Men’s Work Bag Items

Men are usually very attached to the stereotype of simplicity when carrying things in a bag. But it must be admitted, that there are also some essential items that every man usually brings to the office. Well, besides looking at the contents of my own bag, I also approached several male co-workers at the office and talked about what items they usually carry while working. Curious about what’s in their briefcase? Come check the list here!

  • Charger and Powerbank

People say “life without love feels empty”, but isn’t life without a live cellphone more torturous? To keep gadgets alive and able to accompany mobility at the office all day long, chargers and power banks are always mandatory items that are always in men’s bags.

In addition to accompanying you on trips to the office, earphones are usually used at work. He said, listening to old Beatles’ old songs to the playlist that touched Payung Teduh made them more relaxed and focused on completing the tasks they were working on. Eits, as long as you don’t get carried away, it’s dangerous!

  • Little comb

To keep hair cool and look more elegant, it is not uncommon for male employees at Shopee to carry their signature small comb which is usually tucked in a small pocket in their briefcase. Pomades and gels are always on hand to keep your hair in order. Yes, who knows, suddenly I meet the prospective in-laws when I want to go to work). Tas Branded

  • Perfume

Not only women, perfume is also an item that is obligatory for men to bring to the office. The reason is, work in the office requires you to be able to meet many people. So, it’s no wonder, spraying perfume seems to be an important ritual so that the people around you stay comfortable. No good appearance would be complete without a charming perfume scent, right?

  • Wallet

Missing your wallet when you go to the office can be a big problem, because of course there are many things stored in it, not only money, but also identity cards, SIM cards, ATM cards, and other cards. Shame on bro if you want to treat him to a snack but forgot to bring your wallet?

  • Drinking bottles

Drinking bottles now seem to be the unique lifestyle of millennials. In addition to maintaining body fluid levels while working, this tumbler is usually carried out to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. No need to use plastic anymore when buying coffee across from the office!

  • Small umbrella

Not only the crush that never gives certainty, the weather in Jakarta is indeed difficult to predict. Mornings and afternoons can be scorching hot, but in the afternoon and at night it can suddenly rain, and vice versa. So, of course, umbrellas must always be ready so that mobility is maintained without being washed away by memories of former rain. Sepatu Branded

  • Key

The last item that is often in a male employee’s bag at Shopee is a key. Starting from motorbike, car keys, to house keys, it is very important to keep them neatly in your briefcase so you don’t lose or forget to keep them. Can you imagine how bad it will be if the key is lost?

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