Modify Dior and Louis Vuitton Bags to Bring Boba Drinks

Created by a Japanese designer, Daisuke, the boba drink which is very popular, especially in Asian countries, comes in “unusual packaging.” How not, in carrying it, the owner of the Instagram account @dimda_ uses a modified bag from a luxury fashion house.

His first creation was a Dior bag that seemed to be carrying a boba drink. The transparent accented sling bag is exactly the size of a standard plastic boba drink. Michaelkors Outlet

The design of the combination of branded goods with ordinary drinks makes it praised by many people. In fact, some of them reveal the concept is very possible to be applied in everyday life.

“Wear casual clothes, but still have a fashion statement. This modification is a brilliant idea,” wrote one Instagram user.

One of his latest creations, a Louis Vuitton bag for carrying coffee, has netizens commenting on how much they love and need the bag. In the photo, the actual bag design is not complicated.

Launching the AsiaOne page, Saturday, October 10, 2020, the drink carrying bag is equipped with two holes at the bottom to fit two drinks. Tas Branded

In case you’re wondering if the design makes the lid of the drink glass come off, Daisuke mentions in a thread that he’s already tried walking around with the bag. During that time, the drinks were fine.

In an interview with the online magazine HIGHXTAR, Daisuke revealed that he started recycling vintage designer bags about a year ago. This process is done by modifying the design so that it looks different from the original shape.

By making items from bags that are no longer used, this change intends to transform the item into something new again. This change allows the bag to still be considered in the fashion realm, he told online media PAUSE.

Apart from these two, Daisuke’s unique designs actually vary widely, from Prada mask bags to Fendi toilet bags.

While you don’t know if his custom bag will go on sale yet, you can email the designer at to inquire about it, according to an 8 Days report. Sepatu Branded

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