How to take care of a bag that has not been used for a long time

With the suggestion to stay at home more often during the pandemic, your collection of leather bags and shoes is rarely used? It can’t just be stored in a closet, considering that if it’s not cared for, its service life and appearance may be reduced.

Sandra Selviana, Marketing Director of Your Bag Spa, said, “Bags and shoes are not only a fashion support, but also a valuable investment. However, do not be careless in cleaning them.”

Leather bags and shoes, Sandra said, usually have problems with cracked or dry texture, faded colors, and, most often, mold. Therefore, consider a series of ways to keep your bags and shoes shiny, durable, and protected from mold.

Avoid using water, eucalyptus, alcohol, vinegar, wet wipes, liquid disinfectant, or laundry detergent to clean leather bags because they can damage the leather. Instead, use a special lotion made of leather that is safe to clean the bag.

One of the product choices is Your Bag Spa Leather Cleaner which is specially made for bags and shoes. This product functions to clean, moisturize, and is anti-fungal which is sold for Rp. 75 thousand – Rp. 200 thousand.

  • Use silica gel and dustbag

Silica gel packs are useful for absorbing room humidity so they are good for placing near leather bags or shoes. However, you also have to pay attention to the age of use. Many do not know that silica gel has a service life of 2-4 weeks.

Therefore, replace the silica gel regularly to avoid mold due to damp cabinets. In addition, use a dustbag to protect the bag and shoes from fine dust which over time becomes difficult to clean.

The sun’s rays that continue to shine directly or indirectly on a bag or shoe can damage the texture of the leather and make it cracked. Do not forget that sunlight can also enter through the window and can indirectly lead and damage the bag or shoes. Therefore, store bags and shoes in a place away from sunlight.

  • Use a bag pillow as stuffing in the bag

The bag pillow will maintain the structure of the bag when it is stored. Your Bag Spa provides this item for IDR 7 thousand. You can also use towels or soft blankets as an alternative to bag pillows. However, avoid using newsprint because the ink can stick to the inside of the bag.

If you already like one bag, you usually tend to use the same bag in a row. If that’s the case, you don’t know the condition of the other bags.

By rotating usage, you will be more aware if a bag is moldy or damaged so you can fix it immediately. In addition, rotating the bag can also prevent the bag from getting moldy due to being stored in the closet for too long.

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