Mix and Match With Batik Bag

Want to look a little ethnic with a touch of batik bag? But, like afraid of your style so old? Maybe you can match up with other more modern fashon items. Curious as to what solid match? Check out 5 solid match with batik bags for you modern women.  

1. Look casual on weekends with overalls

Weekend arrives! time to wear clothes that are effortless but still chic. Want to use loose clothes to be free to move? Just combine linen overalls and knit outerwear as the output. Do not miss, choose a batik bag with a shoulder bag model that is ready to give an ethnic touch to the look.

To balance the appearance with a batik bag, also use fur or fur accented sandals that give a modern look to the look. How about this outfit? You can make this outfit as a recommendation for relaxing or a walk to enjoy the museum on weekends, you know!

2. Look sporty with a bucket bag

Can you really look sporty with a batik bag? Of course, I can. Combine turtle neck sweaters with jogger pants then, choose a batik bag with a simple bucket bag model. In order to look more sporty, espadrilles sneakers are ready to perfect your look. This sneakers is arguably quite unique because it has an accent like woven on the bottom, but if you don’t like it, just replace it with white sneakers for a more modern impression.

3. Sling batik bag for a classic look Michaelkors Outlet

Like classic style? Now you can combine batik sling bags with ruffle accented dresses that are very classic. To match the clothes, choose matching pump shoes with a dress. Voila! The classic impression is very thick in this outfit. If you need a reference to an invitation or a formal event, you can copy this style.

4. Batik bag that looks elegant

Never underestimate your batik bag! Batik bag, with a hand bag model can be used to formal events to special events such as, romantic dinner with a partner. Choose a white dress with a formal model, then mix with straps accented high heels and use long pearl earrings to sweeten the appearance. Trust, deh, with this inspiration makes your style look elegant.

5. Friday night out with an elegant batik clutch

Every now and then try to use your battery clutch when Friday night out. Just pair it with a black dress accented with a belt, elegant ball drop earrings and stilleto pearls that make your legs look sexy. Do not worry, with this style guaranteed you will not look old-fashioned when wearing a batik clutch.

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