Longchamp Iconic Bag Designer Dies of Covid-19 Complications

The sad news was broadcast by French bag label Longchamp. The president, Philippe Cassegrain, who worked in the family business for 60 years, has died from complications from the Covid-19 crown. Michaelkors Outlet

Launching the Daily Fashion Week page, Wednesday (2/12/2020), Cassegrain, the son of Longchamp’s founder, Jean Cassegrain, is an icon of the Le Pliage bag designer. According to the brand’s social media posts, Cassegrain was instrumental in helping his father grow his business in Asia, Africa and the United States in the 1950s.

Le Pliage
Le Pliage

Then, in the 1970s, the designer presented a travel bag made from nylon and leather. Then, a decade later, he devoted himself to creating a more feminine and chic handbag with his wife, Michèle Cassegrain. Tas Branded

Until its most iconic design, Le Pliage, started to shine in 1993. To date, this fashion company has sold more than 30 million copies of the famous Cassegrain design accessories.

Today the designer bag company is still run by the Cassegrain family. Philippe’s son, Jean, is the executive director, while his daughter, Sophie Delafontaine, is the artistic director. As well as accessories, the brand also offers ready-to-wear foam designed by Delafontaine, and is a fixture at New York Fashion Week.

Philippe’s youngest son, Olivier, also runs an American boutique. His grandchildren, Adrien and Hector, recently joined a branded bag company where they served as Chief Transformation Officer and Managing Director of the UK respectively.

Longchamp announced the sad news of the designer’s passing by writing, “Just like the brand logo, a horseman on a gallop, Philippe Cassegrain is a tireless creative with insatiable curiosity.”

“Every season, he works to renew the collection of men’s bags and luggage. Coming every day to the office, brainstorming workshops, a passionate drawer, inventor, he instills a spirit of intelligence and justice in all his creations,” continued Longchamp. Sepatu Branded

Services as the last tribute to the designer will be held only for families. The event is scheduled for December 4 at the Basilica of Saint Clotilde, Paris, France.

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