Leather Bags or Synthetic Leather Bags, How to Differentiate them?

Bags originating from genuine leather or commonly known as genuine leather, generally come from animal skins such as cows, goats, sheep and pigs. Meanwhile, synthetic leather or often called faux leather is a type of imitation leather made from fabric, which is chemically treated with wax, coloring, or polyurethane to produce materials with a texture and color resembling leather. Want to know how to distinguish genuine leather bags from synthetic leather bags? Check out some of the explanations below.  

1. Smell the skin

The scent of a genuine leather bag will not be imitated by synthetic leather. You can distinguish it by smelling the scent of leather. To use this method, of course you must be able to recognize and distinguish the aroma of genuine leather with synthetic leather first.  

The trick is to frequently smell the aroma of genuine leather that you have or by visiting a genuine leather products store and then distinguish it from the aroma of synthetic leather products.

2. Feel the leather with your hands

There are many types or types of genuine leather but are generally grouped into three categories namely aniline (aniline), semi-aniline (semi-aniline) skin and pigmented skin. To determine the right type of leather when you buy a leather bag, you should consider the style or appearance you want and how often the bag will be used.

Real leather can feel rough or can also feel smooth, depending on the quality. However, if the leather feels too smooth and feels like it touches the plastic, it is most likely that the skin is synthetic leather. Synthetic leather also tends to be more stretchy when stretched.  

To be more familiar with the scent of genuine leather when touching it, try occasionally visiting a store that sells a lot of genuine leather products that already have a reputation and trustworthiness. Learn how it feels when the hand touches genuine leather then compare it to synthetic leather.  

The main difference between a genuine leather bag and synthetic leather is in the quality and durability. To distinguish between these two types of ingredients is sometimes not easy because some synthetic leather is fairly close to genuine leather. So examine to distinguish them.

3. Check the pores of the skin material Michaelkors Outlet

When buying a leather bag, it’s a good idea to carefully check the pores of the ingredients. Pores on synthetic skin will look neater with a fairly consistent shape and distance. Although it resembles genuine leather, the price is usually much lower.  

The most common type of synthetic leather is pleather, which stands for plastic leather because it is made from an elastic fabric with the end result that really resembles genuine leather. Compared to genuine leather, usually bags with synthetic leather are somewhat lighter and flexible, but also have a variety of colors. While the pores or fibers in genuine leather look more irregular.

4. Check the edges of the bag product

If you look closely, a bag made of synthetic leather will look more perfect on the edges or sides and will feel like foam or plastic material, whereas if the bag is made of genuine leather tends to look more rough.

5. Try to check the label of the bag

Checking the bag label is the easiest way to find out the type of material used. Bags made of synthetic leather usually do not explicitly mention synthetic leather, but use terms such as manmade materials, fabric materials and various other terms.

6. Tips on buying leather bags at online stores

Another if you want to buy a leather bag at an online store. First, you must be able to make sure the seller is a trusted store. So always pay attention to the seller’s reputation, the more positive feedback from previous buyers the better.  

After that you should also pay attention to the item description and ask for a real photo of the item. Sometimes the description shown does not match the original item. Do not until you feel cheated.  

Finally, you must know the original price range of a leather bag. Leather bags definitely have a more expensive price compared to synthetic leather prices. So do not be tempted by a variety of cheaper prices, yes, because it could be that the bag was made of synthetic leather.  

Is it clear enough how to distinguish? Now, try to determine the leather bag product that you accidentally encountered while in a booth, whether genuine or synthetic leather. Easy right?

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