Packing Tricks with the 2+3+7 Formula When Going on Vacation.

Packing things into a suitcase or bag is a pretty annoying process when going on vacation. Choosing and sorting things to bring on vacation is not as easy as it seems. Because we are afraid and worried about shortages, we end up carrying a lot of things that are actually less important. Even though a vacation with ‘myriad’ luggage is even more difficult. Not to mention the matter of packing things that can’t be original. If you don’t know how, the space in your suitcase or bag can’t be used optimally.

To make your vacation more relaxed and light, use the following trick. You don’t need a lot of suitcases, all the necessities during the holidays will be carried away because the luggage space is still quite spacious. Come on, just check it out!

  1. Choose clothes according to the type of tourist spot Michaelkors Outlet

It’s very important to adjust your clothes to the type of tourist spot you are going to visit. So, you don’t need to bring all the clothes. Especially when you bring clothes that you can’t wear on vacation. For example, you may not wear thin clothes when traveling to cold highland areas. Just choose clothes that are thick like a jacket. This trick also applies when you are on vacation to a place that tends to be hot like the beach.

  1. Use the formula 2+3+7

If you want to go on vacation more than 3 days, apply the formula 2+3+7. That is, prepare 2 jackets, 3 subordinates, and 7 clothes. That way, you don’t have to carry a lot of stuff. Try to choose material pants, regular, or jeans. In addition, choose a jacket with a waterproof, windproof, and casual style, for example a jeans jacket. Regarding clothes, mix and match short-sleeved short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, shirts, tank tops, or dresses. Make sure the material you bring is easy to dry and wash, yes.

  1. If there is no problem with clothes, it’s time to choose footwear

In addition to clothing, footwear while on vacation also needs to be considered. Do not use footwear that is not suitable for the tourist destination. If you walk more, bring soft footwear. Well, if you go on vacation to a place with natural nuances, it’s a good idea to choose dark colored footwear. The goal is not to get dull and dirty quickly. When packing footwear, tuck small items in it such as accessories, jewelry, or glasses. Maximize the available space so that the contents of your suitcase or bag are still left.

  1. Prepare at least two cloth bags (tote bag Sepatu Branded

Cloth bags are very useful during the holidays, especially for carrying items that cannot be put in a suitcase. With a cloth bag, you can carry electronics or liquid goods. So you don’t have to bother unpacking the suitcase. Bring a minimum of two cloth bags. One bag to store in the suitcase, one bag to carry.

  1. Don’t forget the small foldable packaging, OK?

Toiletries are on average small in size, but sometimes there are a lot of them. If you don’t take care of it when you pack it, these items will make your suitcase get crowded quickly. The same goes for tableware and make-up. Store these items in small, collapsible packaging. In order not to take up space, you should bring toiletries that have complete functions. For example, soap that also functions as shampoo.

  1. No need to prestige washing
    An easy way when clothing supplies run low during the holidays is to buy new clothes. Unfortunately, this method actually makes more luggage. Instead of buying, you should wash clothes. If you don’t have time to wash, look for laundry services around the inn that offer low prices.
  2. Arrange expenses so that the luggage does not get too much Tas Branded

The desire to buy goods and souvenirs is natural, but just enough. Otherwise, you can be overwhelmed with things when you get home from vacation. Plan well and carefully the gifts to be purchased. Estimate the number does not exceed the capacity of suitcases and bags. As much as possible refrain from buying large items or gifts. If very interested, send the goods via courier service.

Instead of getting dizzy with luggage, use these 7 tricks. Now, you can go on vacation without the hassle of carrying lots of suitcases and bags. If handled properly, just one suitcase is enough for a day’s vacation.

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