How to Store Batik Bags So As Not to Dull and Smell Quickly

Unlike other bags, batik bags cannot be stored carelessly. If you put the alias alias is not stored in the closet, the risk of dull fabric. Meanwhile, if left in a closed container, the aroma will become unpleasant. Then how to keep batik bags in order to stay durable and not smell damp? In order to keep the batik bag as beautiful as new, this is a way to store it so it doesn’t get dull and smelly.    

  • Avoid stacking bags

Compared to other fabric bags, batik bags are more easily tangled. If the fabric is left tangled, each cloth will stick together so that it becomes sticky and easily torn. Stacking a batik bag with another bag also raises the same risk. Cloth bags will overlap so that it is easily scratched, even the possibility of friction of the bag will make the fabric thinner. We recommend that you store batik bags in standing condition, not stacked.

In addition, piled up for a long time will leave a line or a crease mark on the fabric. The fabric fibers in these folds will become thinner and thinner, making the bag tear easily.

  • Empty the bag when it will be stored in the closet

Before the bag is stored in the cupboard, check the inside of the bag and make sure there are no items in the bag, especially if the item is makeup, money, or a pen. The chemicals present in items risk making the fabric fibers lining the bag moist and eroded, so the fabric becomes thinner. This chemical also triggers moisture, so the fabric becomes moldy and smells bad when stored for a long time.

  • Put it in a dust bag before storing it in the cupboard

Batik bags are best kept in a cupboard to avoid damp and hot air from outside which risks discoloring the color. However, storing it in a wooden cabinet has the risk of causing odor due to the condition of wood which tends to be damp, especially if the bag uses leather as the inside. To prevent this, put the bag in a dust bag, then add camphor on the outside of the dust bag to absorb moist air. Don’t put mothballs too close to the bag, because the chemicals will damage the bag’s fibers.

Not much different from batik cloth, batik bags that have a lot of fiber are very much loved by moths. Animals that are usually in the corner of this cupboard will eat the fabric fibers, making the bag quickly thin and torn. To avoid moths you can add pepper to the corner of the cupboard where the bags are stored. Not only is the aroma of pepper not favored by moths, it will also absorb moisture so as to prevent a musty-smelling bag.

  • Remove the bag periodically so that the cloth is not stiff

Batik bags also need oxygen so that the fibers remain supple and not stiff. In addition, if the bag is constantly being stored, it is likely to invite mold, especially if the condition of the storage cabinet is damp. Take out the bag every 3 weeks to flex the fiber. If there is dust or stains, wash the bag using warm water and special soap with minimal foam. Drying it is quite aerated, not dried in the hot sun because it risks damaging the fibers of the batik bag.

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