For some people sewing is a very pleasant hobby. Not only that ability when sewing can also be a job that can increase income. Moreover, for you who is a real housewife, you can make sewing skills as a mainstay when you have free time.

Surely you are already familiar with tote bags which are popular tote bags at the moment. The material used by thick itself is a canvas fabric, cotton fabric, corduroy fabric, denim fabric, and also polyester fabric. Actually, the factory itself has existed since ancient times, which at this time has been booming again with a much more modern model.

Because tote bags are one of the most sought-after bags now, can you make your own tote bag with simple materials. Let’s see how to make it: Michaelkors Outlet

At first you are required to prepare a sewing machine, sewing thread, sewing needles, pencil scissors, ruler fabric and other equipment. You also have to determine how big the size of the tote bag you will make.

The next step you must cut the fabric that matches the size that you have applied. Make sure you cut the fabric and get 2 pieces of rectangular shape or the same size.

After that, you can also make a tote bag body where you have to combine the two pieces of square fabric in a line of sight. Then sew on the left, right and bottom. Then smear it on the edge of the fabric so it doesn’t break down.

Next you can also turn the body of the tote bag, so that the inside is on the outside. Next you have to tidy up the gap at the top of the mortar by using the technique to involve the top inwards then you can cover it by using a straight stitch pattern.

The next step you can do is fold the body upside down into three elongated parts and then you have to mark the folds using a pencil. This fold will make it easier for you to put the bag hanger.

And the last step you can put the hangers on is the part that you marked before. Then sew the bag hangers together and you can get a tote bag from your own creation.

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