Leather bag prohibition, don’t get wet!

Branded and expensive leather BAGS usually have special handling. So when buying, you should ask whether there are care products for the leather bag that you bought. If not, then you do your own treatment by polishing it with sunflower oil or vegetable oil. Do this using foam or dry cloth. This way, your leather bag is protected from cracking due to temperature changes. Michaelkors Outlet

What is important for you to know is that the skin is a natural material that will soften over time. Try not to get wet, always stay in a dry place.

If your leather bag got wet, it’s best to dry it at room temperature. Never dry it near a heat source. This causes cracks on the surface. Tas Branded

If there are small blisters on the surface, then you just have to wipe it slowly, the oil from your hands will help remove it. If the blister is wide enough, apply oil to the scuffed surface and let it soak and clean using a soft, dry cloth. If you see the color looks dark, don’t worry, it’s just the process of absorbing oil into the skin.

People have never rejected a leather bag, but sometimes it is just a dream to own it. Well, if you have a leather bag, it should be treated properly and properly. Don’t let the expensive bag get destroyed. Sepatu Branded

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