Mix and match waist bags with contemporary style

Waist bags are back in trend! With various modifications, the use of waist bags has now become very chic and stylish. If a decade ago the trend of waist bags had only one type of model, worn like a belt with a small storage in it, now the designers concocted the design of the waist bag by giving it a thick feminine touch, but still minimalist. Want to look fashionable with a waist bag? Consider first 4 tips for solid matching waist bags for this contemporary style.

  1. Tiny cross body bag with a more feminine style

Although the name is a waist bag, its use is not always in the waist area. Now this little bag is widely used with a cross body model, slung between the shoulders and across to your waist. Make a rope arrangement to the maximum length, then tackle.

2. Basic waist bag for contemporary style

If you still keep an old waist bag with a basic model, good news for you because this is the right time to wear it again. This waist bag, which was a trend decades ago, usually has a parachute material or a canvas with a boyish impression.

So, you need a solid match that is the exact opposite to get a unique impression! Pair with playful clothes so they don’t look ‘old school’ and boring, unless you really want to carry a minimalist style.  

You can use a contemporary dress with a firm cutting or layering style alias. Pin big earrings to add a vintage feel. Style like this does require a small accessory that can reduce the solid match of clothes that are already ‘crowded’, so the basic model waist bag and used at the waist as a belt is the right choice.

Its use is very practical, because the waist bag is small in size you will select items that need to be carried. By carrying enough goods, you can avoid the risk of back or neck pain. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Placing a waist bag in the chest area which is very up to date

Here comes the most hits styling way now! In a way, this style is what makes people start to glance back at the waist bag that had always been coveted because of its practicality, but nevertheless used because it seemed awkward and boring.  

Using a waist bag with a sling on the chest makes you more free to move. Place storage in front of the body, making it easy to reach its contents. Unlike the cross body model, this time you let the length of the strap fit right in the body so that the storage section is right on the chest.  

These solid waist bag tips give the impression of being sleek, and can be used by both men and women. You are also free to choose the model of a waist bag, which is minimalist or rich in detail and ornamentation. It’s your style!  

Are all the tricks to use a modern waist bag dominated by feminine impression? Of course not. For those of you who prefer the impression of boyish and even tend to rebel, the waist bag can be the right answer, because it gives the impression of a simple while making your hands free to move.

4. Loosen the waist strap for a rebel impression

Choose a model of a plain waist bag with a semi-glossy leather material, then use the waist with a little loosen. To avoid sagging easily, make sure the back of the strap is inserted into the belt hole.  

This loose waist bag style makes the storage area fall around the upper thigh, then keep it next to the body. This will give the impression of rebel aka swag especially when combined with clothes that support.

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