Luxury Handbags in ‘The World of The Married

Lately, the K-Drama ‘The World of The Married’ has been hotly discussed. This cannot be separated from the provocative story and the appearance of Kim Hee-ae (Ji Sun-woo) and Park Hae-joon (Lee Tae-oh) which attracted attention. Apart from that, the players’ clothes, makeup and accessories also played a role in making this series popular because it inspired a large audience. Michaelkors Outlet

Of the various accessories that are present in The World of The Married series, bags are items that often appear. This seems to be because the bag can be a symbol of the user’s social status. Because of that, the chosen bag is not arbitrary and must be luxurious. Well, for those of you who didn’t have the chance to pay attention to the bags in this series that make you annoyed, here is a summary of 13 of them.

Valextra Bag
Valextra Bag

1.The bag that Ji Sun-woo used in this episode 1 by Joy Gryson. The style and color of the beige successfully emphasize the impression of luxury as well as femininity. This bag is priced at 498,000 or around Rp.6.2 million

2. This bag is the fashion item. Ji Sun-woo goes to work. Matching the suit, this black Delvaux bag with buckle detail retails for $ 6 150

3. This nude colored bag from ALAÏA successfully completes Ji Sun-woo’s classy look in a beige outfit. The tote bag retails for $ 2340 or Rp.35.8 million. Tas Branded

4. I think Ji Sun-woo is an expert in mix and match. Just look at the combination of minimalist clothing that he matches with a matching bag with a simple design alert from Valextra. This bag sells for $ 2950 or Rp.45.1 million

5. This brown Birkin bag from HERMES looks like it will be a favorite for the majority of female viewers, right? The problem is that in this scene Jin Sun-woo looks elegant with his choice of clothing. Oh yeah, this bag is priced at $ 1,2100 or around Rp.185.2 million ~

6. Still from the Joy Gryson label, Ji Sun-woo is wearing a light gray bag with a belt detail that matches the scarf. This bag sells for 548,000 or around Rp. 6.8 million

7. This time Ji Sun-woo wore a structured model bag which at the same time emphasized his powerful character. This fashion item offered by Roger Vivier is priced at $ 2900 or Rp.44.4 million

8. Here Ji Sun-woo looks dynamic wearing an oversized tote bag from Tom Ford. This bag is priced at $ 1,190.00 or around Rp.17 million

9. After the oversized tote bag, here Ji Sun-woo is wearing a Joy Gryson hobo bag. They say this model is becoming a favorite again. This bag is sold for ₩ 438,000 won or around Rp. 5.4 million

10. Well, the white bag used by Yeo Da-kyung is the output of the Michael Kors label. Carrying a chain design, this white bag looks great with the beige suit. This bag sells for $ 268.50

11. Yeo Da-kyung is again wearing a Michael Kors bag. Still detailed with the chain wrapped in a maroon color, this bag is priced at $ 378

12. This medium sling bag from Mulberry was worn by Yeo Da-kyung in episode 9. This bag with a minimalist pattern design sells for $ 1,850 or around Rp.28,675 million

13. The studs detailing bag worn by Yeo Da-kyung is an alert from the Valentino Garavani label. This medium Rockstud Bag is valued at € 1,875.00 or around Rp.30,191 million

There are 13 bags among the many luxury bags that appear in the series The World of The Married. Apart from being a fashion item, bags and other accessories are actually used to emphasize the character and social status of the wearer. So, of the 13 bags, is your favorite one or not? Sepatu Branded

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