OMG! This Grandmother Uses Branded Bags to Bring Fresh Fish

Receiving a gift of a branded bag worth £880 (approximately Rp12 million) from her grandson, this grandmother has her own way of using it. Unlike most people, maybe including you, this grandmother uses the bag to carry vegetables, even fresh fish, which she bought at the market. Michaelkors Outlet

Tas Branded Seeing his grandmother’s behavior, the grandson who gave the bag was surprised. As published by the BBC, the unnamed man then uploaded the humorous story to a blog site.

Through the article which is now viral in cyberspace, he admitted that he bought a branded bag for the grandmother because the old one was obsolete. But when he returned to visit, how surprised he was to find the bag full of vegetables. In fact, according to the grandmother’s narrative, the bag was once filled with fresh fish.

It was written, as published by the BBC, excitedly by his grandmother telling him about the new bag which is very water-resistant, although a little heavy. Not wanting to get rid of the sparkle in his grandmother’s eyes, the grandson didn’t even tell him the price of the bag.

The incident, which was said to be set in China, was widely discussed in Taiwan. Based on the Daily Mail report, the grandson’s writing about the fate of his grandmother’s branded bag has received more than 31,000 likes. “Your grandmother must be very fashionable in the market,” wrote one netizen in the comment column. Sepatu Branded

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