How to slim the Stomach for Beginner Runners

Running might be an effective and easy exercise to lose weight and shrink the stomach. However, that does not mean just running away you can juggle your body and stomach suddenly small. There are still a few more things you need to do to help your running activities to be more effective. If you are already active and run a lot, continue the good habit. However, to make it a success, add some other strategies to successfully shrink your stomach too.

1. Don’t forget to eat

To shrink the stomach, you must keep eating and not vice versa. Don’t worry, your body will get bigger and fatter from eating. People who want to shrink the stomach are even required to eat healthy and regular food. In fact, you have to eat snacks at certain times to reduce excessive hunger that might actually make you eat more

For people who are already actively running, eating food before exercising are also required. You have to fill up with food before doing strenuous activities. If you fill your stomach with the right foods, you will run even farther and will burn more calories in the body.  

2. Run several times a week

Many people choose to be a weekend athlete or just exercise on Saturdays or Sundays. The rest, they forget to move the body. Indeed, you have to burn a number of calories in the body. However, it helps you do it gradually. Do running at least 15-30 minutes every two days and keep doing it regularly. This is the same as repaying your work well in advance before the deadline compared to you doing it all at once on the same day. Michaelkors Outlet

By doing it regularly and gradually, the risk of injury will be reduced. In addition, you also exercise that you will do will also increase every time you do it. Let’s just say today you are only able to run 1 km in 15 minutes. After doing it more than three times, you will get even more distance in the same time. Believe me!

3. Other muscle exercises too

Right, running will move the whole body and make the muscles trained. However, in running, only the leg muscles will get heavier work. Your legs might get stronger, but what about your upper body muscles? Also, will your stomach really get smaller just by running?

The answer is no! You have to do other exercises to get the results you really want. Certainly, you have to train your hand muscles which can certainly help pedaling while running and make your running speed increase. In addition, the hamstrings to maintain the endurance of the legs so they can run further.

Do not forget, you also have to train the body’s core around the stomach. Abdominal strength will help your body to be more flexible and run more agile. Doing other muscle exercises also secures your body from the risk of injury

As you routinely run and exercise other muscles, you will not get the best results in just one or two months. All this requires a process that is longer than you imagine. Therefore, you also must remain patient and keep the spirit to keep running and get a small stomach.

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