How to Look Stylish with Clutch

Clutch is still the number one mainstay as an accessory to support the appearance of your party. But, not a few people who use clutch for everyday look. Before buying a clutch it’s good to know things – things that must be considered so that you look more stunning. Ready? Come on, look stylish with clutch! Check out the 5 tips for choosing it here.

1. Choose a size that is not too small

Clutch is indeed iconic, has a small size because it functions to make it easier when carried. But, it’s good to not choose a clutch that is too small for both your party appearance or everyday look. Why? Because the smaller the size of the bag, the capacity will be even less.  

Even for parties, at least the bag must be able to accommodate mobile phones, small wallets, or lipstick. Lots of clutch that is presented has a very small size even though it looks very fashionable. But this bag can only hold small items.

2. Choosing a plain motif

To look at the party, choose a plain motif so that it does not appear to dominate the appearance of your party. You don’t want your bag to be in the spotlight when you’ve performed optimally? Plain motifs will also look more expensive and classy. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Neutral colors that can be matched to all displays

In order to be combined with any look try to choose a clutch bag with a more neutral color. Well, black is always a mainstay for any display, right? In addition to black, white, beige, broken white, and silver will certainly enhance the appearance of your party.  

In fact, if the shape of the bag is still possible and has a larger capacity, you can also wear this bag to work and travel. So there’s no need to buy a bag every month to suit your various looks, right?

4. Adjust the body shape

One of the best moves to look fashionable to wear a clutch is to choose the right size. The size of this bag can be adjusted to your body shape. This is because, the size of the bag will be very influential with the proportion of your body shape.  

If you have a thinner and leaner body, you should choose a clutch bag with a round shape or a little width. But do not choose a size that is too large because your body will look drowned. As for women with a body that contains a clutch choose with a more elongated shape.

5. Choose a clutch that has a strap or finger hook to make it more practical

Clutch is presented with various modifications. For convenience, this bag usually has a short strap to wrap around the wrist. In addition, the clutch also comes with a finger hook, where you can insert your finger like wearing a ring.  

With this finger link you no longer need to wear rings and other accessories, because this bag will certainly give a more statement to your appearance.

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