How to Modify the Bag Straps that are too long For Comfortable Use

Bag straps that are too long often make it less comfortable. Because the size is not right, so you have to fix it many times when on the move. Instead of disrupting the activity, you can overcome this extended bag strap without having to completely remodel it. So that the length of the rope does not interfere anymore, see 5 ways to outsmart the length of the bag strap so that it is comfortable to wear the following. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Replace with a strap that is more suitable

Some bags are designed with straps that can be removable. If the design of your bag is equipped with a design like this, the best solution is to replace the strap. You can find straps that are more suitable for your shoulders. After all, quite a lot of shops sell ropes with attractive designs, even adjustable. You don’t need to bother cutting, sewing or tying the length of the rope again with this solution.

2. Remove the excess chain so that the rope is not too long

In other cases, the strap comes with a chain model and cannot be adjusted in length. As a short-term solution, you can indeed tie the ends of the chain. Unfortunately, this solution will feel less comfortable for the shoulders. Tying the ends of the chain also only applies temporarily, because ties usually tend to break easily.   Instead of tying it together, you can remove the end of the chain and cut off the excess parts. You can practice this method by using pliers or take it to a bag repairman.

3. Wrap the bag strap with a scarf Tas Branded

To add accent to the bag as well as to outsmart the straps, you can use a scarf wrap. The method is quite easy to do, you know. You only need to tie the end of the scarf to the hook. After tying it, wrap the scarf around the rope to the other end. Adjust the length or short drawstring by pulling on the scarf.   If it fits, you can tie it to the other side of the rope. This trick can be used for you who are lazy to sew or replace the rope.

4. Give an additional hole in the bag strap

This bag has a strap design similar to a belt. However, the hole to measure the length of the rope is still making the bag strap too long. Like the belt, you can outsmart this case by making an additional hole. First, prepare a clean hammer and nail.   After that, mark wherever you will give a hole. Measure it first so that you don’t make a hole and damage the bag strap. After that, plug a nail, then hammer until the rope is hollow. Give a hole as needed until you get the right length of rope. Sepatu Branded

5. Tie the center of the rope to form a ribbon

Tying a bag strap sometimes makes the shoulder even hurt. In addition, the bond is also sometimes less strong so that the rope comes loose again. For strong and comfortable ties, you only need to apply the bow knot. This knot will feel comfortable on the shoulder and not easily separated.   You can apply this trick to the sling bag with an adjustable strap. You can also use it as a last minute trick when absolutely necessary.

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