How to get around a peeling or dirty bag

Because you don’t pay attention to how to care for a leather bag properly, the surface of your bag starts to get dirty and peeling off. Even though this bag is your mainstay at important times. If it is already peeling off, don’t think that the bag can’t be used. This bag can still look like new again by using some household utensils, you know. Let’s take a look, 10 ways to trick a peeling bag to make it look new again.

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All bags with different types of materials and different models need their own care. Especially if the condition of the bag is damaged or peeling, you must take repair steps. So that you don’t have to buy a new bag again, check out the following easy tips to trick a peeling bag.

1. Outsmart peeling bags and dirt with eucalyptus oil

If you have eucalyptus oil at home, this can be used to remove dirt stuck to the bag. Light color or dark color, all types of dirt can be removed. Pour eucalyptus oil on a paper towel or cloth with a fine texture, then rub it gently right over the soiled part of the bag. Keep rubbing until the surface is clean again, but don’t use great force as rubbing too hard can damage the leather surface of the bag.

2. Toothpaste can also be used

Apart from eucalyptus oil, you can also remove dirt using any toothpaste. However, one thing that must be considered is the selection of a toothbrush as a tool for scrubbing the toothpaste. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles, because coarse bristles can also damage the surface of the skin. Then apply in the same way as eucalyptus oil, until the surface is clean again.

3. Use glue to glue it back

If the part of your leather bag is still peeling a little, try gluing it back together again. Then, keep the bag from being exposed to the strong sun for a long time. This sunlight will reduce the humidity of the bag so that the layer of the bag will break again.

4. Markers, paints and shoe polish

If your leather bag turns out to be quite a lot and has fallen off, you can use markers, paint, or shoe polish of the same color to cover any peeling surfaces. The trick is to just apply it slowly on the part that is exfoliated until the part resembles another part that is still good. But it must be remembered, paint starting from one layer, after drying then you paint for the next layer. In addition, you can buy special paints for leather that are sold in shopping centers. Because with this paint the results will be maximized.

5. Get creative by using the patch on the bag to peel off

If the damage to your bag is severe, it’s time to put your creativity to work. You can cover the peeling area by changing its appearance. Patch the peeling area with a cloth that has a matching color and pattern, then sew. This will not only solve your problems, but you will also get a new bag for free! Tas Branded

6. Use duct tape for peeling suitcases

If the bag that is peeling yours is a suitcase, you can rely on duct tape, here. Especially when you are in a hurry while traveling, you can use duct tape to temporarily close it. Remember it is only temporary, because the glue on the duct tape is easy to come off and opens, it will endanger your belongings. If you have time, it’s good to keep fixing it to make it safer and more comfortable. You can apply this method if it’s an emergency.

7. Use a leather repair kit

If your leather bag is damaged or if the peeling condition is quite wide, try using a leather repair kit. This special leather treatment is often known as leather putty. Coloring using paint alone is not enough to exfoliate a leather bag that is wide enough, that’s why you are advised to use a leather repair kit. The method is quite easy, you just have to peel the putty part of the bag and then flatten it. Then press the putty with a cloth or leather-fibrous paper. Let it sit for a day then lift the cloth or paper and the leather bag will look like new.

8. Add decorations such as pins or buttons

Apart from wearing patches, you can also be creative by covering a bag that has peeled off using buttons or pins. Use buttons with quirky or colorful details. Make sure the button is completely attached to the peeling or hollow part of the bag. You can also cover the entire surface of the bag so that it looks more unique. As with pins, you can use a stacked pin and attach it to the hole in the bag. Various silver or gold studs can also make your leather bag feel even more edgy.

9. Apply leather conditioner to treat synthetic leather bags

To treat PU or synthetic leather bags, you can use a leather conditioner which is usually used for leather sofa products at home. Available in spray or cream form, just spray or apply on the part of the leather bag that wants to peel off. Leather conditioner is also effective in softening and giving shine to the parts of the bag that have started to get dirty.

10. Take your peeling bag to the repair shop

If indeed the peeling condition in your bag is already severe. And when the various methods above are not effective. Of course getting him to the repair shop was the most appropriate step.

As an option, you can also bring branded bags to quality spa bags. Starting from cleaning, retouching to recoloring, your bag will definitely look like new again with bag spa services. But indeed, maybe you should be prepared to spend more! Sepatu Branded

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