quality, of course, it will affect other people’s assessment of you. Choosing a suitable men’s briefcase is not as easy as choosing a bag for playing or traveling. So bro, you need to read the following guide to choosing a men’s briefcase. Michaelkors Outlet

  • The Size Must Fit, Don’t Be Too Big or Small

Workers will usually carry a lot of things when working. For that, do not choose a men’s briefcase that is too small to be able to load a lot of things. Also choose a model that has lots of pockets so you can easily organize small items such as agenda books, cell phones, combs, wallets, change, and more. But, the size is not too big so you don’t think you will go up the mountain bro.

Choose a neutral colored bag so you don’t need to be confused adjusting the color of the bag with work clothes every morning. For example a black, brown, white bag, and can be a favorite color as an alternative. In addition, also choose formal colors so you look more professional, like blue and beige.

  • Choose Waterproof for Ease

Bags with waterproof or waterproof material is very suitable for work because it can secure documents or laptops that are brought so as not to get rain or water. That way, you can avoid the worst possibilities when working.

  • Simple Design Prefer

Choose a simple or simple model so that you look more professional and neat. Simple and simple design is also timeless so you can use it for up to three years or more in the future.

  • Comfortable, Quality, and Strong

Choose a bag that is comfortable to carry such as a newfangled bag strap plus a handle that is very suitable for work because when you are tired of carrying it, you can carry it too. Mister recommends a leather bag for work because besides being strong, he is also timeless and of higher quality. Sepatu Branded

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Tips for store leather bags properly.

Tips for store leather bags properly.

Leather bags are one of the fashion items that are almost always in every girl’s wardrobe. Besides durable, this bag will also make you look more attractive and beautiful. Unfortunately, this leather bag must be properly stored and cared for. If not, the skin might peel and the color will fade. No need to worry, storing this leather bag doesn’t need any special effort. Here are a few storage methods that are worth trying out so that leather bags can stay durable ~ Michaelkors Outlet

  • Don’t throw away the dust bag that you get when buying a bag. You can use this wrapping bag to avoid the bag from dust and dirt

Although wrapping in a dust bag is good, but you still need to expose the bag at least once every two weeks. This is done so that the bag does not damp and become moldy.

  • After use, remove the entire contents then replace it with bubble wrap to maintain its shape

Bags that are rarely used will easily change shape, especially if they are large in size and you put them in the cupboard. The risk of being crushed will make your folds deformed! Therefore, it is better to place bubble warp or used paper to keep the bag filled.

  • If your leather bag is stained, it’s good to clean it immediately so the dirt doesn’t dry out

Don’t use water or wet tissue to clean the stain on your leather bag. Because, these two substances can be skin fibers. Use powder or soft cloth to clean the stain. If exposed to ink, you can remove it with a special stain remover product for the skin, ok? Tas Branded

  • Although you can use cloth, not just any cloth can be used to clean you!

Use cotton to keep the surface texture of the skin from being damaged or scratched. Besides cotton, you can also use micro fiber that has a very soft texture and can absorb dirt well.

  • If the bag intends not to be used for a long time, it’s better to save it with additional baking soda

Baking soda can be used to absorb odors in the bag. To use it, you can put baking soda in a dust bag that is used to store the bag.

  • You are also not recommended to use a leather bag when it is under direct sunlight

Exposure to sunlight can make the color of the bag so dull. Even when it’s wet you are only allowed to air it. Now if you follow the methods above, surely your leather bag will be more durable and look like new. Even though the bag is old, you can still be stylish and look beautiful, right? Sepatu Branded

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Super Fabric Wallet with special fabric that can last up to 10 years

Super Fabric Wallet with special fabric that can last up to 10 years

Wallet for some people is not just a place to store money and cards, but also a collection item. Unlike shoes, wallet for some people do not need to be replaced as often as possible. For that, the wallet must have a long durability. Usually, long-life wallet using premium leather. Even though it’s been stored for a long time, the ingredients won’t mold. However, MORE by Morello re-introduced an international brand from Chicago, Pioneer, which has a very long endurance, exceeding even premium leather wallets. Michaelkors Outlet

Not only stylish, this wallet is equipped with advanced technology, Super Fabric, which uses two different materials namely 10XD and 3PN. With this technology, Pioneer can last up to 10 years. This 10XD and 3PN material makes this wallet 10 times stronger than other wallets, including leather ones. This fabric from 10XD is the result of mixing polyethylene yarn with a very high molecular weight, 10 times stronger than steel by weight. This yarn is then mixed and becomes a smooth nylon ripstop. Sepatu Branded


In addition, the blending of the fabric called UHMWPE with nylon is then coated with Dirt and Water Resistant, which produces a strong, tight, and tight ripstip fabric. So, this fabric will be waterproof. This water resistance can be proven with a wallet that can be machine washed. The founder of Pioneer, Henry Lefens, admitted that at first he was very curious about textile objects. He also told me, that the process of making Pioneer is not easy and requires a long time with a lot of trial-and-error. “As a young designer, I want to know whether textile-based objects can be designed in such a way as to rival the precision and engineering of long-lasting heavy equipment. Pioneer creation process is not easy, it takes a long time with a lot of trial-and-error to find good material like 10XD now. “Using heat, pressure, very high strength fabrics and obsessive attention to detail, Pioneer was born,” he said. Tas Branded

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Choice of Bags Used During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Choice of Bags Used During the Corona Virus Pandemic

During the activities in the midst of the corona virus pandemic, there are some things that must be considered related to maintaining cleanliness. Moreover, we will begin to face the new normal. In addition to having to wash clothes after leaving the house, the bag also needs to be cleaned to be free from the spread of this virus. Michaelkors Outlet

For that, you can switch to a bag that is easy to wash but still makes you look stylish. Safety and cleanliness are the main keys to deal with this pandemic. By washing hands frequently, keeping a distance and maintaining cleanliness, it is hoped that the corona virus can be avoided.
So what kind of bag choices can be used during the corona virus pandemic?

1. Fabric Material

Fabric-based bags are the safest because they are easy to wash. In addition, bags made of fabric have a unique design. Usually you can find it in the form of a tote bag. Choose an attractive design and adjust it to your outfit. After using it, you can wash it periodically so that it is always clean and protected from corona virus exposure. Tas Branded

Parachute Bag
Parachute Bag

2. PVC material

In addition to fabric, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or vinyl leather can be an option. This PVC-based bag at a glance looks like genuine leather. Though this is a synthetic leather that has strong properties, resistant to oil, chemicals, and sunlight. So it will be easy for you to clean the bag with this PVC material. After leaving the house, you can clean the bag with disinfectant liquid. You can keep it clean so you avoid corona virus without damaging your beloved bag.

3. Parachute Material

Then another choice is a bag with a variety of parachutes. Besides being often used on jackets, parachutes are also used to make bags. Bags with parachute materials usually have a more casual design, such as a tote and sling bag. Parachute material is very easy to wash, homeland, and also easy to dry. Sepatu Branded

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Tips Memilih Backpack untuk Anak

Tips Memilih Backpack untuk Anak

Beberapa tips memilih tas ransel anak-anak. Berikut adalah tips untuk menghibur bayi Anda dan menghindari risiko kerusakan tulang. Michaelkors Outlet

Pertama-tama perhatikan tali bahu atau tali ransel. Idealnya, tali ransel yang baik dapat disesuaikan dengan postur anak. Selain itu, ada baiknya memilih tas ransel dengan lebar minimal 5 cm.

Kedua, perhatikan ruang atau ruang di tasnya. Lebih baik tidak memiliki terlalu banyak kamar untuk anak-anak. Karena terlalu banyak ruang akan menambah beban tas anak-anak.

Ketiga, lebih baik untuk ransel untuk anak-anak, terutama jika itu untuk sekolah dengan jumlah buku yang cukup besar, cobalah untuk memilih tas dengan ikat pinggang atau ikat pinggang di pinggul. Akan lebih baik juga jika tas punggung memiliki bingkai di bagian belakang. Fungsinya untuk mendistribusikan beban secara merata. Tas Branded

Keempat, pertimbangkan untuk menggunakan ransel anak-anak. Yang benar adalah permukaan bagian belakang tas ketika Anda menggunakan tongkat untuk melacak kontur punggung anak. Jangan biarkan ruang kosong karena ini dapat menyebabkan beban menggantung.

Kelima, mintalah anak mengenakan dua tali ransel mereka. Jangan pernah gunakan hanya satu sisi saja. Saya harap tips singkat di atas dapat sedikit membantu Anda dan tentu saja untuk anak Anda. Sepatu Branded

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The Smart Way To Go Far and Long Time Only Just Carry One Bag – ii

The Smart Way To Go Far and Long Time Only Just Carry One Bag – ii

8. Fold and roll is a powerful way to save space in the bag!

Yes, believe it or not, you will get more extra space in your bag by rolling up your clothes! Maybe some of you do not think to roll clothes because they are accustomed to piling it up. Folding and rolling clothes can make the dimensions of your clothes smaller and easier to organize in a bag Michaelkors Outlet

9. In addition to the roll method there is also a bundle method that is very useful so that your clothes do not wrinkle when put in a bag.

Wrap-bundle or bundle-wrapping technique is a technique of folding clothes by wrapping an object in the center with your clothes tightly. All you have to do is put your clothes stretching left, right, up and down alternately before being folded in one by one as well. The result is a tight and seamless fold of clothing.

10. The best packing is that there is no gap.

Tuck in your underwear or small clothing articles such as scarves, swimsuits, handkerchiefs, or belts between spaces left in the bag. For belts, attach your belt extending along the edge of the bag, rather than rolling it up. Tas Branded

11. A vacuum bag is like a miracle that can help you reduce the volume of your clothes and luggage.

Later many vacuum bag technology has been sold freely. The idea is to put the clothes that you have rolled or fold the bundle into a special plastic bag which is then completely smoked. The result is a bag filled with clothes that are deflated, sometimes flat, and hard. The weight remains the same, but the space used in your bag will be drastically reduced.

12. Bring objects that can have many functions, such as a holster and a parachute.

Especially for you who will often travel or go to areas where the facilities are incomplete. Multi-functional items such as sarong, for example, can benefit. For example as a place to change clothes, pillows, blankets, towels and so forth. Parachute cords can be used to tether extra luggage outside the bag, and also as an emergency clothesline.

13. Are you sure the camera, tablet, laptop, all you want to carry? It’s better to choose a gadget and arm it with multi-functional applications.

At present, it seems almost very difficult for us to part with electronic devices that can simplify life. But if everything is brought, of course our bags won’t be enough. So you don’t need to bring too many gadgets, install one of your favorite gadgets with applications that can replace the role of other gadgets. Advances in smartphones allow us to have cameras, electronic books, game consoles etc. in one gadget. Sepatu Branded

14. Wear the heaviest clothes, like jackets and shoes on your body when traveling to lighten the load on your bag.

The heaviest clothes like jackets and jeans can increase the weight of your bag, and usually the volume is also greater. Outsmart by carrying it using your body, aka wearing it while on a trip. Take advantage of the pockets on the clothes you are wearing to store knick knacks such as glasses, keys, notebooks, etc. If it’s hot, the jacket can be removed and attached, it doesn’t have to be worn.

15. Bring a duffel bag that can be folded to anticipate if you go home when you double your luggage.

Who knows, until you arrive at your destination, it turns out that you are buying new things or being entrusted by the same person at home; so it’s good if you bring an extra bag that can be folded just in case. In addition to duffel bags, backpacks made from lightweight and waterproof have also begun to be offered in the market. This backpack is usually packaged in such a way that it is very small when not being worn.

Now you don’t need to be confused and have difficulties when packing for long trips or long trips. All can fit in one bag, provided you want to practice the packing tips above and not be lazy, because your clothes will not fold themselves.

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The Smart Way To Go Far and Long Time Only Just Carry One Bag – i

The Smart Way To Go Far and Long Time Only Just Carry One Bag – i

You who often travel long distances for a long time, may be familiar with so much luggage. One bag is not enough to hold your things for the needs of 5 days to a week. In fact, it’s really troublesome if you have to carry 2-3 bags on a trip that takes more than a few hours. Already tired and achy, you still have to carry or drag items from the terminal to the homestay. If you are smart, turn your brain so you can travel long and long with just one bag. Don’t worry, this time Hipwee will give you a guide. Ready to read?

1. Choose a bag made from duffel or carrier. Although the dimensions are certain, the volume can expand so that more is filled

Look for bags with flexible materials such as duffel bags or carriers. There are also wheeled luggage made from duffel. This material is more flexible so that it can contain more goods, but is strong and allows us to cram a little more luggage. Look for bags that are not insulated inside so you can organize your luggage more easily. Michaelkors Outlet

For those of you who are going to board an airplane and intend to bring a bag into the cabin to reduce baggage fees, every airline has regulations regarding the size limit of bags that may be carried to the cabin. Some are based on weight, some are based on dimensions. For an average weight of around 7 kg, while for the dimensions of the bag around 22 x 14 x 9 inches aka 56 x 35 x 22 cm.

2. Your confusion in choosing which clothes to bring can be resolved by relying on matching colored clothes

You must have experienced this dilemma, especially if you are among those who care about appearance. But take it easy, this problem can be overcome by choosing matching colored clothes that can be combined and match as needed. In addition to matching colors, also choose clothes that can be used for formal and casual events. For example, black jeans, knee-length dress, which can be worn for a walk but are also suitable for dinner at an official event, or a shirt that is suitable for wearing in the crowd but also comfortable to sleep on.

3. Having a dress or shirt is okay. But don’t forget, invest also by buying clothes that don’t need to be ironed

The development of technology in the world of textiles has given birth to fabrics that are not easily wrinkled and lightweight. One example is the ‘wrinkle-resistant synthetic blends’ material that looks like wool or cotton but doesn’t wrinkle easily. There is also an ultra light material, which is a jacket or vest material that is waterproof and retains body heat but is very light. If you have more funds, in addition to adding to your clothing collection, you can buy clothes with materials like this to facilitate your luggage when traveling. Tas Branded

4. Bring each type of clothing in the amount of three. One set to wear, one washed, and the other sun-dried!

No, this has nothing to do with mystical beliefs about the number three. There is a logical explanation about the reasons for this one. To lighten luggage, it’s a good idea to wash your clothes while at your destination later instead of carrying as many clothes as you will leave. Or you can also use a laundry service if your place of stay provides it (but must be prepared with extra costs, yes). Why three? Because you can wear one set of clothes when your other clothes are being washed and the other one is being sun-dried. So no clothes are unemployed and you also will not lack clothes.

5. If you want to travel to cold temperatures, rely on clothing that can be worn in layers rather than a heavy coat

If you don’t have a lot of funds to be able to buy clothes with the latest technology materials as mentioned above, you can outsmart cold temperatures by wearing clothes that can be worn in layers. For example, a tank top covered with a t-shirt, then a sweat-shirt and finally a jacket. Or in a shirt covered with a lightweight dress which is then added to the cardigan, and parka.

6. Choose a reliable footwear that fits all your needs at the destination.

Footwear is often the heaviest article of clothing. In addition, most forms of footwear are not as flexible as clothing fabrics so they will take up more space. Therefore, minimize the amount of footwear that you want to bring. Choose just one footwear that you feel will be suitable for all occasions.

7. Shoes that will certainly take up quite a large space in your bag, have extra space that can be utilized. Sepatu Branded

If you carry shoes in a bag, use the shoe cavity to place items that can be clenched. Fill the cavity of your shoes with socks, gloves, ties or underwear that have been neatly rolled up. Or you can also cram accessories for filling the empty space.

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5 Items that Must Be in the Bag During New Normal

5 Items that Must Be in the Bag During New Normal

New normal, a term that is often heard lately. Undergoing activities with new situations amid the corona virus pandemic becomes a dilemma in itself. As a result, now we must protect ourselves well when traveling or doing activities outside the home. There are a number of things that are now required to be in your bag every time you travel. Write down the list, and prepare from to face new normal from now on. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is an important thing that must be in the bag. This product can be a savior when you have trouble getting water to wash your hands.

2. Wet tissue

Wet wipes are reliable for many things. Therefore, it is obligatory to include wet wipes in the bag. Try to buy wet wipes with anti-bacterial properties, so it is more effective to kill germs on the hands. Tas Branded

3. Soap

Save soap with travel size. Soap is very effective in dealing with germs and bacteria on the hands. It would be better to use your own soap to be more safe and hygienic.

4. A backup mask

When we forget to bring or apparently there is a team of one office that does not wear masks, then it’s time to share your spare mask. Although this may seem trivial, it is very important in a pandemic like today.

5. Hand cream

Dry hands due to hand sanitizer or too often washing hands become a problem that we now face. Therefore, bring hand cream in the bag. So when we need it, apply hand cream immediately to moisturize the skin. Sepatu Branded

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Nowadays leather is not just trendy, but it can also be a long-term investment for men to complete their style. Whether it’s shoes, jackets and other fashion items. As we understand so far, the skin material requires extra careful care to keep it looking perfect. Here are four choices of products that are very suitable for treating leather. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Leather Cleaner

The first choice of products recommended for you to have is a Leather Cleaner product. Leather Cleaner is a basic treatment for all items with leather material. The function itself is to clean the dirt that is attached to the surface of the skin, and can remove thickened polish.

2. Leather Balsam

Leather Balsam is a kind of cream that is suitable for treating your casual shoes made from soft and soft leather. Leather Balsam contains anti mildew and mink fat which is able to maintain the softness of the leather of the shoe and provide an elegant luster. This product is suitable for treating various soft leather materials such as nappan leather, miled leather, calf leather, and flouter. Tas Branded

3. Mink Oil

Mink oil is made from mink animal fat which is suitable for protecting your leather collection from damage caused by water. In addition, Mink Oil is able to maintain skin softness and make it more durable and not easily weathered.

4. Organic Wax Polish

Organic Wax Polish is made from 30% vegetable oil, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil. Besides being able to treat skin material from dirt and splashes of water, Organic Wax Polish can make your shoes look more shiny, of course this will add to your beauty when wearing these shoes! Sepatu Branded

Remember before using one of the four skin care products above, make sure you clean or wipe the leather first. Hope it is useful for you!

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A wallet is one of the most practical and functional accessories that every man should have. These accessories are very helpful for organizing money and important cards (ID cards, ATMs, etc.). Having a quality wallet is not just my functional matter, furthermore the wallet can be a distinctive characteristic and style. Michaelkors Outlet

Of the various wallet materials on the market, of course you are familiar with leather wallets. Not without reason genuine leather wallets are a trend of men’s accessories. There are several advantages of a genuine leather wallet that you need to know, what are the advantages?

1. High Durability

You might wear different clothes every day, but not with a wallet right? All men in general have one wallet that is worn continuously. Therefore having a strong and durable wallet is very important. Genuine leather is the right choice because this material is known for its superiority in matters of durability.

2. More value

Besides being durable, genuine leather wallets have a higher value than wallets with other materials. You who pay attention to appearance can certainly see a leather wallet giving an elegant and classy look. If at any time you feel bored, you can sell it with a sale value that is almost the same as the new price. Tas Branded

3. Distinctive Aroma

Wallets made of genuine leather have a very distinctive aroma and are not easily imitated. Especially if the leather used is processed by traditional methods (vegetable skin), it will smell a very distinctive and comfortable aromatic scent.

4. Easy Maintenance

You won’t have many worries if you use a genuine leather wallet. Besides being tough in dealing with various weather conditions, a leather wallet is very easy to maintain. Simply use a clean dry cloth regularly when there is dust or dirt attached. Genuine skin care medicine is also very easy to get. Sepatu Branded

How, have you started thinking about having a leather wallet?

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Corona virus can be carried in a bag, here are 5 ways to prevent its spread

Corona virus can be carried in a bag, here are 5 ways to prevent its spread

The increasing number of Covid-19 patients in Indonesia makes people more aware of the importance of protecting themselves from exposure to the virus. Washing your hands or wearing a mask can indeed help prevent you from being infected. But besides that, the cleanliness of personal items that are often touched everyday is also noteworthy. One of them is a bag that can carry and spread the Corona virus. Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Add a Scarf on the Grip
    It is said that the bag can store more than 10 thousand types of bacteria which means it can be dirtier than a toilet. Therefore it is not impossible, the bag also carries and spreads the Corona virus. One way to avoid exposure is to wrap a scarf around the handle if the bag is a hand bag or tote bag. The grip is often the area where bacteria develop, especially because oil from the hand absorbs it.

Charlotte Staerck from Here Handbag Clinic said the accessory can give a stylish impression while preventing viruses and bacteria from transferring to the hands. Also make sure to replace the scarf regularly and wash your hands frequently.

2. Separate Cosmetics in Other Bags
To prevent Corona virus, it is recommended to separate cosmetics in a small bag. Cosmetics scattered on the bag can also speed up the spread of Corona if the bag carries the virus, especially those products are used directly to the face. If you want to make sure cosmetics are clean of viruses, you can store them overnight in the freezer. Tas Branded

3. Don’t put it on the bed
Bags that are taken to various places, including bathrooms can store lots of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Therefore, do not put bags in places such as sofas or beds where you often linger there. If you can, store the bag in a cool, separate temperature not exposed to the sun to prevent the spread of bacteria.

4. Don’t Add Trash
Avoid making bags like trash cans. This means do not store trash and useless items, such as old receipts or food wrappers in them. It also can make the bag more dirty. Especially if you also put a cellphone in it. Often used, mobile phones can carry bacteria and viruses to your body.

5. Pay attention to cleanliness
Even though it doesn’t look dirty, it’s best to clean the surface of the bag regularly. It is recommended to at least wipe it six months and once a month if used every day. Avoid putting it in dirty places, such as the bathroom floor. Sepatu Branded

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A Handbag Model That Can Be Invested

A Handbag Model That Can Be Invested

Bags are now more than just a place to carry something, but also become an accessory to support even investment promises One woman can have two to three bags with various types. Handbags become one of them to be used for an event. Having a handbag is not just a daily accessory, but can be a promising investment tool. For this, the following handbags from several famous designers that can be used as an investment. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Classic Flap Bag Chanel

This handbag was introduced by Chanel in the 1980s. Since then, this handbag seems to be Chanel’s iconic product. This handbag is equipped with a gold device that serves as an iconic chain strap. On the bag, made with materials such as tweed or suede that form a quilted pattern. This pattern refers to the iconic Coco Chanel jacket.

Classic Flap Bag Chanel
Classic Flap Bag Chanel

2. Cassandra Logo Saint Laurent’s Flap Bag

The cover style of the handbag has been presented by Yves Saint Laurent since 1961 and makes it one of the most recognized bag logos. It has a strap that can be duplicated to make a strap. Thus providing flexibility for users. This classic bag features the original YSL logo, designed by famous graphic designer YS; Cassandre. Tas Branded

3. Peekaboo Fendi

Peekaboo became the iconic Fendi handbag on the runway in 2009. It is available in colors, sizes and fabrications. This bag has a trapezoid-shaped silhouette that is easily recognizable. Figures such as Meghan Markle to Rihanna did not hesitate to carry this handbag for their daily activities. Sepatu Branded

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The color of the most searched women’s bag

The color of the most searched women’s bag

The fashion industry is one industry that has never stopped creating, in one year alone can be created more than twice the trend. When the seasons change, the type and tone of clothes and accessories also change, like bags. Products that become one of the weak points of the woman continues to be present in the model and also the latest color trends. Michaelkors Outlet

Creativity in color selection and also the fashion model of this woman’s favorite items as if they never dim. So do not be surprised if a new trend is always born from the hands of the creators in each season. If you are light colored bag enthusiasts, the color of the most sought-after women’s bag might suit you!

  • Brown

One of the color trends for this year’s fall is chocolate. The brown color will make whatever it touches have a modern and exclusive impression. In addition, the color that is related to the elements of wood and soil is indeed a favorite color of many people, the warm color makes anyone who wears it look understated.

  • Blue

Blue is your favorite color? If so, that means you are ready to hunt for any kind of blue clothing and accessories. Why? Because this color has become a trend in the fall and is a favorite of many people. Especially for those who love peace and tranquility, this color is suitable for your personality. Tas Branded

  • Yellow

It seems, not everyone dares to wear this color. However, who would have thought that this color became a trend this season. The bright color and full of statement make anyone who wears it the center of attention.

  • Green

For you nature lovers, this color might be quite familiar to you. The color that gives the impression of comfort and calm is also suitable for you with personality

  • Grey

Grey is the new black, everybody! Not long ago, the presence of bustling gray color adorned runway fashion week. The color that tends to be neutral is suitable for you to wear when you move to the office to gather with friends. The trend is always changing every season, but what will never change is your character. Stay stylish and always keep being you, people! Sepatu Branded

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Men’s Briefcases for Different Types of Jobs

Men’s Briefcases for Different Types of Jobs

We know that the right way to dress will increase confidence when we work or meet other people. While a neat shirt is important, a suitable men’s briefcase also affects your appearance. Failing to look neat while working can have an impact on your performance. The Urban Icon team noted some right accessory choices to help you look fresh and fit.

  • The Businessman

There are various attractive briefcases for businessmen, but Fossil bags are always a classic choice. Equipped with a classic briefcase look made of genuine leather, it becomes the choice in meetings or traveling for business trips. With a padded laptop sleeve, it is the right choice for you who want to look professional and smart in working or analyzing today’s market. Inspired by a timeless vintage look, this accessory has become an investment in clothing. Michaelkors Outlet

  • The Entrepreneur

We know you are the type that is busy with high mobility and has a busy schedule. Therefore practical bags are perfect for entrepreneurs. Meet people in the morning, the gym in the afternoon, until dinner at night. One bag for everything is an accessory to choose from.

  • The Creative

For creative workers, cities and offices become playgrounds as well as workspaces. They often travel to find ideas and meet people. A practical bag that can fit a laptop and design equipment is a suitable choice. A briefcase that can be turned into a backpack or tote bag. Tas Branded

  • The Photographer

For photographers who often carry a lot of equipment while on duty, we recommend a men’s backpack, a camera or a large and heavy project file, no problem. In addition, backpacks can be carried by holding the upper handle and other compartments to store sweaters, books and other necessities to carry. Sepatu Branded

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The Most Stylish Summer Bag Trend 2020

The Most Stylish Summer Bag Trend 2020

Every season there is always a new trend. And yes, summer also presents the latest bag trends. Summer bag trends vary year after year. If you’re looking for a bag that really presents the warmth and cheer of the summer as well as the latest fashion trends in 2020.
The following trend of the Summer 2020 bag that you can make a guide when shopping for fashion,

Michaelkors Outlet

  • Bag with Chain Strap

Chains are popping up everywhere, ranging from jewelry, shoes, and now bags. Bag trend now is to make the chain as the main strap or additional strap (can be used or as decoration only). However, chain straps add some shiny bling to any purse. Like the Stevie Crossbody Brown Fossil. Leather material and vintage-style bag design look more modern with a long chain strap that can be used as a sling bag or crossbody bag.

  • Hobo Bag

This bag generally comes in a crescent shape which is equipped with a handle or strap used as a shoulder bag. Hobo bag popular in the era of the 2000s and has now again become the most happening 2020 bag trend, proven to be used by many world style icons. If you don’t have a hobo bag yet, you can choose the super duper stylish Hannah Hobo Fossil with a combination of leather and velvet material that is also trendy in the summer. Wear this bag when you take OOTD photos to look like the most hit fashion influencer. Tas Branded

Bag with Buckle Detail
Bag with Buckle Detail
  • Bag with Buckle Details

Summer 2020 bag trends are all about the details with statement-making buckles. Usually this buckle is present right in the front center of the bag, making it look more edgy. Like the statement buckles that you can find in the Summer 2020 Fossil collection. The wide strap and gold hardware at Fossil Wiley Crossbody make this bag a “wow” kind of purchase. The buckle detail on Fileil Wiley Satchel’s vintage style also makes it a very trendy modern touch to wear in 2020.

  • 70s Style Graphic Tote Bag

Speaking of totes, retro graphic design has also become a trend for the Summer 2020 bag. You can find bags like this on the Liebeskind Berlin Paper Bag Tote S Graffiti Black with Poppy Red. This tote bag has a red and black graffiti motif that is very retro in style. Moreover, this bag which is inspired by the shape of a paper bag has a durable leather material so it is good for investment. Well, for those of you who prefer the fanny pack bag model, you can choose the Bright Orange Fossil Sport Sling Pack which is equipped with an exciting patch that makes your appearance even more funky.

  • Rainbow Stripes Patterned Bag

Multicolored stripes are going to be huge for summer. If you like bags that are colorful and look cheerful, bags like the Fossil Camilla Small Backpack Bright Stripe will certainly make you happy. Moreover, this backpack can be used also as a shoulder bag. So, it’s not just a matter of the trend of the Summer 2020 bag that is full of colorful lines, but also of diverse functions. If you are tired of carrying a bag, you can immediately turn it into a sling bag. Exciting! Sepatu Branded

  • Boxy Bag

If you are into a more classic style, a satchel bag with a boxy silhouette can be an option. There are two choices of the latest satchel bags from the Summer 2020 collection, namely Fossil Lane Satchel Henna and Liebeskind Berlin L-Bag Satchel M Taupe. These two bags come in the right size, neither too big nor too small, so you can carry all your necessities. The minimalist design with a silhouette like a box is also very characteristic of the 2020 bag trend which is very hype. Enter in your collection.

From the trend of the Summer 2020 bag above, which one do you like the most?

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