Masculine Men’s Fashion Style Wear Tote Bag

Tote bag models that are fairly simple can sometimes be confusing how to mix and match them so that the appearance looks attractive and masculine. You don’t have to worry anymore, here are 7 inspirational styles of men’s fashion using a tote bag that looks cool. Come on, see! Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Classic 60s vintage style with neutral color tote bag makes you look unique

The TV series “Peaky Blinders” and the movie “Color Me True” have revived the men’s dress style of the 60s. The combination of wide-cut pants, collared shirts, oversized jackets, loafers and not to forget the flat cap is the hallmark.

Even though it seems old-fashioned by adopting a style that has developed in the previous era, in fact many women pay attention to the uniqueness that emerges from this vintage style. This classic impression will be even more perfect if you add a neutral colored tote bag that matches your outfit, for example white or cream.

2. Wearing denim clothes and totebags, men’s fashion trends that really hit

Denim is one of the eternal fashion trends and is arguably the outfit of a million people that must be in the closet. As you have heard and seen around you, the denim trend in totebags is now a hit and you must have it. Combine a denim tote bag with clothes made of the same material, then wear sneakers and a hat to make it more masculine.

3. Use a tote bag with a t-shirt and shorts for a trendy Korean men’s casual style Tas Branded

When in a tropical country like Indonesia, wearing T-shirts and shorts will feel very comfortable. This relaxed style is now often relied on by South Korean men to look trendy without the hassle of using many items. To carry all your belongings, choose a tote bag that matches the clothes you are wearing.

You can also choose a dark color to make it easier to match with any color clothes. As a complement, try using a bucket hat that is currently popular among young men as well as mainstay sneakers and socks so that you are comfortable doing all day activities.

4. Wear white trousers with a tote bag and other items all in black

Trousers are a must-have item for a man. If men’s fashion usually prefers to collect dark colored items, try it, have it and use white trousers. A simple tip to still look manly with white trousers is to mix and match them with other items that are all black or dark, including the tote bag model.

5. Rely on a suit for smart casual style when wearing a tote bag

Smart casual is a style of dress that is relaxed but looks classy and polite. Although the tote bag tends to seem more casual and is only suitable for use when relaxing, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this bag to perfect your smart casual style for attending semi-formal events or going to the office. So that men’s style is more classy when wearing a tote bag, it is highly recommended to wear a suit as outerwear that covers a t-shirt or shirt.

6. Troops of tote bags and cardigans for you fashion nerds

The word nerdy in English does mean nerdy. Even so, this is not a negative meaning as if a nerdy man can’t look fashionable. Precisely the nerdy style of dress is now a trend, you know. Not a few men who like this nerdy style. If you want to try a different look, this nerdy men’s fashion style can be an inspiration.

Nerdy style is usually synonymous with shirts or shirts that are lined with cardingan. So, make sure you use the two clothes with a harmonious color combination and don’t forget to wear a tote bag of the same color.

7. Totebag and hoodie are the best combo to look masculine and trendy, anti-complicated Sepatu Branded

In addition to t-shirts and denim pants, hoodies are also a mainstay item for men. Besides functioning to warm the body in windy and cold weather, a hoodie can also make a man’s style look masculine. To give a trendy impression without being complicated, use a tote bag model that can fit all your luggage. Adding a beanie or beanie hat and glasses can also make your style look more attractive.

After seeing the seven inspirations for wearing a tote bag above, which style do you prefer?

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