How to Know Genuine or Fake Bags Through Photos

Want to know how to distinguish genuine or fake bags from photos? Just consider the 5 ways to know the real or fake bag through photos. Also suitable, here, for those of you who frequently shop online.

1. Seen from the quality of dust bags or holsters

Each original bag, usually always has a dust bag or cover holster. Dust bags owned by original or branded bags usually have a heavier mass than the fake ones. From the photo, make sure the dust bag looks sturdy and has stitches and prints or neat label name stitches. The presence of a proper dust bag also helps analyze the authenticity of the bag.

While fake bags, usually have a quality dust bag that looks carelessly. Look at the photo dust bag in detail to find out the quality. After that, make sure the label or brand that is listed in the dust bag, is there a spelling of the brand that is wrong or correct.

2. Make sure the words “Made in” in accordance with the location of the bag originated

From the photos, you can immediately tell whether the bag used is right or wrong. Just pay attention to the writing place of manufacture in accordance with the location of the bag originated. For example the original Chanel bag, usually reads “Made in Italy” but the fake bag being “Made in Frace” is pretty fooled, right?

After that you also have to make sure, usually fake bags are printed with the wrong font or not the same as the original one. Not infrequently fake bags have the wrong spelling of brands like “GUCCI” to “GUCI”. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Pay attention to the details of the bag stitches

When viewing a photo of the original bag, you can pay attention to the details of the bag stitches. Usually famous brands always pay attention to the state of the product. All seams are ensured to be perfect, there should not even be any visible defects. Usually there are ‘defects’ on the counterfeit product, such as looseness or thread coming out of the seam.

4. Pay attention to the color of the bag, not all bag models have a variety of colors

In addition to the model, make sure you know from the bag series. Not all bag models have a variety of colors. In fake bags they usually produce colors outside the official colors of the original bag, even adding certain motifs or accents. Also, make sure the color and fabric lining the bag matches the original with a good quality coating.  

5. The shape of the bag does not change even if you carry lots of things

To determine the real or fake bag, you can also see when the bag is filled with goods. If the original bag, the bag shape will not change and tend to be flexible. But in a fake bag the opposite can happen, the shape of the bag can be seen to change when you put a lot of items.

Finally you can also see the texture or material of the bag. Original bags usually have softer and less rigid materials such as fake ones, as well as zipper details or button bags that look perfect than fake ones.

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