Louis Vuitton Issues a Special Bag to Store Lipstick

Louis Vuitton’s long history in creating fashion products has made his name engraved in every lover. The innovations that are issued never fail to amaze. Michaelkors Outlet

This time the innovation came from the latest design of the designer, Louis Ghesquiere. This high end fashion label from Paris has created a unique bag specifically for lipstick. Tas Branded

The tube-shaped bag is only about the size of a lipstick, but the leather material with its iconic monogram logo still gives off a luxurious feel. This luxury lipstick bag which sells for $ 1,390 is multifunctional.

Not only for storing your favorite lipstick, but also as a statement necklace or crossbody accessory because it is equipped with a long chain strap.

The chain on the bag is available in two colors, namely silver and gold. Inside the lipstick bag, which has been officially released since February 9, 2019, there is a glass, perfect for lipstick touch ups in the middle of activities! Sepatu Branded

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