For Men : How to take care clucth bags

Men wear clutch bags? Why not? Maybe all this time, clutch bags are identical to women, but that doesn’t mean men shouldn’t wear them. For reasons of its small, concise, and practical form, now many men have started using it to complement men’s style. Now the bag is also available with various masculine models.  

Its practical form makes you do not need to pay special attention to care for it, but that does not mean it is not treated. Here are some tips on how to take care of a man’s clutch bag so it is not easily damaged.  

1. Don’t put men’s clutch bags in a dirty place

One factor is that this tiny bag has begun to be glimpsed by men as a style enhancer is because of its small size so it is comfortable to carry anywhere. The habit of men when carrying it is to put it in any place. If you are one of the men who often carry it from now on, before putting it down, you should first consider whether the surface of the table is clean or not.  

Because these bags are usually easy to get dirty because of dust. The fix is ​​to wipe the dust that has been stuck using a dry cloth and then spray the lemon water and wipe again using a tissue to absorb water.    

2. Make sure your hands are clean when handling your favorite bag

In addition to environmental cleanliness, you must also pay attention to the cleanliness of your hands before handling your favorite bag. This bag is designed specifically to be able to accommodate a lot of things so that it is suitable for everyday use, and therefore always be careful before wearing a clutch bag is a must.  

Make sure there are no traces of oil attached before you hold the bag again. When this happens, clean the oil stain from your bag by dipping a cloth in the liquid from cornstarch and rubbing it gently until the stain disappears.     Michaelkors Outlet

3. Keep the humidity of your clutch bag

To care for your favorite items so they don’t get damaged quickly is not to store them carelessly. Similarly, this small bag. The case that often happens is to store carelessly so that the bag is filled with fungus. Don’t want your favorite bag to mold? For that you have to maintain the level of humidity.

The way you can store in a glass rack that has a circulating air and can capture light properly. Do not store your bag in a humid place, because it will make it easier for the fungus to stick. Also cover your bag with a special liquid so the bag can last longer.    

4. Give paper as a gag to maintain the shape

Bags that already look dull and not like when you first buy will make you lazy to use it again. Therefore saving the bag when you finish using it is the key to making the bag always look new every day. If the shape of the bag has changed from the first time you buy it, you can outsmart it by inserting paper in the bag.

Choose thick paper to keep the shape of your bag looking like new. After that, protect your bag with plastic wrap so it won’t get dusted and look dull.

5. Carry out maintenance in accordance with the ingredients

Each bag material has a different treatment and care is also different, you know. If your bag uses leather, always pay attention to the storage area. Do not be too often exposed to direct sunlight because it will make the colors fade quickly. In addition to caring for the outside, the inside is equally important to look after. Therefore, always make sure the items inside are always in a tightly closed state so that they will not spill when being carried out on the move.


Stay Masculine, Here Are 7 Models of Men’s Handbags You Can Buy!

Although most clutches are worn by women, that doesn’t mean men shouldn’t wear them and look less masculine with a clutch or handbag. A variety of handbag models have appeared on the market, when used are certainly ready to explore the appearance to a level more stylish, you know!  

In addition to those of you who do a lot of activities, handbags can make you more practical to store various necessities. For those of you who are interested in wearing your handbag, you can still look masculine, here are 7 models of men’s handbag that you can buy!

1. Handbag canvas material that is suitable for a variety of character styles

Canvas handbags are masculine and simple to wear. The material itself is easy to clean when exposed to stains or dust, the choice of black is felt right for you so it does not look dirty when lazy to wash it.  

Sporty style, minimalist, to hypebeast, looks suitable to choose a canvas handbag on this one. If you like a colored handbag, there’s no harm in having navy, olive, or gray colors to improve the look to make it more stylish.

2. A leather handbag suitable for office use

If you only want to wear a handbag when you go to the office, a leather handbag can be the right choice for you. Instantly ready to create the impression of a more formal and polish appearance at one time.

3. Brown handbag for those of you who are bored with black

In addition to black, brown handbags can also be an option if you feel bored with black bags. Brown is a neutral color choice that is suitable for any outfit. In addition to neat moments you can also look relaxed with this brown handbag. This brown handbag usually comes with leather material that looks elegant and classic that never timeless.

4. Two tone handbag that gives a different accent to the appearance Michaelkors Outlet

Your everyday appearance can look different and more fashionable with a two tone handbag. Has two combinations, namely black and brown, this handbag is easily combined with any color clothing. In addition, a small strap accent on the zipper also makes it easier for you to wear it more practically.

5. Classy with woven bag accented material

In addition to plain or color combinations, woven bag accents can also be the right choice when you want to buy a new handbag. Woven accents are able to give a more classy look at one time. Because the shape is woven, after use you also have to clean it often, yes! If not, dust will easily stick between the webbing which makes it difficult to clean to reduce the quality of your bag.

6. Multifunctional bag that can be a handbag and sling bag

Furthermore, you can also choose a multifunctional bag. In addition to being worn as a handbag, this bag also has a hook on the end of the bag that can be worn with a sling bag or sling bag. Able to load more items, so it fits reliably as a bag to the office to store some important documents.

7. Trendy laptop leather clutch for young executives

Not only a standard handbag that contains goods for daily needs, for you, an executive or even a young employee, you can also look fashionable wearing a handbag that serves as a laptop. Leave your standard and worn laptop case, now is the time to look more attractive with a stylish leather laptop handbag. Usually this handbag has a slot for a multifunctional card or cellphone.


Tips on Wearing a Fanny Pack

That’s right, don’t underestimate the waist bag. Because this bag is becoming a trend for Hollywood celebrities. Starting from Kourtney Kadarshian, Jared Leto, to Beyonce, all appear stylish in public by using a fanny pack on their waist. If you want to add a collection of bags or are bored with the usual shoulder bag, this fanny pack can be an option. This bag is also easy to mix and match, especially if you wear casual clothing style. Even so, even when you’re dressed formally, for example work clothes, can still look stylish with a fanny pack, even you look more fun. Do not believe? Check out the following tips.  

  • Use as a substitute for the belt

Just like a large belt, a waist bag will look beautiful hugging the waist and accent to your appearance. Try wearing a waist bag, when you are using a dress or a long cardigan instead of a belt. Mix and match fanny packs with your favorite loose shirt will also make your appearance look more stylish. Try choosing a fanny pack with a golden ornament on the rope or belt to add a glamorous impression to your new ‘belt’.  

You can use it like a shoulder bag or sling bag. The style of this one does seem to emphasize the athletic style with a hippie feel, but that does not mean you can not wear your waist bag when stylish high fashion. Wear outside or inside your over-sized coat or over-sized blazer, or when you wear vintage jeans in the 70’s style. Fanny packs also become unique accessories that make you look more stylish.

  • Waist bag with leather material? Why not

This one material is always improving your appearance style to be more chic. That’s right, with a leather waist bag, your appearance will look stronger but still feminine. Try wearing a waist bag with black jeans and a crop top, then add punk-style accessories, to get a cool street fashion style. Also try experimenting with different colors of leather waist bags, and matching with office-look suits to get a semi-formal look.  

  • Make it as a complement to plain-colored clothing

Let your fanny pack appear pop-up by wearing it with neutral or nude colored clothes like black, white, or cream. Your appearance will be more attractive when you choose to appear one color with a waist bag in the opposite color. Clothing styles like this keep you away from the impression of monotony because of wearing plain colors so it is more attractive to be seen.  

  • Black color that is suitable to wear at any time

If you are still hesitant in choosing a waist bag that suits you, try choosing a black fanny pack. The black color always looks classic and is easily integrated with any model and color of clothing you are wearing. For example, a boyish style with jeans and a black leather jacket will look more complete when you wear a black waist bag. However, when you choose to appear girly with a white top and floral skirt, a black fanny pack will still make you look beautiful.

However the style you choose to wear a waist bag certainly depends on the personal style you have. You who have a hobby of traveling will certainly like a waist bag, because it allows you to store various personal items such as wallets and travel documents. And, this waist bag is okay to use when you watch a concert, because it makes it easy for you to move to the music. In fact, a waist bag also makes it easier for you to shop in crowded shopping areas because you can keep enough money in your bag. So, do not be ashamed, right, if you want to follow the trend of using a fanny pack, provided you combine it with the right clothes.


Diaper Bag Recommendations for Fathers Who Want to Look Cool and Stylish

If so far the husband has been reluctant to wear diaper bags because the motifs of the bags are too girly, then mothers can buy diaper bags with more neutral shapes and motifs. Because at this time, there have been many models of diaper bags with shapes that resemble backpacks or sling bags in general. In fact, the diaper bag can make dad’s appearance more cool. Approximately what diaper bags are suitable for Dad to wear? The following are diaper bag recommendations for dad to look cool and stylish.  

1. SkipHop Dup Signature Diaper Bag,

The first recommended diaper bag is the SkipHop Dup Signature Diaper Bag. Available in a choice of colors and neutral motifs, this diaper bag will make dad’s appearance more cool. SkipHop Dup Signature Diaper Bag is equipped with 10 bags that make it easy for you to store baby gear in large quantities.  

This bag also has a tote handle or bag handle that is easy and comfortable to carry. The two side pockets are capable of accommodating even the largest sized bottles. In addition, the SkipHop Dup Signature Diaper Bag is also equipped with straps that can be connected directly to the pram.    

2. Okiedog Loft Shogun

Okiedog Loft Shogun, a practical backpack-shaped diaper bag designed with a comfortable and padded shoulder strap. The choice of a calm bag color, Okiedog Loft Shogun is suitable for fathers who like casual style.   Large enough, this bag can accommodate a variety of little equipment, ranging from diapers, milk, to baby clothes. The bag also comes with a hook that can be connected directly to the stroller.

3. GabaG Radja Bima Backpack

Looking for a cheap yet stylish diaper bag? GabaG Radja Bima Backpack can be an option for fathers who still want a cool style with diaper bags. Yes, diaper bags with brightly colored arrow motifs.   Michaelkors Outlet

The bag is equipped with two net bags on the right and left side of the bag, one small bag on the front of the bag, and one small net bag on the thermal or cooler bag. Besides being a diaper bag, apparently GabaG Radja Bima Backpack can also be used as a briefcase because it is equipped with a slot that can accommodate a notebook. Practical is not it?

4. Urban Minimalist

More like a notebook bag, Urban Minimalist is the next stylish diaper bag recommendation. Its large enough capacity allows you to bring lots of little things like clothes, shoes, diapers, and milk. The inside of the bag is coated with aluminum foil which can maintain the temperature of milk for up to 2-3 hours.  

Comfort is very highlighted from the Urban Minimalist diaper bag, because the back of the bag is designed with foam and air cavities that will make you who wear it still feel comfortable. A stroller hanger is provided in the bag.

5. Petunia Diaper Bag

Look cool with a diaper bag? Why not. Petunia Diaper Bag is designed with an exclusive bag model suitable for millennial fathers. This bag is designed with quality fabric that can withstand splashes of water.  

Equipped with a total of four bags on the front and sides of the bag, Petunia Diaper Bag is able to accommodate a lot of baby gear. For the inside of the bag, there are a total of five bags that can be used to carry milk bottles and diapers.


Leather Bags or Synthetic Leather Bags, How to Differentiate them?

Bags originating from genuine leather or commonly known as genuine leather, generally come from animal skins such as cows, goats, sheep and pigs. Meanwhile, synthetic leather or often called faux leather is a type of imitation leather made from fabric, which is chemically treated with wax, coloring, or polyurethane to produce materials with a texture and color resembling leather. Want to know how to distinguish genuine leather bags from synthetic leather bags? Check out some of the explanations below.  

1. Smell the skin

The scent of a genuine leather bag will not be imitated by synthetic leather. You can distinguish it by smelling the scent of leather. To use this method, of course you must be able to recognize and distinguish the aroma of genuine leather with synthetic leather first.  

The trick is to frequently smell the aroma of genuine leather that you have or by visiting a genuine leather products store and then distinguish it from the aroma of synthetic leather products.

2. Feel the leather with your hands

There are many types or types of genuine leather but are generally grouped into three categories namely aniline (aniline), semi-aniline (semi-aniline) skin and pigmented skin. To determine the right type of leather when you buy a leather bag, you should consider the style or appearance you want and how often the bag will be used.

Real leather can feel rough or can also feel smooth, depending on the quality. However, if the leather feels too smooth and feels like it touches the plastic, it is most likely that the skin is synthetic leather. Synthetic leather also tends to be more stretchy when stretched.  

To be more familiar with the scent of genuine leather when touching it, try occasionally visiting a store that sells a lot of genuine leather products that already have a reputation and trustworthiness. Learn how it feels when the hand touches genuine leather then compare it to synthetic leather.  

The main difference between a genuine leather bag and synthetic leather is in the quality and durability. To distinguish between these two types of ingredients is sometimes not easy because some synthetic leather is fairly close to genuine leather. So examine to distinguish them.

3. Check the pores of the skin material Michaelkors Outlet

When buying a leather bag, it’s a good idea to carefully check the pores of the ingredients. Pores on synthetic skin will look neater with a fairly consistent shape and distance. Although it resembles genuine leather, the price is usually much lower.  

The most common type of synthetic leather is pleather, which stands for plastic leather because it is made from an elastic fabric with the end result that really resembles genuine leather. Compared to genuine leather, usually bags with synthetic leather are somewhat lighter and flexible, but also have a variety of colors. While the pores or fibers in genuine leather look more irregular.

4. Check the edges of the bag product

If you look closely, a bag made of synthetic leather will look more perfect on the edges or sides and will feel like foam or plastic material, whereas if the bag is made of genuine leather tends to look more rough.

5. Try to check the label of the bag

Checking the bag label is the easiest way to find out the type of material used. Bags made of synthetic leather usually do not explicitly mention synthetic leather, but use terms such as manmade materials, fabric materials and various other terms.

6. Tips on buying leather bags at online stores

Another if you want to buy a leather bag at an online store. First, you must be able to make sure the seller is a trusted store. So always pay attention to the seller’s reputation, the more positive feedback from previous buyers the better.  

After that you should also pay attention to the item description and ask for a real photo of the item. Sometimes the description shown does not match the original item. Do not until you feel cheated.  

Finally, you must know the original price range of a leather bag. Leather bags definitely have a more expensive price compared to synthetic leather prices. So do not be tempted by a variety of cheaper prices, yes, because it could be that the bag was made of synthetic leather.  

Is it clear enough how to distinguish? Now, try to determine the leather bag product that you accidentally encountered while in a booth, whether genuine or synthetic leather. Easy right?


Fill in Men’s Fitness Bags

Can not be denied by exercising men will get a healthier body and appearance can look better as a bonus. That is the reason why the gym is now a part of the lifestyle for men who have a commitment to exercise. When you want to go to the gym, there are a number of essential workout equipment that must be brought so that men are more enthusiastic about exercising. If you yourself usually carry any items when exercising at the gym the subscription? Try to check and match the list of items that men must carry during the following fitness, let’s!

1. A sport bag that holds all the items

Starting from the bag as the most important items to be taken to the gym. Do not just choose a sports bag because the design is as important as the other items in it. Make sure the gym bag has features that are easy to clean, durable, and have enough and strong space to accommodate all your workout essentials. If you are among those who go straight to fitness after work, look for a more mature sports bag design so that it still looks sleek when taken to work.

2. Various special clothes for sports

Before exercising, you should wear clothes that are designed to support these activities. Make sure clothes such as T-shirts, gym shorts, socks, until you are made from light and comfortable when used to exercise. You can also wear clothes that have a odor-free feature so people around you don’t feel disturbed. Do not miss, it is recommended that these clothes are dark because gym outfits tend to get dirty easily when used.

3. Drinking bottles Michaelkors Outlet

When you exercise you lose a lot of fluid in the body that is released through sweat. So it is very important to bring a drinking bottle so that you can avoid dehydration, both during exercise and after the cooling process. In addition, bring your own drinking bottles will be more practical and hygienic than you have to find a place that sells drinking water.

4. Headphones to stay uplifting

In the middle of your exercise time your energy and enthusiasm will decrease. In order to be able to maintain it, headphones must be brought in so that they can provide motivation to continue to pursue sports resolution. You can listen to upbeat songs, watch weekly video series, to follow favorite podcasts while exercising. So try to imagine how fast you want to finish exercising if you don’t bring headphones.

5. Don’t forget the small and large towels

Small and large towels are items that must be carried and don’t let you forget them. A small towel is useful when you want to wipe the sweat on your face and body while exercising. In addition, small towels can also be used to clean other items when you are done using it. While a large towel is a must-have for swimmers and is closely related to the list of items you should bring at the next point.

6. Bring toiletries to keep it fresh

Big towels are used for bathing, right? That’s why toiletries should also be available in a bag so that after exercising, you can immediately cleanse sweat and unpleasant odors that stick to your body. It is recommended that you bring toiletries and other maintenance supplies with a travel size so that it doesn’t take place. Also, make sure the equipment is stored in a special small bag to make it more practical when you want to use it

7. Separate the dirty clothes to the laundry bag

Surely you do not want to make a sports bag and all its contents stink because they are put together with dirty clothes. Laundry bags are items that must be taken so that dirty clothes can be separated so that the odor will not spread to other clothes. You can attach a smaller sized bag to the gym bag so you don’t miss it easily. If you don’t want to be complicated, you can choose a bag without a hole with thick material so it can be more practical to put it in the gym bag.


Tips on Buying a Deuter Bag in an Online Store

Before climbing the mountain, there are various equipment that must be prepared. Ranging from special shoes to climb the mountain, tents, clothes or thick jackets, to a carrier bag that serves to put all the goods that must be carried. For those who like to climb mountains, there is one of the most popular bag brands, namely Deuter.

Deuter is very famous for the quality and technology of its Airstripe System. This technology for users will still feel comfortable when carrying a bag even though the burden is very heavy. This German bag has been produced more and sold in all parts of the world. If you are interested in buying it, you can come directly to various offline stores that sell outdoor activity equipment. To make it easier, just buy a Deuter bag at an online store. Here are the tips!

  • Know the type of bag

Deuter has a lot of products sold and indeed the best-selling is a bag. Bags are also many types, there can be used for everyday life, for traveling, to put a laptop, and daily necessities. If you want to buy a Deuter bag at an online store, make sure the store is verified as a seller of official goods. Also look for online stores that divide the Deuter bag categories so that buyers can find the product they want to buy easily. That way, you don’t need to search individually in the online marketplace.

  • Read Product Description

Say you want to buy a Deuter ACT Lite 40 + 10L. This bag is indeed suitable for you to carry to climb mountains. Well, when you search in online stores, it turns out there are many search results. Therefore, after choosing a trusted online store, select the product that you are after, then pay attention to the product details. Also find out what colors are available, ingredients, how much capacity can be accommodated, and so on. Also find out whether the photo displayed by the seller is really authentic or not. Do not let you buy from stores that take photos from the internet. Well, if you are still not sure about the Deuter bag you want to buy, don’t hesitate to ask the seller directly.

  • Read Reviews from Other Buyers

This one tip is very useful to know whether the seller is trusted or not. Therefore, before buying a Deuter bag, you must be diligent in reading reviews from previous buyers. You must be careful if the product gets a bad rating because there are many bad reviews. For example, “The seller is slow response, the goods take a long time to arrive” or Michaelkors Outlet “The goods do not match the order”. Now, if many comments column is dominated by reviews like that, you should be careful and better find another seller 

  • Compare Prices with Other Stores

For example, you want to buy a Deuter Futura 28. On the market, the price offered ranges from Rp1, 3 million to Rp1, 5 million. However, you found an online store that sells these Deuter bags at super low prices, which is suspect.

Well, if you meet something like this, you should analyze it first. Try to compare your target Deuter bag from one online store with another. Remember, the price may be cheap, but is it worth the quality you dream of?

  • Choose Faster Shipping Options

As you know, every online store offers various shipping options. For example, there are one day delivery, but the shipping costs are more expensive. There are 2-3 working days and some are 5-7 days. If you want your Deuter bag to arrive quickly, you can count on shipping via online transportation. However, you must choose a seller whose location is close to you.


Tips on Distinguishing Original and Fake Deuter Bags

Deuter is a German brand that is very well-known and is loved by lovers of outdoor activities. Deuter offers bags, snowboarding equipment, sleeping bags and much more. However, the best-selling products in the world are bags, especially carriers that are often used to climb mountains.

Now, Deuter has also been sold in various places. Either in an offline store or in an online store. However, not only the original products are sold. Counterfeit goods are rampant. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to distinguish genuine and fake Deuter bags. The tips ……

1. Check the Deuter Tag and Serial Number

This part is very important to know whether the bag you bought is genuine or fake. Before buying, you should check the inside of the bag. You will see the Deuter tag which clearly says Deuter Sport Gmbh & Co. on the front. KG and so on. Next, you will find the serial number of the bag on the back.

On the other hand, you can also check the material or shape of the bag. Check the seams of the Deuter bag you want to buy neatly or not. Does the back net of your bag feel flexible or not? It could also be, whether there is a curvature of his back that feels different. If you do not understand about it, always remember to check the serial number because it is very crucial

2. Product Labels and Barcodes

If you see a Deuter bag that has a label with a description of the brand and the bag, then you see the original Deuter. The code that distinguishes the original bag and “fake”. Michaelkors Outlet

In addition, the label also contains a color description. For example, it says midnight-coolblue with the color code 3303. Well, on a fake Deuter bag, you won’t see the color code. Another important thing that can indicate that your Deuter bag is genuine is the barcode on the label.

3. SOS label on the Carrier Bag

Do you plan to buy a carrier bag to climb the mountain? Yes, the Deuter brand is indeed the right choice. However, before buying a Deuter carrier bag, you must check for the SOS label. Well, on the inside of the head of the bag, you can read the guide label that is useful if in an emergency or SOS in various languages.

4. Competent zippers

Anyone can tell the real or fake Deuter bag from its zipper, you know! Take a quick look, is your Deuter bag using the YKK brand for the zipper? If so, then your bag is authentic. To note, this YKK brand zipper is indeed very popular because of its quality. Well, if you find a Deuter bag that does not use the zipper brand, you should be suspicious, yes. It could be that the Deuter bag is fake.

5. Placement of Deuter and Type Brand Writing

To remember, in the Deuter series issued above 2007, the logo is located at the top of the bag. In addition, the type of bag sewn on the bottom of the bag. You should also pay attention to the type of writing and letters that are printed. Usually, brand writing on fake Deuter bags is messy.


5 Steps to Cleaning Deuter Bags

It is undeniable, Deuter bag is one of the prima donna among lovers of outdoor activities. Even though this brand has another product in the form of outdoor sports equipment, many people still look for bags as items to conquer difficult terrain. As you know, this Deuter bag is made with waterproof and semisynthetic material. Thus, how to treat and clean it also need a special way and should not be careless. Well, if you have a Deuter bag and intend to clean it, here are the stages. Pay close attention so as not to get me wrong!

  1. Empty the contents inside

This first stage is very important to do. You have to check into the contents of your bag. Do not let even a single object left in it. Also check all the pockets that your Deuter bag has. Check again if there are small objects left there. If it’s still there, remove it immediately before you wash it. Checking all available bags can also make you find dust or other debris. Well, if there is dirt or dust in the bag, you can clean it first.

2. Use Soap or Shampoo with Neutral PH

To be clean, you can use soap or shampoo with a neutral PH, yes. Never use detergent because the contents in it can make your Deuter bag damaged. Instead of being clean, you might not be able to use your Deuter bag anymore. The price of this Deuter bag is arguably quite expensive. Do not until you can not take care of it properly.

3. Clean with a Soft Brush Michaelkors Outlet

The next step is to clean the stains that are still attached to the Deuter bag with a soft brush. Rub gently. Remember, do not use full strength when rubbing, yes. In addition, you can also use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the zipper or small and narrow parts of your Deuter bag. You must be observant when washing the bag so that there are no stains or dirt left behind.

4. Use warm water

Well, it would be better if you use warm water when you want to wash your Deuter bag. Warm water is very effective for removing impurities. In fact, warm water can also help to reduce the unpleasant odor that sticks in your bag.

The trick, after finishing rubbing stains or soap marks with a soft brush, prepare a large container sufficient to put your Deuter bag in it. Then, rinse the remaining stain with warm water. Rub gently with your hands so that the rest of the soap or shampoo can come down with water. Make sure once again if your bag is free of stains. If so, squeeze your Deuter bag carefully. Oh yes, it’s important to remember, do not ever use hot water to wash your bag, yes. Later your bag color can fade, you know! Also avoid using washing machines because it will damage the lining or bag making material. Better, you clean it yourself manually.  

5. Allow to dry

Well, here comes the last stage of washing the Deuter bag. After your bag is clean of all stains, hang it in a windy place. Leave your bag to dry by itself. Avoid using the dryer because it will only damage your favorite bag.

How is it easy to wash your Deuter bag? Be smart caring for this bag so that it stays durable and is not easily damaged. Thus, you do not need to frequently replace your bag, deh. Good luck!


3 Tips on Caring for a Deuter Bag To Be Durable

For matters of mountain bags or carriers, a lot of brands are used as the mainstay. One of them is Deuter. Deuter itself is an outdoor bag brand from Germany which has been established since 1898. Its marketing has been carried out to various parts of the world.

There are various kinds of Deuter bag products. Besides bags, they also produce outdoor gear for hiking and snowboarding. However, bag products have indeed become the most popular because the production process is very detailed, the design is creative, innovative, and of course using the latest technology called the Airstripe System.

Various advantages possessed by Deuter bag make this brand much loved and hunted by fans of outdoor activities. The price is arguably not cheap, but the quality is comparable.

Well, if you have a Deuter bag or plan to buy this bag, there are things you must pay attention to so that this bag lasts. Come on, see 3 tips on caring for Deuter bags!

  1. Avoid using washing machines

The first thing that is not recommended when caring for a Deuter bag is that you should avoid using a washing machine when you want to clean it. Please note, this Deuter bag contains waterproof and semisynthetic material. Need special care if you want to make this bag durable.

The use of washing machines will only make the bag-making material so it breaks quickly. Therefore, it’s better you clean the Deuter bag manually using your own power, not engine power. You can use a soft brush used to wash clothes. You can also use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean small or narrow parts. For example, the zipper section of the bag. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Do Not Use Detergent

Deuter Bag
Deuter Bag

Cleaning Deuter bags should not use detergent. So, what do you use? If there are stubborn stains on your bag, it’s better to use baby liquid soap. You can also use soap or shampoo with neutral PH. If you use detergent, the ingredients can damage the material of the bag. As a result, your Deuter bag can be damaged quickly. I don’t want to buy expensive Deuter bags, but I can’t take good care of them.

You just apply soap or shampoo with the neutral PH to the stain that sticks to the bag. Then, rub with a soft brush until the stain disappears. Remember, do not use the washing machine to clean it.

3. Do not Use Dryer or Iron to Dry

The next tips for caring for Deuter bags is that you should not use a dryer or iron to dry your bag. It is better to dry it by hanging it in the open place to dry it by itself. Using a dryer or iron will only damage the lining of the bag.

On the other hand, avoid drying the bag under direct sunlight, yes. Sunlight will make your original Deuter bag color easier. So, it should not be done.

Another little tip that you can apply so that your Deuter bag can last a long time. First, make sure your bag is closed, yes, to prevent the inner bag from getting dirty. In addition, you can also use a rain cover on a bag when you travel. This prevents your bag from getting rain or dirt.

Well, that’s 3 tips on caring for Deuter bags so that they last. May be useful!


Here are 5 Toddler First Aid Kit that Must Have in the Bag

When going with a toddler, the contents of the bag should not only be diapers, clothes, or bottles of milk and milk. Since toddlers, especially those who can only walk and run tend not to be still, you also have to prepare first aid kit in your bag. Minor accidents such as falls, bitten by insects to itching, allergies, or bruised skin are prone to occur in toddlers. So that you can do first aid for toddlers, there are some items that should not be forgotten and must always be in the bag. Dear Mother, make sure these 7 first aid kits are always in the bag.  

  1. Antiseptic medicine to treat open wounds

Toddler skin with thin layers tends to be easily injured even if only scratched by plant spines. Imagine if he fell and only used shorts, his knee might hurt. After the wound is cleaned, applying an antiseptic wound will prevent bacteria from appearing on the wound while helping the skin repair its torn surface due to impact. In fact, now there are antiseptic drugs available in spray packages, so it is more practical.  

If you are worried that the drug will leak and contaminate the bag, put it in an airtight plastic bag and tighten the lid. Also provide cotton to apply this antiseptic drug.

2. Anti-buffer cream

Playing outdoors like a garden does not make toddlers free from mosquito attacks. In the transition season, especially when the weather is hot, mosquitoes will often be found around lush plants.   Michaelkors Outlet

To keep your toddler comfortable during activities, apply anti-buffer cream on his skin that is not covered by clothes. If the toddler has been bitten by insects or mosquitoes, apply aloe vera gel to relieve swelling and itching.

Toddlers should also use clothes made of cotton and brightly colored so as not to be targeted by mosquitoes, because dark shirts and the smell of sweat always invite mosquitoes to approach.

3. Cold compress medication to treat fever as well as collision

The function of a cold compress is actually not only to deal with rising body temperature, but also reduce swelling. Toddlers who are hard to be quiet and want to keep moving sometimes bump or bump into objects in front of them. In fact, if accidentally fell or hit the vehicle window while in the car, collision will cause body parts to swell. To relieve swelling, you can compress it with this cold compress medicine.

4. Plaster

This direct bandage should be kept more than one in a bag. So that toddlers are not afraid when you are going to treat the wound, provide a bandage with a cute motif that toddlers like. Plaster like this even helps reduce fuss when a toddler complains of the wound. He will be entertained to see his motives and return to the spirit of undergoing its activities. However, before dealing with the wound, make sure you have cleaned your hands with a wet tissue or hand sanitizer.

5. Alcohol swabs, to clean your child’s wounds

This alcohol wipes are needed if you don’t find clean water to wash your hands and clean toddler’s wounds. When toddlers fall on the ground, usually dust and dirt will come attached to the wound. Wiping the wound with this tissue will remove bacteria and germs around the wound. After that, immediately cover the wound with tape to prevent bacteria from sticking back to the wound.  

Have you prepared first aid kit for toddlers in your bag?


How to Look Stylish with Clutch

Clutch is still the number one mainstay as an accessory to support the appearance of your party. But, not a few people who use clutch for everyday look. Before buying a clutch it’s good to know things – things that must be considered so that you look more stunning. Ready? Come on, look stylish with clutch! Check out the 5 tips for choosing it here.

1. Choose a size that is not too small

Clutch is indeed iconic, has a small size because it functions to make it easier when carried. But, it’s good to not choose a clutch that is too small for both your party appearance or everyday look. Why? Because the smaller the size of the bag, the capacity will be even less.  

Even for parties, at least the bag must be able to accommodate mobile phones, small wallets, or lipstick. Lots of clutch that is presented has a very small size even though it looks very fashionable. But this bag can only hold small items.

2. Choosing a plain motif

To look at the party, choose a plain motif so that it does not appear to dominate the appearance of your party. You don’t want your bag to be in the spotlight when you’ve performed optimally? Plain motifs will also look more expensive and classy. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Neutral colors that can be matched to all displays

In order to be combined with any look try to choose a clutch bag with a more neutral color. Well, black is always a mainstay for any display, right? In addition to black, white, beige, broken white, and silver will certainly enhance the appearance of your party.  

In fact, if the shape of the bag is still possible and has a larger capacity, you can also wear this bag to work and travel. So there’s no need to buy a bag every month to suit your various looks, right?

4. Adjust the body shape

One of the best moves to look fashionable to wear a clutch is to choose the right size. The size of this bag can be adjusted to your body shape. This is because, the size of the bag will be very influential with the proportion of your body shape.  

If you have a thinner and leaner body, you should choose a clutch bag with a round shape or a little width. But do not choose a size that is too large because your body will look drowned. As for women with a body that contains a clutch choose with a more elongated shape.

5. Choose a clutch that has a strap or finger hook to make it more practical

Clutch is presented with various modifications. For convenience, this bag usually has a short strap to wrap around the wrist. In addition, the clutch also comes with a finger hook, where you can insert your finger like wearing a ring.  

With this finger link you no longer need to wear rings and other accessories, because this bag will certainly give a more statement to your appearance.


Choose a bag according to your body shape. Let’s see how !

Not all bags can be combined with various body shapes. Lots of women who are petite but actually wearing a bag big enough to look “drowned”. For that, you must be able to adjust to your body shape. If you make adjustments, the display will look more proportional. Don’t you want to choose the wrong bag that makes you look not optimal? So choose a bag according to your body shape, let’s see the way here, yes!

1. Petite body shape

Having a small body, you should choose a bag with a rope that is not so long. Also avoid using bags with large sizes if you don’t want to look “drowned”. In addition, your body will look more petite, and the bag looks saggy which makes you look less than optimal.  

Bags that will suit petite or petite women are bags with straps that are not too long and not too large. Or you can also choose bags with straps that can be stretched or shortened according to taste.

2. Tall and thin body

In terms of choosing clothes, maybe this body shape has the advantage because it will be suitable to wear a variety of clothing. But when choosing a bag there are some things that must be considered here. Choose a bag with a strap that is not too short or long with a bag size that is not too large.  


Because of your thin body, a bag that is too big will make your body sink. But other than that, for a more formal look, you can wear a clutch or strapless pouch to be combined with a solid match party. The cordless bag model will make your appearance look more elegant, of course. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Fat body and not too tall

If you are a woman who has a fat body and is not too tall, avoid using bags that are too small. Precisely a bag that is too small will make your body look fatter and fatter. Don’t want this to happen to you?  

You can get around this by wearing a rather large-sized bag with a long strap, such as a satchel bag, shoulder bag, to a bucket bag. Bags with this model will balance your body shape and make you look more proportional.

4. Body fit and proportional

Good news if you have a fit and proportional body, because you will be fit to wear a variety of bags with any model. You can explore using a bag that can be adjusted to your taste and style.  

Because you have this flexibility, try exploring more by wearing a brightly colored bag, or one that has interesting motifs. This motif will become a statement piece on your display. Take it easy, you will still look trendy and fashionable how to wear any bag.  

Bags are accessories that give a touch of fashion that is thicker. Many women are more willing to explore by wearing a bag with a fun and unique model. Because by wearing this bag you do not need to wear a solid match the scene, your casual appearance will look more stylish.

So what bag fits your body shape?


5 Best Cameras for Traveling

Smartphone cameras may be the most popular choice for everyday photography or during holidays. However, if you want a more memorable vacation photo, it helps you to use a camera with supporting features to record your vacation moments.

Cameras for traveling also have a variety of different types, all depending on its function. Of the many choices, this is our recommendation for the best traveling camera

  • GoPro Hero 6, suitable for all terrain

Maybe GoPro is not the first choice camera for traveling, but actually GoPro Hero 6 is the perfect combination in terms of quality and durability. Two things you might need when traveling later. Equipped with 4K Ultra HD video recording feature at 60fps, this GoPro is the dream camera for action cam enthusiasts thanks to image stabilization and GP1 chips that can improve image quality. GoPro Hero 6 can also record slow motion video up to 120fps. If you want to use it more easily, you can also add some important accessories to support it.

  • Sony DSC-RX100 V, a more premium choice

For you like traveling with style, this camera is perfect to accompany your style. Apart from its luxurious shape, this camera also has sophisticated features. Sony DSC-RX100 V is suitable for those who want to record video with 4K quality. This camera is one of the cameras with the fastest auto focus system in the world (0.05 seconds) plus 24fps for continuous shooting. The 4K quality is also amazing with super fast auto focus, but this camera can also reduce up to 960fps for slow motion video. 3.6x digital zoom also allows vloggers to bring the object image closer without having to shift its position closer. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Panasonic DC-ZS70K, excellent zoom quality

This tiny camera has a 30x optical zoom (the same as having a 24-720mm lens on a 35MM camera) so you can take photos of objects without having to approach them with a certain distance. This long-distance zoom is equipped with a five-axis optical image stabilization feature that can help keep images from rocking. There is also a 4K video feature with a resolution of 3840 x 2160p which is supported by a MOS sensor of 20.3 megapixels for amazing photo results.

  • Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5, a camera with a tough body

TG-5 is much tougher than TG-4. This camera is claimed to be shockproof if it falls from a height of up to 2.1m and will not break if crushed to a load of up to 100kg. If you plan on traveling to a place with snow, take it easy. This camera is also freezeproof up to -10 ° C. Do you want to snorkel? This camera is waterproof to a depth of 15m. Although this camera is classified as compact, but Olympus does not carelessly plant innards in the kitchen spur. Considering that users must be very active and need a camera that can quickly capture and process images, Olympus decided to plant a TruePic VIII processor. This processor is also used for their latest generation of mirrorless cameras that are no less sophisticated. Olympus TG-5 is the most recent series from the Tough Series line

  • Panasonic Lumix GX85, the best mirrorless choice for traveling

If you want to choose a compact camera for traveling without losing its versatile side, Lumix GX85 can be the right choice. The Micro Four Thirds (MFT) format is a wise choice for travel cameras. The smaller sensor size (compared to APS-C) allows this camera to use a smaller lens size. This is very useful for reducing the weight of the camera itself. This camera also has a balanced feature between photos and videos to record your precious traveling moments.


5 Ways to Maximize the Kit Lens

After deciding to buy a DSLR camera, usually you will be confused to determine what lens to use. Although there are many types of lenses that are suitable for beginners to buy, it’s a good idea not to hurry to buy another lens. Especially if you already have a kit lens that is packaged with a camera body.

The 18-55mm lens is not a premium lens, but it is fairly versatile and can certainly be used to take impressive pictures. The following are ways to maximize your kit lens

1. Use short focus distance for wide angle photos .

Wide-angle lens is the best lens for landscape, architectural, interior and natural photography. If you are interested in these types of photography, the kit lens you have can be a good choice.

Kit lenses are usually available in the focal range of 18-55mm, and 18mm focal length is enough to meet the needs and you can play more with the right angle variants and composition techniques. Canon and Nikon cameras usually come with a kit lens measuring 18-55mm, although this lens cannot produce photo quality that is equivalent to a special wide-angle lens but is still an alternative while you are still learning and experimenting with different types of photography.

2. Complete with a reverse ring for macro photography

Buy a reverse ring so that your kit lens can be used for macro photography. This is the easiest and cheapest way to try out macro photography because you don’t need to buy a special macro lens that won’t necessarily be used with frequent intensity. Michaelkors Outlet

You can also actually produce macro photos without using additional tools. Position as close as possible to the object image (note the minimum distance from the lens), use the farthest focus, and use a large shutter opening. Explore photo taking angles to enhance the macro effect. Indeed the results will not be as good as using additional tools, but this is the best way to enrich the photos with a kit lens.

3. Use a tripod when taking photos at night or landscape

Most DSLR cameras come with image stabilization features to provide good stability and reduce the effects of shaking. However, you will get more satisfying results on the kit lens by using a tripod. Especially if you take pictures on the day or try landscape photography.

In the evening photos, you must adjust the shutter speed as slow as possible with the widest shutter opening to get maximum light. The kit lens is not designed for photos in low light conditions so a tripod is a wise move.

4. Portrait photography with kit lens

With a few simple tricks, you can produce good portrait photos using this kit lens. Use a combination of the distance between focus and wide shutter aperture to produce a bokeh effect in portrait photos using the kit lens.

The trick is to position the subject of the photo slightly away from the background of the photo and use the widest aperture (on the f / 5.6 aperture kit lens) and the farthest lens focus distance (55mm). This setting can produce background with satisfying blur. You also need to pay attention to the distance between the lens and the subject (about 0.25 meters for the 18-55mm lens) to maintain perfect focus.

5. Always use RAW mode

The technique that is always recommended to beginners is don’t hesitate to photograph in RAW mode. Indeed RAW will take quite a lot of memory, but with this format you will get a photo color that is denser and richer. Thus you will find out how much the maximum photos that can be produced by a kit lens. Complex color results will give you more choices when editing later.

So, don’t underestimate the ability of a kit lens. As long as you know how to maximize it, you don’t need to invest more in a more expensive lens.


How to Resolve Fungi on the Camera Lens

The fungus attached to the lens is caused by moisture trapped inside or on the lens surface. If the temperature warms up, fungus can appear due to the humidity. The fungus that grows on this lens can look like a spider’s web on the inner surface of the lens. Here are ways you can do to deal with fungus

A. Resolve mold on the interior of the lens

The best way to avoid this fungus is to prevent moisture from entering the camera. However, this is difficult to do if you yourself live in a climate like Indonesia. The best way you can do is not to use the camera in high humidity and also during the rainy season.

  • Precautions when the camera is wet

When the camera is already wet, you should immediately dry it. You do this by opening the camera compartment and put it in a zipped plastic bag with silica gel in it or rice. If the camera has a removable lens, remove the lens and put it in plastic with silica gel or rice in it.

  • Store the camera in a dry place

If you must use the camera in high humidity, make sure you store the camera in a dry, cool place afterwards. This place should allow enough light to enter because most fungi like to grow in the dark.

However, do not leave the lens and camera in direct sunlight for a long time. Excessive heat can damage the camera parts and lenses made of plastic.

  • Efforts to clean the fungus

Mold tends to grow between the glass elements and it is very difficult to clean without damaging the lens components. Sending it to a lens repair center is a good idea. If you want to try it yourself, it helps you do the drying process like the points above.

B. Resolve mold on the exterior of the lens Michaelkors Outlet

  • Clean fingerprints and oil from the camera

The fungus can land on the camera and lens when you touch the surface of the lens and viewfinder. Try to avoid leaving fingerprints in this area and wipe fingerprints with a clean, dry cloth. Although fungus usually grows inside the camera area, but fungus also grows on the outside due to this fingerprint.

  • Do not blow the lens

Never clean the dust that sticks to the lens by blowing it. Humidity arising from the exhalation can cause mold on the surface area of ​​the lens. Instead of being blown using the mouth it is better to use a blower and a dry, clean cloth.

  • Clean the fungus immediately

If you finally find mold on the exterior of the lens and the camera, the lens should be cleaned immediately. The liquid between vinegar and water placed on a clean cloth can clean the fungus in this exterior area.

The fungus is the most stubborn disease in the affairs of this camera and lens. More attention is needed so that the fungus does not easily stick to your camera and lens. So, do not let the careless care of your camera lens, yes!


Practical Tips on Cleaning the Camera Lens

Optical equipment is prone to accidental exposure to dirt or dust. For example, your glasses. For those of you who wear glasses, it seems like you clean your glasses almost every day so that your vision is not obstructed by dust sticking to the lens. The same thing happened to the camera lens.

If the camera lens is covered in dirt, the camera will find it difficult to find its focal point which will result in the quality of the resulting image.

Therefore, you need to clean your camera lens regularly. Besides being able to produce better images, periodically cleaning the lens can also extend the life of your lens.

The following are five practical tips on cleaning your camera lens.

  • Dusty lens

If you often use the lens in a dusty environment, it helps you clean the dust first by using a soft brush. Wiping the lens while dust is still on the lens can cause scratches on the lens surface. Michaelkors Outlet

Brush dust gently from the center of the lens to the edge area. Then remove dust from the edges by holding the lens upside down (lens glass facing the ground) and making dust fall to the ground when you brush it.

Make sure you use a brush with soft bristles if you don’t want to cause scratches that you will regret later.

  • Air spray

Some people use canned air to clean the dust from the lens, but this canned air is sometimes too strong so that it can move the dust to a more angled place than the lens housing.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to use a soft brush or air spray to blow out the dust. Do not blow it with your mouth because it can cause dew which can cause mold on the lens.

  • Microfiber cloth

After removing the dust, the best tool for cleaning the lens is a microfiber cloth which is a soft cloth that you can buy at a cheap price.

This cloth was created specifically to clean surfaces made of glass on the camera lens. By using it, you can clean stains from camera lenses and other camera parts.

Start wiping from the center of the lens with a circular motion towards the edge of the lens.

  • Cleaning fluid

If there are stubborn stains that cannot be cleaned using only a microfiber brush and cloth, you can use a few drops of lens cleaning fluid that is commonly available at camera stores.

Do not drop this liquid directly onto the lens, but drop it into the cleaning cloth. Too much cleaning fluid can also damage the lens, so start with a few drops first.

  • Clear water

In an emergency you can use clear water which is dripped onto a piece of paper tissue to clean the lens. Try to avoid using a rough cloth, such as a shirt or towel, to clean the lens.

Also, avoid using a wet tissue with a scent to clean the lens because it can leave unwanted stains on the surface of the camera lens.

The right lens cleaning technique can make your camera lens clear again and can extend the life of the lens wearer. Choose the right lens cleaning technique and equipment when you want to clean it.


Tips on Packing Camera Bags for Traveling

If you are a fan of photography, you might not think of leaving the camera at home while traveling, right? Traveling is a potential opportunity that allows you to be able to photograph impressive objects.

However, of course you also don’t want to damage photographic equipment when carrying it while traveling. To make sure your camera is safe, here are tips on how to pack a camera bag for traveling.

1. Make sure all camera components are installed properly

What components are there in your camera? All parts such as the lens cover, battery compartment panel, or USB slot cover on the camera must be securely attached. This is necessary if the cover parts are not released, or are accidentally torn due to shocks that occur during the trip.

2. Remove the battery and memory card from the camera

Do you want to maintain the camera’s battery life while traveling? Removing the battery can be a good alternative to do. If the battery is removed, you don’t need to worry that the camera will accidentally run out of battery.

However, keep the camera battery in an easily accessible location because you may be asked by airport inspection personnel to prove that the camera is working equipment.

3. Avoid storing the camera in the trunk

When traveling by plane, you should not leave camera equipment in the trunk. As much as possible, carry all components and camera equipment in the aircraft cabin. If the camera and other photographic equipment must be inspected, consider purchasing special protective covers that can be secured. Also check the policies of the airlines regarding photography equipment inspection.

4. Maintain the camera handle when removed from the bag.

If you must remove the camera from the bag when it passes the security check, make sure you hold the camera well. When you have to grab several items at once, don’t let your camera drop the camera. Michaelkors Outlet

5. Airport x-ray equipment will not damage the camera

What if you have to put a camera bag inside the x-ray equipment? Both digital data and image data are basically safe from x-ray equipment. Likewise with digital camera components, each component will not be damaged even if it has to go through x-ray scanning at the airport.  

6. Remove the DSLR camera lens from the camera body

If you have a DSLR camera, don’t travel with a lens attached to the camera body. Most likely, this will greatly jeopardize the durability of the lens supporting function on the camera. If the camera shifts during the trip, this will put pressure on the lens. Therefore, it is better to bring the lens separately, and make sure all lens covers are securely attached at both ends of the lens.

7. Pack the camera in a bag container with a soft pad

Don’t have a special camera bag for traveling? You can still maintain the camera’s function by packing all the components in a container that is coated with a soft surface. After that, you can combine it into a tote bag.

But if that’s not enough, you can see the original boxes and packaging for the camera again. Consider putting the camera in the box to make it safer when carried during traveling. If the camera will be packaged in a carrying case in which to place toiletries, be sure to pack the camera in a sealed plastic bag to protect it from accidental liquid spills.


Stylish Bag for Weekend Use

The weekend is coming soon! Have you decided which weekend to enjoy? Starting from family gathering to quality time with a partner, may have become a priority. Oh yes, to maximize the appearance of the weekend is the bag an important role that you think? Before the weekend, you should know 5 stylish bag models to accompany the following weekend.

  • Micro bag that is ready to steal the attention

Take a break from your favorite clutch and replace it with a micro bag! Micro bag is a bag with a small size that is practically carried anywhere. Choose a brightly colored bag that is able to steal attention on the display even though its size is small. Simply wearing a simple dress or plain top with this bag can make you look elegant on weekends.

  • Simple clutch for chic style

If you like chic, on weekends. You can wear clothes with a soft color and wear a clutch with a white color that looks neutral. Clutch looks suitable if used for hangouts or just lunch with friends who make an elegant and feminine look at the same time. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Bucket bag that was trending in the 90s

The bucket bag had become a happening bag in the 90s and has now returned as a bag favored by fashion lovers. Bucket bag is a bag with a drawstring detail at the top. Now, various renowned designers have launched bucket bags with a more modern touch. For weekends, you can choose the type of bucket bag that suits your style. The bag comes in simple models to models with powerful stud details.

  • Rattan bags for relaxing in outdoor places

Want to enjoy a weekend at an outdoor location like a cafe or beachfront? To be more integrated with nature, match clothes with rattan handbags. Certainly, make you look more chic and unique. This bag is also favored by fashion lovers, making you always on trend when using this bag. For clothes, you can use a long dress with floral or lace accented dress is enough to make you look chic.

  • Unique animal design backpack

Want to look different on weekends? Dare to try a backpack with this animal design? The exciting atmosphere is immediately reflected when you wear a backpack with this cartoon crocodile design. With this bag, it can melt the atmosphere of your weekend which will surely make people around you feel stolen by this bag. Just wear a sweater and jeans, you can immediately look stylish.


This Impact of Wearing a Heavy Bag on the Shoulder and Back Skin

Your bag is not Doraemon’s bag or Hermione Granger’s magical bag. When all things come in and get heavy, not only does it cause muscle problems and posture, the skin can also be affected. This is the effect of wearing a heavy bag on your shoulder and back skin. Carrying lots of things in a bag is a habit for many people. In addition to muscle problems and abnormal posture, heavy shoulder bags or backs also have a negative effect on the skin.

  • Heavy Load Makes Skin Red and Irritated

When you change your clothes at night, have you ever seen a red rash on the shoulder where your purse straps hang? That’s a sign if your bag is too heavy. Many people will underestimate this red scar, assuming it will disappear by itself the next day. But if carrying heavy bags becomes a habit, the skin will be vulnerable to blisters / irritation. On a severe level, skin irritation makes the skin peel. When the skin has been injured, it will become scar marks that are difficult to remove.    

  • Friction on the skin causes inflammation

Another result of the friction of a bag strap or a heavy bag continuously can also be experienced by the shoulders and back in the form of zits, known as acne mechanica. Pressure from the bag will trap sweat and dirt in the pore and make it clogged.  

Repeated friction will make these clogged pores irritated and inflamed, which eventually turns into zits. Acne can appear faster if the weather is hot or the condition of your clothes is damp or the material does not absorb sweat.

The best way to prevent the two effects above is clearly reducing the volume of bags that you carry every day. Get used to carry important items when leaving the house. Put heavy items in the campus locker, office, or even in the car. But if you do not have many choices, the following product recommendations for overcoming irritation and pimples that may arise due to a heavy bag.    

1. Mild Soap Michaelkors Outlet

Both irritation and acne can cause skin to be more sensitive. So make sure you use mild formulas (mild soap or gentle soap). Don’t use rough scrubs because they can aggravate irritation or acne.

2. Skin Soothing Gel

When the skin is still reddish rash and has not been injured, you can use a skin soothing gel, for example aloe vera gel that is already known for its skin soothing agent. Apply this soothing gel as soon as you see a reddish rash. When using the gel, avoid rubbing the skin or exposing it to the sun.    

3. Anti-Itch Cream  

When the skin is irritated, it is usually accompanied by itching. Well, this problem can be solved with an anti-itch cream that not only removes itching but also speeds up the healing process of the surface tissue of the injured skin.

4. Acne Medication

All medications or acne serum commonly used for the face can be used to relieve acne mechanica acne, especially those containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Wait until dry before wearing clothes because benzoyl peroxide has a bleaching effect that can change the color of clothes.