Luggage Made from Used Boeing 747 Aircraft

It’s been a long time since suitcases have become an essential component in traveling. Over time, innovations, whether in design, material or features, continue to emerge. Adding to that list, British Airways offers a unique luggage option. Michaelkors Outlet

Launching the Mirror page, Thursday, January 14, 2021, the airline from London, England, has launched a new series of suitcases. Different from other suitcases, this item is made from a former Boeing 747.

Not without reason, this limited edition BOAC Speedbird Koper collection is meant to pay tribute to this type of retired aircraft. This aircraft model was officially removed from the fleet last year. On the other hand, the release aims to celebrate the brand’s iconic BOAC design.

To get it, the public had to pay 1,935 pounds sterling (Rp37 million), a nominal which is considered quite expensive for a suitcase. In his explanation, the price was “reasonable” as only 150 suitcases were sold, each of which was made with a fragment from one of the retired Boeing 747 aircraft.

Other features include a hand-painted Gold Speedbird badge on a glossy white exterior. There are also dark blue leather trim accents used in the corners and handles. Boeing 747 fragments will also be part of the interior of the suitcase. Sepatu Branded

The airline has teamed up with bag brand Globe-Trotter to make luggage. Purchasing items from this unique material can be done via the page.

In addition to being sold as usual, there will be two suitcases available on the auction platform, bid_in, to raise funds for Flying Start, part of British Airways’ partnership with Comic Relief. Bids start at two thousand pounds sterling (Rp38 million) per suitcase.

The two suitcases were on the last Boeing 747 to leave the British Airways fleet in December 2020, fully decorated with BOAC patterns. The two suitcases were signed by the flight captain, Richard Allen-Williams, and British Airways Chief Pilot Training.

Hamish McVey, British Airways Head of Brands and Marketing, said, “We are delighted to be working with Globe-Trotter to create this very special product, and through this unique auction raises money for important Comic Relief projects in the UK and abroad. . “

“While this is the perfect time to say goodbye to our ‘Queen of the Sky’, the launch of the BOAC-inspired tote luggage provides the perfect opportunity for one to celebrate the past era of global air travel that has part of our history,” he said.

British Airways suspended its “fuel-hungry” Boeing 747 earlier than planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are 31 Boeing 747 aircraft in British Airways’ fleet, all of which flew their last commercial service over the summer. Tas Branded

The last aircraft left the fleet earlier this year, although there are plans for one of the planes to open to the public in the spring of next year, while another will simply be showcased at the exhibition.

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