Longchamp Iconic Bag Designer Dies of Covid-19 Complications

Longchamp Iconic Bag Designer Dies of Covid-19 Complications

The sad news was broadcast by French bag label Longchamp. The president, Philippe Cassegrain, who worked in the family business for 60 years, has died from complications from the Covid-19 crown. Michaelkors Outlet

Launching the Daily Fashion Week page, Wednesday (2/12/2020), Cassegrain, the son of Longchamp’s founder, Jean Cassegrain, is an icon of the Le Pliage bag designer. According to the brand’s social media posts, Cassegrain was instrumental in helping his father grow his business in Asia, Africa and the United States in the 1950s.

Le Pliage
Le Pliage

Then, in the 1970s, the designer presented a travel bag made from nylon and leather. Then, a decade later, he devoted himself to creating a more feminine and chic handbag with his wife, Michèle Cassegrain. Tas Branded

Until its most iconic design, Le Pliage, started to shine in 1993. To date, this fashion company has sold more than 30 million copies of the famous Cassegrain design accessories.

Today the designer bag company is still run by the Cassegrain family. Philippe’s son, Jean, is the executive director, while his daughter, Sophie Delafontaine, is the artistic director. As well as accessories, the brand also offers ready-to-wear foam designed by Delafontaine, and is a fixture at New York Fashion Week.

Philippe’s youngest son, Olivier, also runs an American boutique. His grandchildren, Adrien and Hector, recently joined a branded bag company where they served as Chief Transformation Officer and Managing Director of the UK respectively.

Longchamp announced the sad news of the designer’s passing by writing, “Just like the brand logo, a horseman on a gallop, Philippe Cassegrain is a tireless creative with insatiable curiosity.”

“Every season, he works to renew the collection of men’s bags and luggage. Coming every day to the office, brainstorming workshops, a passionate drawer, inventor, he instills a spirit of intelligence and justice in all his creations,” continued Longchamp. Sepatu Branded

Services as the last tribute to the designer will be held only for families. The event is scheduled for December 4 at the Basilica of Saint Clotilde, Paris, France.

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The combination of bag charm accessories with a gold tone will be popular

The combination of bag charm accessories with a gold tone will be popular

Having entered the last month at the end of 2020, many fashion activists have tried to predict trends. One of the trends that is often discussed is the 2021 Bag Trend, this is Stylovers. Michaelkors Outlet

Bag is one of the fashion items that can support your appearance to make it look more fashionable. So don’t be surprised, if many people, especially women, really like bags and are looking for the 2021 Bag Trend.

Jims Honey is a brand that also provides various bag models for 2021. “There must be a change in the bag model in 2021 than in 2020, why? Because the fashion world is constantly moving, meaning that it cannot be separated from innovation,” said Jessica Isabella as CEO of Jims Honey Indotama. Tas Branded

The 2021 bag trend according to Jims Honey is unique bag models and uses eye-catching colors.

Well, if Stylovers really pay attention to the color of the bag you have, usually black and white are neutral colors for the outfit you use.

It’s just that the color game that is being liked by many people, especially when choosing a bag color is brown and saffron yellow.

Not only the game of color can make bags in great demand, but the important role of adding accessories can make the bag more elegant so that it becomes a trend.

“Jims Honey always combines bag design with accessories such as bag charm, hardware with a gold tone to get the elegance of the bags we produce,” added Jessica when interviewed by the Stylo Indonesia team.

So, if Stylovers is still impatient with the latest bag releases in the 2021 bag trend, you can use a backpack that is in high demand in 2020.

Due to the use of a backpack during a pandemic, because it is able to load a lot of things without feeling pain in the shoulder. Sepatu Branded

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Leather bag prohibition, don’t get wet!

Branded and expensive leather BAGS usually have special handling. So when buying, you should ask whether there are care products for the leather bag that you bought. If not, then you do your own treatment by polishing it with sunflower oil or vegetable oil. Do this using foam or dry cloth. This way, your leather bag is protected from cracking due to temperature changes. Michaelkors Outlet

What is important for you to know is that the skin is a natural material that will soften over time. Try not to get wet, always stay in a dry place.

If your leather bag got wet, it’s best to dry it at room temperature. Never dry it near a heat source. This causes cracks on the surface. Tas Branded

If there are small blisters on the surface, then you just have to wipe it slowly, the oil from your hands will help remove it. If the blister is wide enough, apply oil to the scuffed surface and let it soak and clean using a soft, dry cloth. If you see the color looks dark, don’t worry, it’s just the process of absorbing oil into the skin.

People have never rejected a leather bag, but sometimes it is just a dream to own it. Well, if you have a leather bag, it should be treated properly and properly. Don’t let the expensive bag get destroyed. Sepatu Branded

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Luggage Made from Used Boeing 747 Aircraft

Luggage Made from Used Boeing 747 Aircraft

It’s been a long time since suitcases have become an essential component in traveling. Over time, innovations, whether in design, material or features, continue to emerge. Adding to that list, British Airways offers a unique luggage option. Michaelkors Outlet

Launching the Mirror page, Thursday, January 14, 2021, the airline from London, England, has launched a new series of suitcases. Different from other suitcases, this item is made from a former Boeing 747.

Not without reason, this limited edition BOAC Speedbird Koper collection is meant to pay tribute to this type of retired aircraft. This aircraft model was officially removed from the fleet last year. On the other hand, the release aims to celebrate the brand’s iconic BOAC design.

To get it, the public had to pay 1,935 pounds sterling (Rp37 million), a nominal which is considered quite expensive for a suitcase. In his explanation, the price was “reasonable” as only 150 suitcases were sold, each of which was made with a fragment from one of the retired Boeing 747 aircraft.

Other features include a hand-painted Gold Speedbird badge on a glossy white exterior. There are also dark blue leather trim accents used in the corners and handles. Boeing 747 fragments will also be part of the interior of the suitcase. Sepatu Branded

The airline has teamed up with bag brand Globe-Trotter to make luggage. Purchasing items from this unique material can be done via the globe-trotter.com page.

In addition to being sold as usual, there will be two suitcases available on the auction platform, bid_in, to raise funds for Flying Start, part of British Airways’ partnership with Comic Relief. Bids start at two thousand pounds sterling (Rp38 million) per suitcase.

The two suitcases were on the last Boeing 747 to leave the British Airways fleet in December 2020, fully decorated with BOAC patterns. The two suitcases were signed by the flight captain, Richard Allen-Williams, and British Airways Chief Pilot Training.

Hamish McVey, British Airways Head of Brands and Marketing, said, “We are delighted to be working with Globe-Trotter to create this very special product, and through this unique auction raises money for important Comic Relief projects in the UK and abroad. . “

“While this is the perfect time to say goodbye to our ‘Queen of the Sky’, the launch of the BOAC-inspired tote luggage provides the perfect opportunity for one to celebrate the past era of global air travel that has part of our history,” he said.

British Airways suspended its “fuel-hungry” Boeing 747 earlier than planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are 31 Boeing 747 aircraft in British Airways’ fleet, all of which flew their last commercial service over the summer. Tas Branded

The last aircraft left the fleet earlier this year, although there are plans for one of the planes to open to the public in the spring of next year, while another will simply be showcased at the exhibition.

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2021 Bag Trend: Trend Most Favorite Model and Color

2021 Bag Trend: Trend Most Favorite Model and Color

In addition to emerging clothing and makeup trends that are predicted to boom in 2021, the 2021 bag trend, the most favorite 2021 bag model trend, will also be the most sought after. Especially for you fashion lovers, information about the 2021 bag trend, especially the most favorite 2021 bag model trend, is a must for you to know!

Ok, just get on with it, so that you are not curious and miss the information about the 2021 bag: the most favorite 2021 bag model trend for Stylovers as well. Michaelkors Outlet

The following is the 2021 bag trend with the most favorite 2021 bag model trend that you can prepare from now on so that you don’t go out of style!

According to the Co Founder and Art Director of local bag brand Niion Indonesia, Rangga Yuzar, bag models in 2021 will maintain the trend of using natural materials.

Natural ingredients themselves are ingredients such as natural dyes from nature.

This is because these natural ingredients can make the user more comfortable. Tas Branded

In addition, the colors used are still dominated by shocking color and blocking color.

For bags that are used daily or basic bags, many will be decorated with accessories that can beautify the bag itself.

The accessories also range from random embroidery, logos with large shapes placed randomly, or some hardware with a gold tone to give the bag a luxurious feel or to be a color balance antarshocking color.

These accessories can also provide elegant vibes for its users. Although bags with well-known brands such as Gucci, Burberry, Hermes, and others are loved by the Indonesian people, especially socialists.

Lately there are also enthusiasts of local brand bags from Indonesia. Sepatu Branded

In addition to the increasing quality of local brand bags, the bag models are also diverse and attractive.

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Differences in the quality of cheap and expensive leather bags

Differences in the quality of cheap and expensive leather bags

Leather bags have various prices depending on the quality and material. Looking for a modern leather bag to buy this month? Before buying, try to make sure how much your budget is for shopping. Is it under a hundred thousand or can it reach a million? Well, but you can also read the reviews first. Want to know? Check out below! Michaelkors Outlet

  1. How is the difference in material quality between cheap bags and expensive bags?

If it is sold at a low price, of course the leather used is not genuine leather. From one look you can tell that the bag uses synthetic leather. Synthetic leather has a more flexible texture, not as stiff as genuine leather in general.

The synthetic leather in this cheap bag is also more stretchable. While the bag, which is priced at a million, has a leather material that is thicker, stiffer, and has a rougher surface, although it is also presented with an imitation leather material.

Even so, in general, genuine leather bags are more often presented with a rougher textured leather surface. But there are also some bags that come with smoother surfaces. But genuine leather is more synonymous with rough surfaces.

2. Both of them have a modern style Tas Branded

So, if you can adjust this one to your taste and personal style. This cheap bag is presented in the form of a black tote bag. The basic shape resembles a tote bag with a comfortable handle when carrying the bag.

This bag is also equipped with a bag hanger which is a more accent of the bag. Indeed, usually on other bags, the hanger has a function as a luggage tag or key chain. But the hanger here is just a sweet accent, there’s no more function than its presence.

While expensive bags, have a more feminine model with soft colors. The bag is decorated with a flower-shaped chain and ribbon on the front. It looks more stylish because the decorations are presented in an adorable shape.

3. Both also come with long straps and can be used in two ways

Even though they have a fairly far price range, both are presented with long straps. This long strap makes it easy for you to carry the bag in a more comfortable way, which is slung.

Both also have hooks on the side. But there is a difference from the hook side of the bag. Cheap bags have latches that are louder when opened, so the bag will be more secure.

Whereas expensive bags, the hooks look more in tune with the gold color, the hardware material looks strong, but when you want to open it, you will find it easier.

But in terms of hooks, you seem to be relying more on hooks that are hard to open. Because that way, you don’t need to be afraid, the hooks are easily dislodged when attached to the hardware on the side.

4. Are the capacities both large?

Because they have different models, of course this bag has different capacities. For cheap bags, because they have a tote bag shape, they have a larger capacity. Moreover, the inside is made into two compartments which are equally large.

Meanwhile, expensive bags, with a stiffer material and a smaller size, have a smaller capacity as well. But you will be helped by the pockets that are presented. The inside and the back both have pockets with zippers that you can use to carry your belongings. Sepatu Branded

5. Material in expensive bags is of higher quality than cheap bags

When they are priced cheaply, of course there is a clear difference from the more expensive bags. This clear difference can be seen from the material in the bag.

Cheap bags have a thin material that resembles a dust bag, which is commonly used to store bags. In addition, the material in this bag seems too big compared to its inner capacity. So, the material piles up a bit and adds volume to the bag even though it has a thin texture.

Meanwhile, expensive bags have a more stylish inner material. With a floral patterned material that looks contrasting to the inside. This floral material manages to add more essence to the bag.

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Bag Trends 2021: Modular Bag Model with Combination of Ombre to Shocking Color

Bag Trends 2021: Modular Bag Model with Combination of Ombre to Shocking Color

It has started to enter the end of 2020, many local brands are trying to follow and create trends. One of the most popular trends is the 2021 Bag Trend. Michaelkors Outlet

The 2021 Bag Trend with a modular model can make it easier for Stylovers to adapt to conditions, such as big bags can be small and small bags can be made big. Not only the bag model will determine a trend, but the bag material must also be considered. Tas Branded

Materials that are recycled from used paper, recycled plastic to become synthetic, as well as natural materials with natural dyes will still be sexy in 2021, “said Rangga.

So a technical bag model such as a transparent bag with a combination of plastic or scrap paper will suit an ombre color. Sepatu Branded

Not without reason, seeing the 2020 bag trend with the tie dye game, there will be developments in ombre, shocking color to block color that will dominate in 2021.

Rangga Yuzar also added that the technical game for the 2021 bag trend is the random attachment of the logo to the bag motif using the printing technique, Stylovers.

Wow, are you ready to hunt for the bag trend in 2021

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Difference between tote bag and shopper bag

Difference between tote bag and shopper bag

In terms of name, these two types of bags are clearly different. However, the shape and characteristics of tote bags and shopper bags still confuse you. Both of them look the same if you don’t know their exact characteristics. Tote bags and shopper bags, how do you tell the difference? Check out the following series of reviews.

  1. In terms of size Michaelkors Outlet

Basically, a tote bag is a large, comfortable bag to carry (in totting English) a lot of things. Automatically, tote bag sizes tend to be large. A good tote bag should of course be big enough to carry the things you need. Usually the tote bag size is in the range 380mm x 410mm. Even so, you can also find tote bags with a smaller size.

The shopper bag size is not that different from the tote bag. However, shopper bags tend to be bigger than tote bags. Shopper bags can contain more items than tote bags.

2. Shape

If you look at the shape of the tote bag and the shopper’s bag, you might not see a noticeable difference. Both tote bags and shopper bags are generally rectangular or trapezoidal in shape. Both types of bags also often come with quite unique designs, apart from the two forms above.

However, you can find slight differences between the tote bag and the shopper bag. If you pay attention, they have different dimensions. Tote bags usually have a smaller inner width than shopper bags. That’s why you can fit more items into the shopper’s bag.

3. Strap Tas Branded

The straps that are quite common on tote bags are two straps that are long and separate from each other. The tote bag is easy to hang on the shoulders. You can also easily pick up things because the straps on the tote bag are separate. In this designer tote bag, you will find a strap that is quite thin compared to the canvas one.

Unlike tote bags, not all shopper bags have straps that are long enough. This makes you unable to carry a shopper’s bag on your shoulder. Generally, the shopper bag model requires you to carry it when traveling.

4. Compartments

Tote bags generally only have one large compartment. This means you will not find additional settings to store your wallet or cellphone. However, there are also some tote bag models with additional compartments.

In addition, usually the tote bag only has a magnet to cover both sides of the bag. In fact, sometimes tote bags do not have a seleting or cover at all. While tote bags generally come without a cover, this is different from shopper bags. The average shopper bag is equipped with a zipper or magnetic closure.

5. Style Sepatu Branded

If you want to differentiate between tote bags and shopper bags in terms of style, you might find it a little difficult. The models of the two bags are both not very varied and tend not to have various structures.

Tote bags and shopper bags generally come in a rectangular shape. Sometimes these two types of bags are like cereal boxes that you can carry around with you. However, you can also find more varied tote bag and shopper bag designs. If you are confused about differentiating from the model, you can identify in the previous four ways.

How, not confused anymore to distinguish the two?

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Choosing a Children’s Backpack

Choosing a Children’s Backpack

It is not an alien thing to see children go to school with backpacks. This back sling bag makes it easy for children to move around. Moreover, backpacks come in various styles and colors. Even backpacks also follow global fashion trends. Michaelkors Outlet

But is the backpack that parents choose a good backpack? Are there any negative effects on the wrong backpack? The Go-Dok website reveals great backpacks for kids.

Research conducted by Dumondor, Angliadi and Sengkey in the e-Clinic Journal, the use of a backpack that is not according to its design and weight and how to use it can cause serious health problems.

This is because these three things can increase stress on the child’s spinal structure. Even though the ages of children are in their infancy. If you are forced to wear an inappropriate backpack, serious health problems can arise. Such as back pain and changes in posture and gait.

If this is left unchecked it can result in irreversible changes as the ligaments and spine continue to undergo degenerative processes with age.

According to research, it is found that more than 90% of students in developing countries use a backpack. Most of them use backpacks with heavier weights than recommended. Parents should remind that the maximum recommended backpack load is 10% to 15% of the child’s body weight.

If you carry more than that, your little one can have a higher risk of back pain and spinal abnormalities. If it is too heavy it will put pressure on the disc, which is the part that has a function as a cushion between the bones in the spine.

Too heavy loads will also increase the curvature of the spine in the child. Must be aware, spinal disorders such as scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis often occur in children aged SD and SMP.

Then choose the right backpack for children to prevent them from bone deformities. According to kidshealth.org quoted by the Go-Dok page, a safe backpack should be as follows; Tas Branded

  1. Choose a backpack from a material that is lightweight and doesn’t add weight. As it is made of canvas, not leather.
  2. The backpack must have a padded double-section strap or shoulder strap. The straps should be wide so that they do not poke or leave an imprint on the shoulder.
  3. There are soft pads on the back. This will not only increase comfort, but also protect the child from sharp or hard objects in the backpack.
  4. We recommend that you choose a backpack that has a link at the waist and chest so that your child’s load is evenly distributed throughout the body, not focused on two points on the shoulder.
  5. It would be better if your little one’s backpack also has a separate compartment or space in it (such as a special side to put a laptop, stationery, small book). Because, this will help the load evenly distributed across all sides of the backpack. Sepatu Branded

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Tas Tertua Di Dunia

Tas Tertua Di Dunia

Tas merupakan wadah tertutup untuk menyimpan barang-barang yang biasa dibawa. Tasnya sendiri terbuat dari berbagai macam bahan seperti kulit, kain, plastik dan bahan lainnya. Mungkin kebanyakan orang hanya mengenal jenis-jenis tas yang biasa kita lihat dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, namun tahukah Anda kalau ada tas tertua di dunia? Michaelkors Outlet

Tas sepertinya sudah ada dalam kehidupan manusia sejak jaman dahulu kala, terbukti dengan ditemukannya tas tangan tertua di dunia. Yang mengejutkan adalah fakta bahwa, mengingat usia tasnya, tas tersebut dihiasi dengan lebih dari 100 gigi taring anjing ini, diperkirakan sekitar 2200-2500 SM.

Penemuan ini adalah yang pertama dari jenisnya. Tas itu ditemukan di kuburan di pemakaman tua di situs penggalian Terbukti dekat Leipzig, Jerman. Susanne Friederich, seorang arkeolog yang berhasil melakukan penggalian, meyakini tas itu diciptakan di Zaman Batu. Tas Branded

Tidak hanya tas tertua di dunia yang ditemukan di situs tersebut, tetapi ada juga permukiman Zaman Batu dan Perunggu, termasuk lebih dari 300 kuburan, perkakas batu, batu nisan, keramik, perhiasan dan kalung kuning.

Gigi yang ditemukan di kuburan menunjukkan bahwa anjing menjadi hewan peliharaan dan juga digunakan sebagai ornamen dekoratif, termasuk pada syal dan gelang yang digunakan oleh pria dan wanita. Friederich memberi tahu National Geographic. Sepatu Branded

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7 models of these bags when back to hometown

7 models of these bags when back to hometown

The selection of a bag when traveling back and forth can be based on the length of time or how short you take the trip. But besides a bag that is meant to carry various clothes and other necessities, of course you need a bag that will accompany you during the trip, right?

Even though this bag is a bag that you carry all day on the road, you certainly still need a large capacity. Especially when it comes to important missionaries. What kind of bag is it suitable to be carried when going home? See the recommendations Michaelkors Outlet

1. Mini backpack

A backpack with a large size may be a common choice for carrying lots of items when traveling. But for the bags you carry around, you can choose the mini backpack that is trending. This bag is now popularized by Korean women, which in the end is being targeted by many fashion lovers.

Even though it is mini, this backpack usually still has a fairly large compartment. The model is also given various modifications so that it looks more modern.

2. Tote bag

There are indeed many tote bags of choice because of their more flexible models. Usually this bag model has a tendency to expand so that it can accommodate a lot of luggage. The model can be folded or carried with a strap that is quite comfortable.

If you want to carry a lot of sightseeing while you are going home, maybe you can try wearing this bag. There is a tote bag that is presented with a more elegant and formal leather material. There is also a tote bag that is presented with a canvas material that is more relaxed and trendy Tas Branded

Duffle Bag
Duffle Bag

3. Bucket bag

Bucket bag since last year has become a trend again, here. A stylish model that will undeniably perfect any appearance.

The bucket bag itself is usually equipped with a drawstring strap, so that your belongings will be stored more safely. But if you need a larger compartment, you just need to stretch the rope so that the capacity becomes bigger.

4. Duffle bag

This bag model can be a bag of choice for carrying clothes too. But basically the duffle bag is also often used as a bag to carry when traveling. This bag has a size larger than other bags.

Duffle bags are also served with lighter ingredients, such as parachute ingredients. This bag model is also often seen used for sports. Usually duffle bags also come with small pockets to help you store smaller items.

5. Shopper bag

If you are looking for a tote bag but with a sleek shape, you can try wearing a shopper bag. This bag model usually has a similarity with a tote bag but with a more square model.

Some models are also given a modified long strap so that they can be worn by slinging them. Besides that you can also carry it. When it comes to capacity, just like a tote bag, this bag also has a material that can expand and be more flexible. Sepatu Branded

6. Messenger bags

The messenger bag has the shape identical to its name. Messenger bags are adapted from bags commonly worn by postmen in earlier times. So this sling bag model has an elegant classic model.

Now the shapes and sizes are presented in more variety. Basically the messenger bag is presented with a wider model. If you want to carry a laptop, this bag can be your first choice.


Stylish Handbags for Modern Women

Bags are part of the main accessories for women when traveling, shopping and doing other important activities. Bags are very important to them. The bag is not the only function to place their belongings but helps make their appearance more attractive and stylish.

Every woman will feel comfortable when carrying the necessary accessories such as bags. As one of the most touristy destinations in the world, Bali is also a place to find various kinds of stylish women’s bags.

Having a stylish bag is a necessity for women. Because there are many types of women’s bags, it can be confused to choose the bag that you want to have. Today’s women prefer to use leather accessories instead of non-leather accessories.

This is why you can easily find a trusted leather shop in Bali. In general, Balinese leather shops provide leather bags, handmade shoes, leather shoes, leather sandals, belts, and many other accessories.

Here are 5 stylish bags for women that you can find at a Balinese leather shop: Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Backpack

One of the most popular stylish bags for women that you can find in Bali is the backpack. Backpacks have been produced for both men and women. Despite this, there are significant differences between women and men in terms of design, style, color and size. The usual impression for men’s backpacks is black, the design is always the same and stiff.

Backpacks for women come in many distinctive styles and can be used as sling bags depending on the theme of the clothing used. Backpacks have many functions and of course can be used for various activities or events, from briefcases to backpacks and mountain climbing. The backpack is simple and easy to use. This is why many people like to use backpacks wherever they go.

2. Bag clutch

Tas Branded
Couplings are generally used for work activities or formal events such as wedding receptions and other party events. The function of this clutch bag is not like a normal bag but is only used as a fashion accessory.

Generally, women prefer clutch bags made of leather. Wearing this type of clutch bag will give a beautiful, elegant and elegant female appearance. When choosing a clutch bag, you should choose a bag in a neutral color so that it can easily match the color of your clothes and dress.

3. Bracelet bag

A bracelet bag is a type of women’s leather bag that looks like a clutch bag, it’s just that this bag uses a thin strap or chain as a sling. The function of the bracelet and clutch bag is not much different, which is used for formal or formal events, such as parties, wedding receptions and other formal events.

One of the advantages of this bag compared to a clutch bag is that users don’t have to bother picking it up. Generally, the material used in making bracelet bags is genuine cow leather, but not a few also use suede or synthetic leather.

So, several types of bags are commonly used by women. To get various types of women’s bags at friendly and cheap prices, you can get them at several branded bag wholesalers in your area.

4. Tote Bag

Carry-on bag, according to the online dictionary, ‘tote’ means ‘tote’, and indeed this bag is useful for carrying a sufficient number of objects at once. In general, these tote bags are made of canvas, nylon and leather.

You can find tote bags at several leather shops in Bali. But lately, there are also those who use plastic materials, even recycled paper. This tote bag model is usually used for shopping, now because it can fit many things

5. Baguette Bag

This model bag is almost similar to a wristband and clutch bag, the difference is that the baguette has a handle and is bigger in size than a clutch bag. The size of this bag is slightly larger than the clutch so that it can accommodate objects when traveling. Sepatu Branded

Actually, this bag can also function as a wallet, it’s just that this bag has a strap that can make it easier for users so they don’t have to hold it all the time. This bag can be filled with items such as cell phones, cosmetic items, and other items.

Bags are made and used according to their function. It is very irritating for a woman to use a backpack when attending a formal event. In this case, we can clearly see that the use of a bag must be in accordance with the event, function and activity.

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Slippers Crocs Comes in Bag Form

Slippers Crocs Comes in Bag Form

These big slip-on Crocs rubber sandals are so phenomenal, everyone knows this classic sandal. Although not a little underestimating the model, these sandals continue to innovate and still have many fans. Michaelkors Outlet

Some time ago Crocs collaborated with Balenciaga in making classic high-wedges rubber sandals. An increase from the pros and cons, these sandals have successfully become the talk of many people! Now, there is another innovation.

Those classic Crocs rubber sandals turn into bags! The shape is exactly like the usual Crocs sandals which are attached by straps on both sides. However, on the inside of the sandal, there is a zippered pocket for storage like any other bag. Tas Branded

Recently Celine Dion fans expressed their concern on social media, when they saw the diva looking thinner than before. In the midst of the crowd of comments criticizing her body, what do you think about the diva’s comments?

Limited Collection

Those classic Crocs rubber sandals turned into a bag! The shape is exactly like the usual Crocs sandals with straps tied on both sides. However, on the inside of the sandal, there is a zipper pocket for storage like any other bag.

Recently Celine Dion fans expressed their concern on social media, when they saw the diva looking thinner than before. In the midst of a crowd of comments criticizing her body, what do you think about the diva’s comments?

Limited Collection

This Crocs bag is the result of a collaboration with Pizza Slime. Launching from the PizzaSlime website and Instagram, this Crocs bag has two color choices, black and yellow.

This Crocs bag is limited to sale, only 25 pieces for each color. The selling price is 300 USD or about 4.2 million rupiah. Hmm, interested in having? Sepatu Branded

Michaelkors Outlet

What Should You Look For The First Time To Buy A Designer Handbag?

What Should You Look For The First Time To Buy A Designer Handbag?

Bags created by world-renowned designers have long been loved, both for women’s and men’s collections. One of the characteristics of this fashion item is that the price is quite expensive because it is produced with equivalent quality materials.

Because of that, the impression of luxury often immediately emanates from designer bags that are designed according to the characteristics of certain labels, as well as adjusting to trends. It’s no wonder that many buyers don’t mind spending more to own a designer bag.

Then, what about those of you who are planning to buy a designer bag for the first time? Reporting from the AsiaOne page, Tuesday (11/10/2020), here are a number of considerations that must be made first.

  1. Where to Buy Michaelkors Outlet

Before buying, especially for the first designer bag, you can first look at the bag you want and what you need. Going around a shopping center and observing the authenticity of goods is very important when investing in designer bags.

While Chanel doesn’t have an authorized re-seller, with today’s technology, you can make sure a seller is 100 percent honest with a few simple tests. Call it The Fifth Collection, which uses the world’s most advanced authentication technology, known as Entrupy. This technology intends to scan each item and check the authenticity of designer bags.

2. Budget Tas Branded

To buy a designer handbag, you can spend from US $ 800 or the equivalent of Rp.11.2 million to US $ 20 thousand or around Rp.280 million. Before buying it, you first determine the budget that will be issued. For example, the budget is around 4 thousand US dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 56 million. The range lets you choose vintage Chanel, YSL, Givenchy, and Chloe handbags.

3. Style

After you’ve chosen a brand and set up your budget, you can now move on to style. If what bag can meet your needs for daily activities. A Birkin would be perfect for carrying your needs or a delicate Givenchy Agnona bag if the budget is out of reach. For Chanel, it usually also depends on what skin you choose. Sepatu Branded

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Reasons to Have a Tote Bag

Reasons to Have a Tote Bag

Bags are indeed a must-have item for everyone. The maximized function is to store important items that support your activities. Not only that, the bag is also a barometer of your disappointment, you know. Not infrequently, expensive branded bags have become the consumption of people who are there. Michaelkors Outlet

No need to be branded, with a simple and versatile tote bag, important items can be carried away while remaining cool. You can also rely on this cloth bag in various situations. Therefore, you must have at least 1 collection of tote bags. These 7 reasons to have collected will make you rush to buy and use this canvas tote bag.

  • Looks small, but can be filled with a lot of stuff.

Indeed, at first glance, this tote bag is approximately 30 cm x 30 cm in size. Small, yes. But the capacity inside can be filled with a lot of stuff. Your dictionary which is thick like the holy book of Kera Sakti, will fit when stored in your totebag. In fact, your thick college books will still be able to carry. You will not be complicated and troubled when carrying it. Just wear the bag on the shoulder or carry it around! Tas Branded

  • Small foldable material and can be carried anywhere are its advantages

Mostly, favorite tote bags are those made of canvas or drill cotton fabric that can be folded and don’t wrinkle easily. It’s even more compact when folded into small pieces and stored in your bag just in case. Who knows, you need to bring sudden luggage, such as groceries, or quite important files. Carrying a tote bag doesn’t feel heavy, you can take it anywhere and anytime!

  • Can reduce plastic consumption.

Lately, the use of plastic has started to pay off. The sign is that public and government awareness is getting high, especially to love the earth. Tote bags can be a substitute for your usual plastic, and can even be used multiple times. By carrying and using a tote bag to carry groceries, you are doing good to the earth!

  • Affordable prices are the hallmark. Durable and easy to care for

One of the things to consider when choosing a bag is price. Relax, these tote bags are being sold now at quite affordable prices. Sepatu Branded

Plus, how to care for tote bags is arguably easy. You don’t need to aerate it so it doesn’t get moldy. How to wash it is the same as washing clothes, just dry it! Don’t be surprised, if you are made to love this portable mini bag!

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Knitting was first done by men in the Arabian Peninsula, Middle East. The goal was to make rugs that were traded by Arab traders. The knitting skill and the final result, namely rugs, are then spread to various parts of the world. In Asia it was first known in the Tibetan region. In Europe it became known in Spain then to the port area in the Mediterranean region. Then by the Spaniards, knitting skills then spread to other European regions.
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Gradually, due to European colonization in various regions of the world, this skill spread to America, Africa and Asia. Knitting was disseminated in Indonesia by the Dutch, so it was more often known as breien (knitting). Currently, knitting activities, which used to be the work of men, are in great demand by women. (from various sources).
Tas Branded

But now knitting skills have developed rapidly. Now knitting skills are not only for making rugs, but have developed to produce other products, such as bags, clothes, shoes, and other equipment. One of the knitted items that is currently in vogue is knitting bags, especially handmade knitting bags. In Indonesia, Handmade Knitting Bags are the best-selling knitted products, when compared to other handmade products.

Handmade knitting bags are much loved by women, because they have a unique model and attractive colors, besides that there are many other advantages of handmade knitting bags. Here are some of the advantages of the knitting bag that made it so popular:

  • Casual

With its casual and elegant impression, knitting bags are very suitable for various types of events, both casual and formal events.

  • Trendy

Knit bag with nylon base material which has bright and shiny colors, making this knitting bag model very trendy and not inferior to other bags.

  • Various colors

Sepatu Branded
Knitting bags have a lot of color choices to choose from, so it will be easy for you to find your favorite color, because the color has its own charm that can affect the mood that wears it.

  • Unique

Knitting bags usually have different models for each manufacturer, so the knitting bag models issued are usually unique and different.

  • Strong

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Knitted bags usually have a strong material, so they will be difficult to damage, so there are some people who think that knitted bags are anti-theft bags. With its knitted material which is difficult to break, it makes knitted bags safer to use compared to other conventional bags. In addition, knitted bags are also unique and are beautiful bags that are popular with women.

Louis Vuitton Issues a Special Bag to Store Lipstick

Louis Vuitton Issues a Special Bag to Store Lipstick

Louis Vuitton’s long history in creating fashion products has made his name engraved in every lover. The innovations that are issued never fail to amaze. Michaelkors Outlet

This time the innovation came from the latest design of the designer, Louis Ghesquiere. This high end fashion label from Paris has created a unique bag specifically for lipstick. Tas Branded

The tube-shaped bag is only about the size of a lipstick, but the leather material with its iconic monogram logo still gives off a luxurious feel. This luxury lipstick bag which sells for $ 1,390 is multifunctional.

Not only for storing your favorite lipstick, but also as a statement necklace or crossbody accessory because it is equipped with a long chain strap.

The chain on the bag is available in two colors, namely silver and gold. Inside the lipstick bag, which has been officially released since February 9, 2019, there is a glass, perfect for lipstick touch ups in the middle of activities! Sepatu Branded

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Tips for Choosing the Right Leather Bag

Tips for Choosing the Right Leather Bag

Leather bags have a much better quality and durability level than ordinary bags. No wonder so many people are willing to buy leather bags, even at a higher price. Unfortunately, there are still many fake leather bag products on the market today. In fact, even for bags sold in the mall. Therefore, before buying a leather bag product, do these 5 tips so you don’t buy the wrong one. Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Do not hesitate to buy directly from the craftsmen

Leather bags are usually made by craftsmen. To avoid buying the wrong one, try to buy a leather bag directly from the craftsman. Choose craftsmen who are taken by friends, relatives, or friends so that the quality has been tested. You can also go directly to a leather crafts town, such as Garut.

Buying a bag directly from a craftsman makes it easy for you to choose a variety of models available. In addition, it is possible to get goods at lower prices because they are still in first hand.

2. Look and feel the surface for authenticity

To distinguish between genuine and fake leather, pay attention to the detail of the surface texture of the leather. Genuine leather bags have an irregular texture. While faux leather bags tend to have a regular, even surface texture because they are automatically printed by machines.

Don’t forget to feel the back of the skin. Genuine leather has a rough back surface due to pores, while synthetic leather feels very smooth, and is usually made of vinyl.

3. Bad smell doesn’t mean fake Tas Branded

Another easy way, you can check the leather bag by smelling the aroma. Genuine leather usually has the same aroma as the tanner (leather maker).

There are several different types of tanning materials, such as chrome and vegetable tannins. Both can produce different skin scents. While synthetic leather usually smells of chemical drugs which are not necessarily safe for us.

4. Genuine leather bag has good color quality

To check the color quality of the bag, try rubbing the bag with a cloth. Usually the color of a fake leather bag will leave an imprint on the fabric, while a genuine leather bag will not leave a color mark on the fabric. The process of dyeing a genuine leather bag will use a dye that is durable and harmless.

5. Genuine leather tends to be heavier

One more tip for choosing a leather bag before you buy it is to feel the weight of the bag. Leather bags tend to be heavier than synthetic leather bags. Because the basic material is thicker genuine leather. Sepatu Branded

In addition, consider the selling price of the item. Don’t be tempted to buy leather bags at low prices. Genuine leather bags actually have a high selling value.

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Backpack With Unique Design

Backpack With Unique Design

Backpack is one of the most functional fashion accessories. Backpacks are widely used for various activities, from going to school, going for a walk, or maybe just playing. However, backpacks or backpacks sometimes also become accessories that can boost your style to make you cooler. You can also choose various types of backpacks that you can customize depending on your personality.

Backpacks lately are often designed with unique and unusual models in order to increase the selling price in the market. Some of the backpack designs on the market are quite unique, but many are also weird and funny. Today wants to tell you some backpack designs that are different from the others. Who knows, you are interested in buying! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Hooded backpack

For those of you who are really hobbies with different fashion trends, this backpack that has a hood can really be your daily backpack. Not only cool, this bag also has many functions. The hood can protect you from hot and cold weather, or just as a style. Apart from that, the inside is wide enough for you to fill with lots of items.

Hooded Backpack
Hooded Backpack

2. Backpack solar power Tas Branded

Backpack designed with technology for those of you who everyday use all kinds of gadgets. Instead of using power bank continuously, just invest in this solar powered backpack. This bag is not only for depositing your valuables but also recharging your cellphone or mp3 battery!

3. Backpack for cycling

If you like bicycles, surely you know the pain of not having a signal light right on the road. What is there, motorbikes and cars on the road never want to lose to you. With this backpack, you can signal the rider behind you where you want to go next. With a special button connected to the backpack, you can give signals like a motorized vehicle.

4. Backpack with an umbrella

This Nubrella is one of the innovative backpacks that combines a backpack with an umbrella. This bag is also funny because you can protect it from the rain without bothering to carry an umbrella. But still the design is a bit strange because the shape of the umbrellas is a little different from umbrellas in general.

5. Chewbacca backpack

Who doesn’t like Star Wars movies? This well-known franchise film produces some really iconic characters like the monster Chewbacca! If you are a big fan of the Star Wars movies, this Chewbacca backpack is a must have. It’s funny when you have Chewbacca sticking to your back, it turns out to be a backpack! Sepatu Branded

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Modern Knitting Bag, Complete Your Appearance

Modern Knitting Bag, Complete Your Appearance

The latest modern style knit bag is now a trend among women. Bag is a fashion item that always attracts attention.

The knitting bag itself has such an alluring appeal. Starting from the modern and cool models to unique and attractive color variations. Knitted bags have different aesthetic values. Even from the production process, it can be handmade knitting or part of it is the result of machine performance.

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Now there are many of the latest knitted bags with the latest models that we have encountered on the market. Apart from perfecting the appearance, this fashion item has a meaningful use.

As a complement to your fashionable style of dress, choose an appropriate knitting bag. Of course, it’s also modern and up-to-date so you don’t miss the trend.

Here are some of the newest and modern knitting bags that you can wear. Here comes the details.

  • Gradation Knit Bag

The newest knitting bag model that we will first discuss is the gradation knit bag. Judging from this knitting bag model, it has the right size. Especially for those of you who like to carry large amounts of luggage. Apart from its flexible use, the material worn is very smooth.

The reason is, using the best quality nylon material. In storing goods when carried, the inside of this knitting bag is equipped with a parachute lining.

For the handle strap, you don’t need to worry about it being easily peeled or broken. Because it has been made with oskar synthetic leather. The latest modern knitting bag is very durable and easy to store and maintain. Perfect to complement your casual appearance.

Nurikate Knit Bag
Nurikate Knit Bag
  • Nurikate Knit Bag

The next latest knitting bag model is nurikate. For those of you women who like to go to parties, this nurikate knitting bag is a must-have.

The model and concept of the nurikate knitting bag is in accordance with the style of today’s youth. When worn, it makes the appearance even cuter and cuter, but does not diminish its chic.

Each knit has a neat feel and the details are just right. The material used for this knitting bag is very soft. It looks very beautiful with the additional accessories.

So it is comfortable to wear in various formal party events. In addition, nurikate knitting bags can be combined with your best outfit.

  • Griffindor Knit Bag

Tas Branded
The latest modern knitting bag, this one is very unique and attractive. How come? From the name alone, you must be familiar.

It comes to mind at this time maybe the Harry Potter film with its yellow-red griffindor dormitory uniform. In fact, it is true, this knitting bag was inspired by the color of the boarding house with the lion’s emblem. This concept is then loved by women, especially young people.

In addition, the griffindor knit bag is made with nylon material and verotex leather strap. So that when it is worn it is very comfortable with its smooth, limp but strong texture.

Do not forget to mention the inside, equipped with furing cloth and additional pockets. This latest modern model of knitting bag certainly makes your appearance even more stunning.

  • Vinza Debby Knit Bag

Sepatu Branded
This latest knitting bag model is in the form of a backpack. Perfect for those of you who like to hang out with friends. In use, it is simple and practical. You can get a more trendy hangout style with this Debby Vinza knit bag. About color, it’s not too flashy. The reason is, using neutral and natural colors.

Regarding size, this latest modern style knit bag fits perfectly. So that it fits storing personal items for your vacation needs.

  • Summer Vibes Knit Bag

Summer vibes is the newest knitting bag model that you must have. Your appearance and clothing style will be more perfect with this fashion item. As the name suggests, this bag has a unique concept. When using it, it feels like a hot summery feeling.

The bright colors give off a cheerful atmosphere. So that this knitting bag is suitable to be worn in daily activities. Besides that, summer vibes knit bag made from nylon which is deliberately knitted by hand. So that it looks more slick and charming.

Those are some of the latest modern style knitting bags that you can wear. Complete the fashion item with this knitting bag for a stand out appearance.

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