How to Wash Bags, Slippers, and Jackets with the Right Fur, to Avoid Damaging!

There are several ways to wash bags, slippers, and fur jackets properly, so they don’t get damaged! Do not regret because the wrong washing and then become damaged. Fashion items made from fur aren’t cheap, right?

a. How to wash fur jacket by hand

One of the safest ways to wash fur material is by hand. However, there are a number of things to consider starting from the water and detergent used, as well as how to dry a wet fur jacket after washing.  

We recommend using cold water to maintain the shape and texture of the fur so it does not go flat. Then, choose a mild detergent to wash the fur jacket so that the fur does not rot. Be sure to make the foam first before immersing the fur jacket in water.  

Things to remember to wash a fur jacket:

1. Read the jacket label description on how to wash the fur jacket properly.

2. Always check the jacket pockets so that no items are left in the bag to avoid sticking stains on the fur. For example, such as perishable paper or pens that cause ink to leak.

3. Never wash fur jackets mixed with clothing with other materials and colors. Wash it by itself!

b. How to wash goose down jacket until faux fur using a washing machine

Not only by hand, washing a fur jacket with a washing machine can also. But make sure to follow the jacket label instructions because they are different, yes! By using a front load washing machine, there is a goose down jacket that can be washed using a 30 degree setting and mild detergent.   Michaelkors Outlet

While washing the fur jacket using a top load washing machine is to fill the tube with cold water and mild detergent, then choose the shortest lap. Then soak the fur jacket for 15 minutes to remove the foam.

c. How to dry the fur jacket

For the process of drying the jacket, don’t use a washing machine dryer because it can result in limp or deflating fur. After washing and rinsing, remove from the jar and coat with a dry towel to absorb the remaining water, immediately hang and dry in the sun. But don’t jump into the sun right away! After dry combed with a wide comb to restore fur grooves as before.

d. How to clean bags, shoes and fur slippers

Bags, shoes and fur sandals are also very risky, especially if they are pastel. If it’s already dirty, try the fur endurance test whether it’s easy to fall out or not. If not, try vacuuming with dust using a vacuum cleaner. If there are stains that make an impression, it can be wiped using a wet cloth and mild detergent or a special stain remover.  

How to dry it the same as a fur jacket, which is to let it dry by itself in the sun, but do not directly under the sun that is too hot and comb with a wide comb after dry.

e. Clean the oil stain with cornflour on the jacket, bag and fur boots

Now many life hacks are spread as a solution to various daily problems. By using ingredients that are also easy to find, who would have thought corn flour had many uses such as lifting oil stains? This can be applied also to clean fur from oil stains.  

How to clean the fur material with corn flour is by spreading flour in the stained area and let stand for 10-15 minutes. After settling, vacuum the flour using a vacuum cleaner. As a result the oil stains also lifted so it looks faint and disappear. After that, shake off the jacket to remove the remaining flour.

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