Koja, an environmentally friendly bag

The Baduy tribe, Lebak Regency, Banten, has a thousand local wisdoms to become lessons for other communities. The Baduy tribe is known as a traditional society who maintains the traditions of their ancestors and always maintains the natural environment in which they live. Michaelkors Outlet

The tradition of the Baduy community can be seen from the clothes they wear. Apart from clothing, supporting daily activities can be another feature, one of which is a natural made bag called koja. Koja is a place to support the daily activities of the Baduy community.

The koja bag is not too big with a natural brown color. The koja is made with perforated webbing so that the contents of the koja can be seen from the outside. This bag is laced with a shawl long enough that it can be worn across the shoulder or scarf.

The Koja Bag
The Koja Bag

Koja bags are made from the bark of the teureup tree. This tree is widely available in the Baduy area. The teureup tree is a relative of the jackfruit. There are many teureup trees in the Baduy area. The teureup skin must be dried in the sun first to make it stronger. After drying, the dry teureup skin is split into small pieces. This piece of wood is then formed into threads which become the material for making bags. Even though it is strong, of course this bark bag easily decomposes in the ground. Tas Branded

In another area in Banten, the bark of the teureup tree is used as rope material to tie firewood piles for easy portability. This wood is known to be very strong, so it is not wrong if the Baduy people use this bark as a container to carry heavy agricultural tools.

Currently, the Baduy koja bag can be used by outsiders. Koja is one of the many local Baduy products that are used as souvenirs. For example, sarongs, kitchen utensils, headbands, traditional clothes, and other handicrafts are sent outside Baduy to be worn by the outside community.

When you go to Baduy, the Baduy fruit is easy to get. There are many small shops and hawkers at Ciboleger Terminal which is the entrance to the Baduy traditional community area.

The koja bag is used by the Baduy community to carry agricultural tools, or when traveling. With traditional clothes, headbands, plus a koja bag, the Baduy community is very unpretentious.

The koja bag is a sign of the identity of the Baduy community. More broadly, not only the Baduy community, the Banten people in general also wear this bag from Baduy as a characteristic of Banten society. Not only used in arts-cultural activities, these bags are also used by students from Banten who study outside the region, as a container for books and pens. Sepatu Branded

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