How To Take Care Of A Canvas Bag For Long Lasting

How to care for a canvas bag is quite tricky, but with the right steps, it can be done easily at home. Depending on the design and motives, you can use it for casual occasions, to campus, office, hangout with friends, or traveling.

But these two materials have a different character compared to leather bags. If exposed to dust or dirt, it will dull faster and tend to be difficult to clean. Therefore, a bag of this material if not treated properly will speed up the end of the life of your favorite bag. There are special ways or tricks for caring for bags made of cloth or canvas, which are certainly different from leather bag care. Follow these tips, so that your bag can be durable and always look new.

1. Clean the mild stain using a wet cloth Michaelkors Outlet

Do not rush to clean a stained canvas bag using running water. Instead of being clean, your canvas bag is even more damaged, deh! To clean a dirty canvas bag with food stains or dust, try cleaning it using a damp cloth.

Also note the type of fabric used to clean canvas bags. Make sure to choose a cloth that has a smooth texture so as not to damage the canvas material. The trick, wet the cloth with water, then wring it out and clean it gently on the dirty canvas bag until the stain disappears.

2. Fill the canvas bag fully when cleaning it

To keep the texture and shape of the canvas bag durable, make sure you fill the canvas bag fully while cleaning it. This can also give the maximum effect to remove various impurities that stick to the canvas bag.

Before cleaning the canvas bag using a wet cloth, fill the bag using a plastic pile, used paper or cloth until it is full. Then, clean all the stains using a wet cloth while holding it at a 45 degree angle. Clean gently until the stain completely disappears.

3. Use baby shampoo to remove stubborn stains

Not infrequently, the canvas bag you wear is also susceptible to stubborn stains. Like food stains, coffee, tea, soda or oil drinks. The stains are quite difficult to remove using only a damp cloth. Therefore, you need cleaning fluid to remove stubborn stains.

Canvas Bag
Canvas Bag

In order not to damage the texture of the hard canvas fabric, you can use soft baby shampoo. The texture of the baby shampoo is powerful enough to remove stubborn stains without damaging the canvas fabric. The trick, drop enough baby shampoo on a bowl of water. Stir briefly until slightly foamy. Then, use the edge of the cloth to clean the stained part of the bag. Rub gently until the stain is maximal.

4. Avoid drying the bag under the direct sun

After washing thoroughly, it’s time to dry your canvas bag to the maximum. It is better not to dry the canvas bag using a dryer in the washing machine, because it can damage the fabric’s texture.

Preferably, dry the canvas bag that has been washed by aerating for 6 hours or overnight until it is completely dry naturally. Avoid drying in the direct sunlight, because it will make the bag’s texture stiff, hard and easily torn.

5. Keep canvas bags neatly in the cupboard

The last way you need to do to keep the canvas bag durable, of course, save it in the right way. Save the canvas bag in a special cloth or pillowcase that has been given silica gel, then store it in the closet if you do not want to be used for a long time.

Or you can also use camphor in a special bag storage box so it is not damp and moldy. Not only that, try the tricks of storing a canvas bag by filling it with soft cloths before putting it in a closet to maintain the quality of the fabric and keep the shape of the canvas bag durable.

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