Tips for Choosing a Bag according to Your Personality

Tips for Choosing a Bag according to Your Personality

Most people like to relate the personalities of what they do, and what they wear. From hair color, shoes, to lipstick that can convey your personality.

This is not certain, but at least it will be fun when you can guess the personalities of the people around you by what they are using, one of which is the choice of bag.

Besides that, you can also see what kind of person you are, if you look at the choice of your favorite bag that you use often. As reported by the Allwomanstalk site, Friday (1/3), here are five types of bags that represent the personality of the women who use them.

Hobo Bag
Hobo Bag

The choice of tote bag type of bag depicts a woman who is consistent with her goals. You are also a woman who likes casual looks and usually prepares spare clothes in a bag, to hang out after work.

  • Hobo

Hobo bag is the perfect bag for those of you who feel that the tote bag is not big enough to store all the necessities that you carry every day. The large area of ​​the hobo bag describes your personality as a woman who is confident and has good attitudes. You always think of carrying all your accessories in your bag so you can use them whenever you need them.

This clutch or handbag makes you appear more classic, simple, and glamorous. For those of you clutch lovers are women who don’t need excessive accents to look stylish. Clutch is used when leaving with a bag capacity that is not much, enough with lipstick and a wallet in it.

  • Backpack

Backpacks or backpacks are the perfect choice for those of you who are cheerful and have a young soul. A backpack with a stylish design depicts a woman who has a free personality and likes challenges. You are a woman who likes to try new things. You are also a hard worker and like to do things independently. If you are a backpack lover, you will usually be in a career that keeps you active.

This body cross bag or sling bag is an option for those of you who are independent women. The body cross bag does not have a section to store shoes or other accessories, so this bag is suitable for those of you who have a simple and practical personality.

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Supercar Inspired Bags and Suitcases

Supercar Inspired Bags and Suitcases

TUMI, a global lifestyle brand has just introduced their latest collection which was designed and developed in collaboration with McLaren, the luxury supercar maker and the Formula team. Michaelkors Outlet

Just as every driver relies on their car to get to their destination, the McLaren team relies on their suitcases to carry things.

Starting from this inspiration, TUMI presents the latest quality collections with a durable design. For more than 45 years, TUMI has built a reputation for innovation, functionality and durable design, focused on optimizing global citizen travel activities.

Since announcing that the two companies above will collaborate, Victor Sanz as Creative Director of TUMI and Rob Melville as Director of McLaren supercar design have created a premium capsule collection for elegant business travel and everyday necessities. Each part is designed simply, while enhancing performance in every aspect of life when you travel.

This collection consists of 9 items, each of which shows the sleek and bold elements of a McLaren supercar and race car. Everything is perfected with the papaya color that is the hallmark of McLaren itself and accentuates the CX6 carbon fiber. Tas Branded

The Aero International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On and Quantum Duffel cabin bag is made from a mixture of materials, including Tegrus, a highly durable thermoplastic composite commonly found in racing cars. The hard frame of the cabin bag is contrasted with the molding of the front panel material.

The interior has compression straps inspired by the six-point racing harness found on race cars and track-specific models, such as the limited edition McLaren Senna GTR. The Velocity Backpack luggage bag was created to make it easy for users to stay connected with the features of the USB port and laptop compartment.

Torque Sling and Lumin Utility Pouch are bags with contemporary style that are lightweight and compact. There’s also the Orbit Small Packing Cube, Trace Expandable Organizer, and the split compartment of the Teron Travel Kit which is an ultra-portable accessory to keep things protected, organized, and ready when you’re on the go. Curious? Sepatu Branded

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Natural disaster emergency bag for dogs

Natural disaster emergency bag for dogs

Natural disasters can occur anywhere, including in Japan, which often experiences earthquakes. Japan is known as one of the countries with the highest earthquake intensity in the world.

In preparation for natural disasters that often occur, the Japanese have made various strategies and innovations. One of their unique innovations is making a natural disaster emergency bag for dogs. Michaelkors Outlet

Launching from the Soranews24 page, Sunday, March 21, 2021, a Japanese company called the Pet Memorial Shop designed a special bag with survival equipment to help dogs when natural disasters such as earthquakes occur in Japan. This was done because sometimes pets are often left behind when disaster strikes.

The bag, which is named ‘Evacuation Life Bag’ or ‘This Evacuation Safety Bag, is made of polyester and polyurethane which is resistant to fire and water. Both of these materials have a type of spongy and stiff foam fabric made of synthetic fibers so that it is more durable and does not wrinkle easily. Sepatu Branded

This bag is later put on under the dog’s chest where there is a strap so that it can lift them safely or prevent them from escaping. In addition, inside or inside the bag there is a pair of rubber gloves, a bandage and a muzzle.

If you or anyone else finds your dog using the bag, you can perform emergency first aid without having to go to the vet.

This bag is also designed with enough space to store dog food, litter bags, water, and anything else a dog might need. However, the equipment in the bag can also be used for humans in an emergency.

This evacuation safety bag is available in two sizes, namely small and large. The small bag costs 13,000 yen, which is perfect for a poodle breed. Meanwhile, a large bag for 15,000 yen, or around Rp1, 9 million, is perfect for larger-sized hunting dogs.

Dog owners can order them via the official Pet Memorial Shop website. Each bag will be made to order. The proceeds from the sale of the bags will be donated in part to support the dog breeding assistance project and social participation promotion activities for people with disabilities. Tas Branded

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Apple Skin Vegan Bag

Apple Skin Vegan Bag

The issue of sustainability is increasingly becoming a concern in the fashion world. It is also for this reason that the bag label from South Korea, Marhen.J, in collaboration with iStyle.id launched its newest collection of bags made of apple skin. Michaelkors Outlet

Marhen.J’s latest collection consists of the Bella bag, Hey bag, and the New Sunny bag. Apple skin is used as a substitute for animal skin. This latest collection can only be found in Indonesia.

Through iStyle, which is Marhen.J’s exclusive partner, consumers can get Marhen.J’s latest collection at the same time as South Korean consumers as their home country. This product was launched in Indonesia at the same time as the launch in South Korea. Tas Branded

As one of the consumers, Prilly Latuconsina became the recipient of the first limited edition Marhen.J in the world. He praised the quality of Marhen.J’s products for the best. Moreover, as the owner of a small body who has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), the presence of this new bag fulfills his expectations.

“This bag is very multifunctional. Even though it is small, it can fit a lot. I who are on vacation can fit anything into this bag,” said Prilly, at the Press Conference launching iStyle.id as Marhen.J’s sole distributor in Indonesia, Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

“It’s so important for us to take care of our environment and I’m happy that Marhen.J can be a brand that releases eco-friendly products,” he added.

The apple skin bag collection will be available from March 23 to April 4, 2021 on the e-commerce site iStyle.

iStyle.id is a beauty and lifestyle e-commerce site that specializes in shopping for beauty and lifestyle products while maintaining a Korean touch.

“iStyle has been around since 2017, we are a beauty and lifestyle e-commerce with the concept of an online shopping mall. iStyle has a close relationship with brands in Korea, one of which is Marhen J,” said Ardi Sudarto, CMO of iStyle.id.

Ardi explained that in 2019, Marhen.J’s sales in Indonesia were quite large. He hopes that through this collaboration, it can increase profits by up to 50 percent.

“iStyle.id is the sole distributor of Marhen.J in Indonesia, which is a continuation of the cooperation that has been very good for approximately two years. Customers also don’t have to worry about the authenticity of Marhen.J’s products in iStyle.id,” said Steven. Calvin Victory as Chief Executive Officer of iStyle.id.

Through this collaboration, he promises many benefits for Indonesians who buy Marhen’s products. One of them is a limited collection that can only be found in Indonesia and is offered at a lower price.

“Marhen.J has established a partnership with iStyle, which will lead e-commerce in the future for branding and sales in Southeast Asia. The purpose of this collaboration is to exchange fashion and cultural content between Indonesia and Korea, not just company-company meetings,” said Dae-Young Cho, CEO of Marhen.J Sepatu Branded

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Transparent bag user personality

Transparent bag user personality

Her name is women always have various kinds of bag collections, because every new design that comes out will definitely want to buy it. The result is a lot of bags that you can use for your daily activities. And of course, of the many bags you have, there is one that is the most reliable. Michaelkors Outlet

A favorite big bag that always complements your appearance, usually contains various kinds of essential equipment to complete your day. Starting from make-up, wallets, cellphones to trinkets accessories such as rings and necklaces, for fashion emergencies.

Not infrequently we occasionally include various types of shopping paper, to tissue in a bag in a bag. Unfortunately, this can no longer be done if you choose a bag with this transparent PVC material. Tas Branded

Her name is women always have various kinds of bag collections, because every new design that comes out will definitely want to buy it. The result is a lot of bags that you can use for your daily activities. And of course, of the many bags you have, there is one that is the most reliable.

A favorite big bag that always complements your appearance, usually contains various kinds of essential equipment to complete your day. Starting from make-up, wallets, cellphones to trinkets accessories such as rings and necklaces, for fashion emergencies. Not infrequently we occasionally include various types of shopping paper, to tissue in a bag in a bag. Unfortunately, this can no longer be done if you choose a bag with this transparent PVC material. Sepatu Branded

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Why Branded Bags Are More Durable Than KW Bags

Why Branded Bags Are More Durable Than KW Bags

Why are branded bags more durable than KW bags? This is perhaps the most frequently asked question by some people, especially women. Bags on the market are synonymous with women because there are so many bag models for women. As for men, there are fewer models because men can wear the same type of bag for different occasions. Both bags for women and for men, it is recommended that you buy the original branded bag. The main reason is because branded bags have very good quality and last longer. Here are the reasons why ORI branded bags last longer when compared to KW bags. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Branded Bag Material Quality is Better

The first reason why branded bags last longer than KW bags is because branded bags are made using quality materials. Most of the branded bags use genuine leather which is well processed. No wonder when it is in the form of a bag, branded bags are definitely better and more durable than ordinary bags.

While KW bags are usually made of materials that have not been tested for quality. Some use synthetic leather, some use cheap materials. Just so you know, KW bags also have grades, namely KW 3, KW 2, KW 1, and KW Premium bags. Regardless of the type of KW, the bag is still a fake. Maybe it could be the same in physical form, but the quality of the KW bag is definitely worse than the original bag.

Apart from being made using quality materials, the reason why branded bags last longer than KW bags is the very strict quality control system. The finished goods will be checked carefully by the quality control department. If there is a defect during the bag making process, the bag will not enter the market. The manufacturer will always ensure that the bags on the market are the best quality bags. This quality control system is usually not found in KW bag companies.

  • In order to become an investment item for consumers

There are many ways to invest, one of which is to buy a branded bag. As we all know, branded bags are generally priced at a very high nominal. Even so, you have nothing to lose if you buy a branded bag. One time, when you are in need of money, the bag can be sold again.

Manufacturers seem to understand this. With a strong production system, the original branded bag manufacturer will always ensure that the goods that arrive at your hand are the best quality items that can be used as investment goods. Sepatu Branded

Here are 3 reasons why branded bags last longer than KW bags.

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Elephant Bag, a bag created to donate to save elephant extinction

Elephant Bag, a bag created to donate to save elephant extinction

There are many ways to save the environment. Likewise with Loewe who collaborated with the Knot On My Planet campaign, which has been going on for three years. This time they took the Elephant Bag, a bag made by Shuka with traditional patterns and colors, which are usually made by the Maasai of Kenya. Michaelkors Outlet

Loewe and Knot On My Planet Elephant bags feature tassel string elements created by female artists from the Samburu Trust in northern Kenya. It was made in the bright color that is often found on Shuka’s scarf. This material tells about the Samburu people with their natural environment and the sustainability of their lives.

Blue represents the sky, red represents blood and white represents cow’s milk. The collection, which is only available in 3000 editions, will be launched on March 25, 2021 exclusively online at loewe.com and MyTheresaa.com.

Named after an old tradition of elephants with living memories, Knot On My Planet was founded by Trish Goff and David Bonnouvrier, focused on simple missions for elephants in Africa. Tas Branded

The exploitation that continues to occur causes the destruction of elephant habitat drastically. Later 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the bags will be donated to the Elephant Crisis Fund, a joint initiative of Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network that will help protect elephants in the future.

Knot on My Planet (KOMP) is a fashion-born and influencer-supported campaign with the aim of bringing elephant hunting and the ivory crisis to the forefront of conversations by leveraging influencers, companies and brands in the fashion and luxury industry while raising money for the Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF). KOMP plays the ancient act of tying the knot to remember and the elephants’ extraordinary ability to remember. Founded jointly by Trish Goff and David Bonnouvrier, KOMP launched its first social media initiative on 9 September 2016 which garnered more than 1.5 billion views via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. To date KOMP has raised over $ 11mm for the ECF. Sepatu Branded

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Luxury Handbags in ‘The World of The Married

Luxury Handbags in ‘The World of The Married

Lately, the K-Drama ‘The World of The Married’ has been hotly discussed. This cannot be separated from the provocative story and the appearance of Kim Hee-ae (Ji Sun-woo) and Park Hae-joon (Lee Tae-oh) which attracted attention. Apart from that, the players’ clothes, makeup and accessories also played a role in making this series popular because it inspired a large audience. Michaelkors Outlet

Of the various accessories that are present in The World of The Married series, bags are items that often appear. This seems to be because the bag can be a symbol of the user’s social status. Because of that, the chosen bag is not arbitrary and must be luxurious. Well, for those of you who didn’t have the chance to pay attention to the bags in this series that make you annoyed, here is a summary of 13 of them.

Valextra Bag
Valextra Bag

1.The bag that Ji Sun-woo used in this episode 1 by Joy Gryson. The style and color of the beige successfully emphasize the impression of luxury as well as femininity. This bag is priced at 498,000 or around Rp.6.2 million

2. This bag is the fashion item. Ji Sun-woo goes to work. Matching the suit, this black Delvaux bag with buckle detail retails for $ 6 150

3. This nude colored bag from ALAÏA successfully completes Ji Sun-woo’s classy look in a beige outfit. The tote bag retails for $ 2340 or Rp.35.8 million. Tas Branded

4. I think Ji Sun-woo is an expert in mix and match. Just look at the combination of minimalist clothing that he matches with a matching bag with a simple design alert from Valextra. This bag sells for $ 2950 or Rp.45.1 million

5. This brown Birkin bag from HERMES looks like it will be a favorite for the majority of female viewers, right? The problem is that in this scene Jin Sun-woo looks elegant with his choice of clothing. Oh yeah, this bag is priced at $ 1,2100 or around Rp.185.2 million ~

6. Still from the Joy Gryson label, Ji Sun-woo is wearing a light gray bag with a belt detail that matches the scarf. This bag sells for 548,000 or around Rp. 6.8 million

7. This time Ji Sun-woo wore a structured model bag which at the same time emphasized his powerful character. This fashion item offered by Roger Vivier is priced at $ 2900 or Rp.44.4 million

8. Here Ji Sun-woo looks dynamic wearing an oversized tote bag from Tom Ford. This bag is priced at $ 1,190.00 or around Rp.17 million

9. After the oversized tote bag, here Ji Sun-woo is wearing a Joy Gryson hobo bag. They say this model is becoming a favorite again. This bag is sold for ₩ 438,000 won or around Rp. 5.4 million

10. Well, the white bag used by Yeo Da-kyung is the output of the Michael Kors label. Carrying a chain design, this white bag looks great with the beige suit. This bag sells for $ 268.50

11. Yeo Da-kyung is again wearing a Michael Kors bag. Still detailed with the chain wrapped in a maroon color, this bag is priced at $ 378

12. This medium sling bag from Mulberry was worn by Yeo Da-kyung in episode 9. This bag with a minimalist pattern design sells for $ 1,850 or around Rp.28,675 million

13. The studs detailing bag worn by Yeo Da-kyung is an alert from the Valentino Garavani label. This medium Rockstud Bag is valued at € 1,875.00 or around Rp.30,191 million

There are 13 bags among the many luxury bags that appear in the series The World of The Married. Apart from being a fashion item, bags and other accessories are actually used to emphasize the character and social status of the wearer. So, of the 13 bags, is your favorite one or not? Sepatu Branded

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Vegan Bag, Sustainable Concept in Fashion Collection

Vegan Bag, Sustainable Concept in Fashion Collection

Talk about sustainability or the concept of being sustainable not only in style or lifestyle, but also in fashion. Today, many brands and designers apply sustainable concepts to the products they create.

1 People has released a vegan bag collection as a long-term fashion investment that is reasonably priced, but of the highest quality. You can get these vegan bags in various styles and functions, such as handbags, sling bags, tote bags, and belt bags that can be used according to taste. Michaelkors Outlet

Vegan bags from 1 People are made with fashion materials that are free of toxins or harmful chemicals, dedicated to making the world a better place. 1 People use Pinatex, a vegan textile engineered from a byproduct of pineapple farming, namely pineapple fiber.

Vegan Bag 1 People Tas Branded

Pinatex is definitely a solution to the impact of mass production of leather. The raw material does not require new soil, large amounts of water, or pesticides to be harvested.

Pinatex is said to be safe because its sustainable production can reduce carbon footprint, water pollution and deforestation. Interestingly, Pinatex shares the same characteristics as leather, is durable, versatile and of high quality.

This vegan bag structure is designed to meet every need, but in a practical form. 1 People focuses on using neutral colors to suit any outfit. Sepatu Branded

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BLACKPINK’s Ji Soo – Hadid Favorite Bag of the same model

BLACKPINK’s Ji Soo – Hadid Favorite Bag of the same model

Bags can be more than 3 styles offered by fashion house from London Burberry. The TB series bag, which stands for founder Thomas Burberry, is also a Spring / Summer 2019 collection, which became the debut of Art Director Riccardo Tisci. Michaelkors Outlet

The hand made bag, which is produced in Italy, is also a favorite of celebrities. Among them Gigi Hadid, Jisoo BLACKPINk, Irina Shayk, Sulli, Zhao Wei, and Zhou Dongyu. The way they carry the bag varies according to their personal style.

Gigi Hadid was seen carrying a malt brown TB bag with a cross body style. With denim on denim suit plus inner matching with the bag, Gigi’s style can really be a cheat.

It’s different from the singer who is currently being hit, BLACKPINK’s Kim Jisoo. Both wearing jeans, Jisoo chose a black TB bag with a stylish shoulder.

The strap can be removed Tas Branded

From a casual style, we switched to a semi-formal and chic appearance in the style of former girl group f (x) Sulli. Her classic style with a big ribbon accent blouse and a polka-dot pleated skirt is more elegant with a TB bag with a clutch styling.

If you are bored with the leather strap, you can replace it with a gold chain. These straps can give attention to your style through a fanny pack on the waist.

To suit the tastes of many women, the TB by Burberry bag comes in various color variants. Small size comes in 14 colors, including Black, Malt Brown, Crimson, and Honey.

Medium is available in 10 colors, TB bum bag comes in 5 colors, and envelope clutch consists of two colors. The bag with the new logo was created to celebrate the spirit of founder Thomas Burberry. Sepatu Branded

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Types of Men’s Wallets Today

Types of Men’s Wallets Today

If a woman has a bag as a must bring item, a wallet is a must have item for many men. Compared to women, indeed many men often prefer to look simple and anti-complicated without carrying anything. But did you know that wallets have various types and functions? If you don’t know, you must enter 5 wallets for today’s men in your fashion dictionary, bro!

This type of wallet is arguably the most popular among men. With two foldable characteristics as the name suggests, bifold wallets are often the choice of men because they can store a lot of cash and cards.

  • Super Slim Wallet

This super slim silhouette wallet is arguably a reflection of a man who doesn’t want to be complicated. This wallet is suitable for those who do not really like carrying a lot of cash and rely more on using cards when shopping.

Sport Wallet
Sport Wallet

If you are the sporty type of man who likes to explore various terrains, this shoe type wallet is the right choice for you. This wallet has a zipper and velcor which makes it difficult to open, so that the contents of your wallet are maintained even when you are doing extreme activities. In addition, sports wallets are usually made with waterproof material so you don’t have to worry if you are in an area that is at risk of getting wet.

  • Money Clipper

For those of you who really cash, money clipper can be your loyal companion. As the name implies, this type of wallet is often used to store banknotes. Its thin shape makes it not complicated to carry around.

From the name alone answers the use of this wallet. This wallet is made larger than other wallets so that it can accommodate your holiday documents, such as a passport. This innovation certainly makes holidays more practical without having to carry a lot of stuff.

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How to Store a Handbag

How to Store a Handbag

Handbags come in all shapes and sizes so storing them can sometimes feel confusing. Fortunately, handbags can easily be stored on a shelf or attached to a hanger. However, luxury bags or branded bags need extra care. If you run out of space, don’t worry. With creative storage techniques, you can take advantage of whatever is available. Michaelkors Outlet

1 Sort handbags by size and type.

Large, sturdy bags need to be stored in one place, while small or flexible bags can be placed in several different places. Make sure that similar bags are placed side by side so that when you need it, you can immediately see what options you have.
Tas Branded

For example, if you have several clutch bags that you carry around frequently at night, keep them in the same place.

2 Place the large handbag upright on the shelf.

If the handbag is self-contained, store the accessories on a shelf. This includes large bags, such as tote bags, or bags made of a tough material, such as leather or canvas. This method will keep the shape of the bag without distorting the handle.
Hollow compartments (cubbies) are great for keeping handbags neat and upright.

3 Hang the small or flexible bag by the handle.

This method works for small, light bags (like a satchel or strappy shoulder bag) and bags that don’t stand upright (like a hobo bag). Make sure the bag is empty before hanging it so that the handle doesn’t stretch. You can hang the handbag by:

  • Command hooks
  • Coat rack
  • Hanger
  • Bathroom hanger on cupboard door
  • Hanger shaped letter S

4 Insert the clutch bag into a shoebox or shoe rack.

Clutch bags usually have no straps, but they also cannot stand upright. The shoe rack will keep each bag separate. Put 1 or 2 bags in each compartment. If you only have 1 or 2 clutch bags, keep them in a separate shoe box.
Sepatu Branded

Do not accumulate clutch bags. This method will make the bag material scratched or bent.
You can also use a magazine rack or file organizer sold at stationery or office supply stores. Slide the clutch bags into each compartment in a vertical position.

5 Keep frequently used bags near the front door.

If you have two or three bags that you use regularly, you may want to keep them near the front door. Attach a coat hanger to hang the bag or just place the accessory on a small table.

6 Put the special special occasion bag in the cupboard.

If you have a bag that you rarely use, it’s best to keep it in a closed place. Prepare a special cabinet equipped with a shelf to store handbags that are rarely used

7 Keep handbags off the floor.

Floors can cause dirt and mold to build up in your handbag. Regardless of whether you decide to keep the bag on a shelf or hang it up, make sure it is not touching the floor.

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Bags That Are Highly Recommended In Times Of High Mobility While Fasting

Bags That Are Highly Recommended In Times Of High Mobility While Fasting

The density of work activities in the office makes us have to meet clients to visit one office to another. Not to mention that in this fasting month there are more and more celebrations that must be attended. There is nothing wrong with spending a little time on the sidelines of being able to gather with relatives and relatives.

High mobility, it feels troublesome when you have to go back and forth to the house just to pick up the things you need. If you have a lot of luggage, then this is the right time for you to replace bags that have more loads. Not only is it big in size, wearing this bag will also make you look more stylish, you know, Shopeeholics!

A backpack or backpack is a popular type of bag used by both men and women. Besides having a large load, this type of bag is the most comfortable to use because it can distribute the weight of the bag equally.

If your activities require you to carry a lot of luggage such as documents, books, to a laptop, this bag is the right choice. All your items will fit without having to mind carrying them.

If the backpack is not the right bag for you, maybe the sling bag is the answer.

From lunch, to a change of clothes to work out at the gym after work, everything is guaranteed to fit in this one bag. Besides that, the small pockets that are scattered in several parts of the bag are also ready to be your strolling place and accessories so you don’t get scattered in the bag.

For those of you who need a large volume to carry your luggage, but don’t like complicated bag models, choose the tote bag model.

The large bag load allows you to carry large quantities of items. Don’t be afraid to lose your style, even though it’s simple, the design of this bag is a complement to cool fashion and is suitable for everyday wear, you know!

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11 Most Popular Branded Bags in 2021

11 Most Popular Branded Bags in 2021

Accessories are the key to supporting your clothes. The accessories in question can be in the form of jewelry or just a handbag. The year 2021 is marked by a return to the trend of using handbags. Michaelkors Outlet

Bags are often used because they look simpler to carry around and can adapt to traveling conditions. There are various collections of bags. A bag that is also convenient to use is a waterproof bag that switches from a waist bag to a handbag. Now many people do not like accessories that are flashy and difficult to carry around. The following quotes from refinery29, this is a collection of cute branded bags suitable for use in 2021.

Fendi Baguette With Multicolor Embroidery
  • Doraemon x Gucci Small Bucket Bag

Always unique Gucci introduces the manga-inspired Doraemon capsule collection to celebrate Chinese New Year. Cat-like characters have been dispatched from the 22nd century not only to aid a boy named Nobita (as the story goes), but to adorn an exclusive range of coveted bucket bags, tote bags, and more that are Gucci masterpieces. Tas Branded

  • JW Anderson Oscar Wilde Capsule: Belt Tote

Anderson launched this bag collection inspired by Oscar Wilde’s bold quotes. This tote bag, along with every other piece in the collection, is embellished with Wilde’s words that serve as a mantra of success.

  • Loewe Ken Price Collection Puzzle Easter Island Small Bag

This small bag from the Loewe Ken Price collection has a minimalist but cheerful design. This American artist finds inspiration everywhere from Mexican folk art to surfing culture to sunny landscapes – all of which come to life as part of the luxury label’s signature Puzzle Bag.

  • Off White 2.8 Jitney Quote Bag

In the scintillating world of fashion, there is a bag that catches the eye with a frontal inscription. This bag has a better design than Virgil Abloh’s other collections. Abloh made an aggressive logo and bold words in quotes. In the latest Off White collection, Abloh has introduced the Jitney Bag with a series of new phrases such as “Not For Sale” and “Rent Money”.

  • LVxUF Pochette Accessoires Handbag

In a perfect mix of art and style this season, Louis Vuitton is launching the extremely adorable LV x UF collection featuring exclusive models by Swiss conceptual artist Urs Fischer, reimagining the iconic LV logo as a reconstructed graphic.

  • Longchamp x Pokémon Top Handle Bag

If you love all things Pikachu, why stop collecting cards? Why not collect collaboration bags bearing the pikachu logo. This Longchamp signature red bag features an invisible pikachu image. Longchamp has partnered with Pokémon to create the funniest collaborations we’ve seen.

  • Fendi Medium Baguette With Multicolor Embroidery

While Fendi is launching a variety of luxurious and worthy styles to welcome the Year of the Ox, it’s an irresistible selection of iconic baguette bag styles. This embroidery accessory in particular deserves admiration.

  • Marni Market Market Woven Shopping Bag

Inspired by colorful garden flowers in bloom, this striking PVC woven basket bag may stand out from your accessory collection, giving shape to a special pattern with a pixel effect.

  • Disney Mickey Mouse X Keith Haring

It seems that Coach really caught the art message with the special edition collaboration above. The collaboration features a cute Mickey Mouse illustration only by pop artist Keith Haring.

  • Dior Hibiscus The Lady Dior My ABC Dior Bag

Imagine the perfect hibiscus flower arrangement that is your favorite. That’s the impression you get from the Dior Lunar New Year capsule bag design – like a handbag-shaped garland that you can carry anywhere.

  • Versace Lunar New Year Medusa Amplified Hobo Shoulder Bag

To celebrate the Year of the Ox, Versace presents a capsule collection suitable for the most glamorous of fêtes. Think of something bold and dynamic that puts Versace at its best like this exclusive reinterpretation of the famous Medusa Amplified House motif. Sepatu Branded

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Some Unique Models of School Bags

Some Unique Models of School Bags

n this modern era, social media is not only used for communication media. Social media is also used to share content that invites laughter. Like distributing a portrait of a school bag model that makes forehead pats. Michaelkors Outlet

This eccentric school bag model has captured the public’s attention. Starting from school bags with very long straps to very large bags, this is proof that there is an anti-mainstream bag model that is in the public spotlight.

The school bag was so eccentric, that many people perpetuated it and shared it on social media. Who would have thought, the school bag with this eccentric model went viral. This eccentric model makes this bag get lots of hilarious comments from netizens.

Are you curious about the eccentric school bag model? The following Liputan6.com summarizes from various sources, the eccentric school bag models Tas Branded

  • Instead of bringing a book, bring snacks
6 Model Tas Sekolah Ini Nyeleneh Banget, Bikin Tepuk Jidat
6 Model Tas Sekolah Ini Nyeleneh Banget, Bikin Tepuk Jidat
  • The picture on the bag actually gave goosebump
6 Model Tas Sekolah Ini Nyeleneh Banget, Bikin Tepuk Jidat

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Tips for matching clothes with a patterned bag

Tips for matching clothes with a patterned bag

Bags not only function to carry items that are needed when outside the house, but also accessories that enhance your appearance. Try to follow the mix and match tips below if the bag you have has a fun motif. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Casual style

You can pair a patterned bag with a plain t-shirt or plain dress to create a harmonious look. Also try it in combination with wearing jeans and sneakers so that it displays a relaxed and comfortable impression.

Pairing contrasting clothing colors with a patterned bag will create a unique twist to the overall look. The trick is to combine dark clothes with a light colored bag. Conversely, if your printed bag is dark, try wearing light colored clothes.

  • Adjust to your style

Patterned bags are suitable to be created and combined with any style, whether it’s preppy, street, smart, to casual. The key is your signature on the clothes used and choose the style that suits you.

Those who like small bags who don’t really like carrying a lot of stuff can use these types of bags such as sling bags, handbags, or pouches.

Patterned bags are the mainstay of the Motiviga brand, which was founded in 2012. Motiviga founder, Givary Malik, in his statement on Wednesday, said that every design that has a unique color and pattern is expected to increase the positive side in daily activities.

“We also always prioritize originality, the various patterns that are present are made directly by the designer,” said Givary, adding that the bags he made use basic cordura materials and high quality hardware that can keep important items while traveling. Sepatu Branded

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6 Reasons Why You Should Keep It Simple About Appearances

6 Reasons Why You Should Keep It Simple About Appearances

According to needs, clothing or clothing is needed so that humans are called cultured creatures. Some say, dressing is a way to live. The point is, clothes are very important for all of us. Of these important needs, it’s no wonder that the fashion industry develops from year to year. In line with your demands as consumers who think fashion is more than necessary, but have become satisfying to look trendy. Michaelkors Outlet

Looking trendy so that it is pleasing to the eye is actually fine. After all, one way to make people interested is through your appearance. But sometimes for the sake of looking trendy, people are willing to spend hundreds or even millions to just buy one or two clothes, bags, shoes and so on. For them, branded and expensive objects have a strong enough share to shape their appearance. Even if you are asked if you are able, the answer is yes not …

Come to think of it, is it so important that you have to buy brand name clothes, bags or shoes that are very expensive? So that you can more wisely buy your clothing needs, it’s a good idea to think about some of these reasons.

  1. Price is not a benchmark for your appearance to be pleasing to the eye, because the important thing is how you mix and match

If your intention is to buy expensive clothes or shoes so that your appearance is pleasing to the eye, then that’s a big mistake. Because high prices cannot always guarantee a perfect appearance. Your appearance is good or unsightly, it goes back to how you choose clothes that are appropriate to wear and how you mix and match them.

2.Not everyone cares about the price of the clothes or bags you wear, it’s impossible for them to say it’s KW or not

There are people who like to ask the price of the clothes, bags or shoes you use. But remember not everyone also cares about the price or label of these things. Your appearance is pleasing to the eye, actually it can make people mute and not ask many questions, where to buy clothes, what brand, at what price.

3. No matter how expensive the clothes, bags or shoes are, if the time is broken, just damage it Sepatu Branded

He said that those that are expensive are more durable or not easily damaged. Even though the fact is that no matter how expensive the bag, shoes or clothes you buy, it’s still all mortal items that are definitely damaged. And if it’s broken unexpectedly, it can usually make you feel miserable as if your boyfriend broke up. Given the money you spend to buy it is quite a lot. In fact, instead of using the money for mortal goods, you can use it for something more useful.

4. If the function of the designer kebaya is the same as the kebaya of the design itself, why do you have to force yourself to buy expensive items with just barely enough money

The main function of clothes is what is to protect your body from the influence of the outside environment. Specifically, each garment also has a function. For example, such as the kebaya which functions as clothing for formal occasions, from graduation, invitations to your future wedding. If it’s just an invitation or a graduation, kebaya at an affordable price can fulfill your needs.

5. Because what is important is not expensive, but comfortable when these things are worn on your body

Expensive also does not guarantee comfort when you wear it on your body. Sometimes there is an ordinary price and not from a well-known brand, which can still make you comfortable and confident when wearing it. But sometimes there are those that are already expensive, but when you wear them, it turns out that there are parts of the clothes or shoes that make you uncomfortable. For example, a shoe that you are proud of because it is branded and has a decent price, but it turns out that when you wear it, it often makes your feet blister.

6. You can buy expensive clothes, but you owe me to eat, that’s sad

because your prestige cannot make your stomach full, why do you still have to force yourself to buy clothes, bags, shoes or fashion necessities at high prices? Instead of wanting prestige by wearing branded clothes, you just eat just barely, it’s even difficult. You better start to be smarter and more observant in choosing items that are good to use but at affordable prices. Don’t push yourself, it’s all for your good. Tas Branded

Are you still sure you want to be lulled by clothes, bags, shoes that are exorbitantly expensive?

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4 Ways to Dress for Work

4 Ways to Dress for Work

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As a professional worker, of course you are expected to always be maximal in carrying out daily tasks wherever your workplace is located. All demands and obligations of the company must be carried out properly according to existing procedures. Sometimes, the heavy workload that you bear, is not comparable to the abilities you have, or even outside the scope of your job desk.

Stress and thoughts that are too focused on office work, make you ignore the small things that are actually very important. One of them is your appearance at work.

It doesn’t matter what your job title, what profession you are, and how heavy your job is, looking good at work is something we have to do. Michaelkors Outlet

The following are some of the things that usually hold you back from looking good at work, no matter where you work.

1. The Office Environment And Atmosphere Are Not Conducive

In the world of work, one of the factors that makes someone feel at home or not with a company is how the work atmosphere and the environment in it. If someone is uncomfortable with the existing atmosphere, the desire to resign is usually always disturbing.

Likewise in terms of appearance. If in a work environment there are not many people who are neat and attractive, this will certainly affect your appearance habits.

Most people, will go with the flow that is in front of them, are safe and do not want to be different from the group. Going with the flow is fine, but adjust accordingly. If following a bad current, of course we should try to get out of it. Tas Branded

It is not uncommon for us to see someone who tries to get out of the flow, will be blasphemed or subject to “mockery”. Especially in terms of appearance. When you try to be different from your surroundings, you will usually at least be ridiculed, even if it is just a joke or a joke.

If you are still lazy and afraid to get out of the flow of the existing environment, occasionally try “fun” to flirt to another workplace. Where you see many men and women who are neat and attractive. Of course you will feel a different atmosphere and atmosphere.

2. Too Much Busyness And Pressure From Work

Busyness that is too excessive and relentless, tends to be ignorant of other little things. In fact, it is possible to abandon your family.

If you are able to cope with the workload well, of course it will be very easy to overcome these difficulties. One solution is to use a priority scale.

Identify which jobs are most important and least important. Don’t forget to enter activities to upgrade the songs in it.

3. Lack of Support And Input From People Near You

The closest people here can be your family, friends, boyfriend, or your partner. They are the ones who influence your daily life. If they do not provide support or input (feedback) on your life, especially in terms of appearance, there are two factors causing it. Sepatu Branded

First, it may be their indifference. Second, chances are you are the one who cannot accept other people’s opinions and input.

Keep in mind, if people close to you provide input or suggestions to you, they really are not interested in meddling in your life. Instead, it is a spontaneous expression of concern for you when they see that something is wrong with you.

4. Poor Financial Management

Consumption of shopping for clothes, including in lifestyle items. If you haven’t applied the formula above, you can try starting now.

The percentages above are for basic reference only. You can match your ability. Certainly, being fine is no different from the financial planning that has been passed above.

Looking good in the office is a basic thing that you must understand and do at all times. In fact, some companies have implemented several standard standards in appearance for each worker. For the company, having employees with neat and attractive appearance will certainly give a positive image.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, Prices of Gucci Bags and Other Luxury Brands Rise

Due to the Corona Pandemic, Prices of Gucci Bags and Other Luxury Brands Rise

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Fans of the Gucci brand seem to have to be ready to spend more if they want to buy the product from the Italian label. The impact of the Covid-19 corona pandemic, Gucci decided to increase the price for their bag collection.

Classic Flap Bag Chanel
Gucci Handbag

At the start of the pandemic, almost all shops were closed due to lockdown and self-quarantine regulations. Likewise, imports of goods that require long and complicated regulations. Michaelkors Outlet

At the start of the pandemic, almost all shops were closed due to lockdown and self-quarantine regulations. Likewise, imports of goods that require long and complicated regulations.

This has left many fashion industries sprawling, especially the high-end product sector. Not only did Gucci have to work hard to restore sales figures, Chanel and Louis Vuitton were forced to apply price adjustments.

According to a report from analysts at Jefferies, the increase in bag prices will range from five to nine percent for certain types of Gucci bags, such as the Dionysus and Zumi.

This price increase will have an impact in China, Italy and the UK. Previously, the decision to increase the price of goods had been predicted to occur during the corona pandemic. Tas Branded

Cereda analysts said that they were not surprised that a brand with a high market position, such as Gucci, would follow the price adjustment policy. “It is an attempt to reduce income pressure,” he said.

Earlier in May 2020, Chanel announced that it would increase the prices of some of their iconic bags, such as the Boy Bag, Gabrielle, Chanel 11.12, and Chanel 19. This price increase was also a pandemic effect.

Raw materials for the production of premium bags are now rare because many textile factories and leather manufacturers have closed. This causes the price of raw materials to soar that it has an impact on the price of production of goods, including bags, to increase. Sepatu Branded

Koja, an environmentally friendly bag

Koja, an environmentally friendly bag

The Baduy tribe, Lebak Regency, Banten, has a thousand local wisdoms to become lessons for other communities. The Baduy tribe is known as a traditional society who maintains the traditions of their ancestors and always maintains the natural environment in which they live. Michaelkors Outlet

The tradition of the Baduy community can be seen from the clothes they wear. Apart from clothing, supporting daily activities can be another feature, one of which is a natural made bag called koja. Koja is a place to support the daily activities of the Baduy community.

The koja bag is not too big with a natural brown color. The koja is made with perforated webbing so that the contents of the koja can be seen from the outside. This bag is laced with a shawl long enough that it can be worn across the shoulder or scarf.

The Koja Bag
The Koja Bag

Koja bags are made from the bark of the teureup tree. This tree is widely available in the Baduy area. The teureup tree is a relative of the jackfruit. There are many teureup trees in the Baduy area. The teureup skin must be dried in the sun first to make it stronger. After drying, the dry teureup skin is split into small pieces. This piece of wood is then formed into threads which become the material for making bags. Even though it is strong, of course this bark bag easily decomposes in the ground. Tas Branded

In another area in Banten, the bark of the teureup tree is used as rope material to tie firewood piles for easy portability. This wood is known to be very strong, so it is not wrong if the Baduy people use this bark as a container to carry heavy agricultural tools.

Currently, the Baduy koja bag can be used by outsiders. Koja is one of the many local Baduy products that are used as souvenirs. For example, sarongs, kitchen utensils, headbands, traditional clothes, and other handicrafts are sent outside Baduy to be worn by the outside community.

When you go to Baduy, the Baduy fruit is easy to get. There are many small shops and hawkers at Ciboleger Terminal which is the entrance to the Baduy traditional community area.

The koja bag is used by the Baduy community to carry agricultural tools, or when traveling. With traditional clothes, headbands, plus a koja bag, the Baduy community is very unpretentious.

The koja bag is a sign of the identity of the Baduy community. More broadly, not only the Baduy community, the Banten people in general also wear this bag from Baduy as a characteristic of Banten society. Not only used in arts-cultural activities, these bags are also used by students from Banten who study outside the region, as a container for books and pens. Sepatu Branded

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