Inspirations to Wear Trendy Waist Bags for Smart Casual Style

Waist bags are now one of the contemporary accessories that are very suitable to complement the sporty style. Even so, it doesn’t mean that this bag, also called a waist bag, can’t be used to perfect the smart casual style. Peek below for five great mix-and-match inspirations.

  1. The red waist bag is an accent on the smart casual style Michaelkors Outlet

If you want a waist bag that is worn to be the main attraction in your appearance, then use a bag that is flashy in color, like red. Combine a bright red waist bag with a smart casual outfit in a neutral color, for example a broken white knit midi dress and a beige or beige long vest. To make it look eye-catching, use at least one other accessory that is red but small in size, such as a watch.

You can also add a little touch of basic color, for example on earrings and footwear. Choose earrings with a simple design so as not to distract from the waist bag and closed footwear but still look casual like mules sandals.

2. A touch of camel color so that the monochrome look doesn’t seem boring

Give a little touch of bright color to your monochrome look so it doesn’t look monotonous or boring. The trick is to wear at least two accessories that are lighter in color than the outfit, such as a waist bag and camel colored platform shoes. Tas Branded

For smart casual style, it is highly recommended to use 3 pieces of clothing. Therefore, wear the inner in the form of a blouse, then stack it with the outer in the form of an outer kimono with a loose or oversized size. Finally, choose the bottom, aka bottom, which is trending right now, for example, a maxi skirt that matches the top.

3. Black waist bag as the mainstay of color matching Sepatu Branded

If you find it difficult to mix and match the color of the waistbag and the outfit you are wearing, then a black waist bag is the right choice. You can use any colored clothes without having to worry about mixing and matching colors to make it look attractive. Keep in mind, at least wear two items of the same color as the waist bag so that the display still looks eye-catching.

First, wear a white blouse that is oversized and then stack it with a light purple cropped sweater. To look fashionable, wear a gray plaid patterned skirt with a length that touches the knee or just above the knee. Lastly, wear contemporary designed footwear, such as sling back pumps that have geometric heels. To maximize the smart casual style, you can also wear socks made of fishnet and a contemporary headpiece such as a beret hat which is older than the sweater.

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