How to distinguish genuine or fake famous brand bags

Bags are important accessories for women. So, don’t be surprised if many women have collections of bags that are full of one closet!

In addition to supporting appearance, some women actually make bags as social benchmarks. The socialite woman will choose an expensive branded bag, to match her makeup that looks luxurious and elegant.

Every year, there are just the latest trends released by world-class bag manufacturers. Career women will certainly not be left behind seeing the up-to-date prices and trends in the latest bags. A trendy and branded bag becomes a social prestige and shows the image of its owner. So it’s only natural that women are willing to spend their money, or maybe their husband’s money, to buy expensive branded bags.

Quality bags are bags that are made with high accuracy, using high quality materials, exclusive designs and made from the hands of world-class first-class designers. The bag becomes very expensive, if coupled with expensive accessories too.

For designers, his work bag is his reputation. If the bag turns out to be of poor quality, then its reputation will drop. Therefore, the quality of a branded bag is more guaranteed.

But did you know how to distinguish branded bags are genuine or fake? Here’s how to distinguish it, for example LV bags.

– The Logo Michaelkors Outlet

The logo on the LV bag is fake, the stitch path is not neat, even the logo of the bag is cut off by the grooves of the stitches at the edges. The stitches also appear to be disconnected, so they appear to be cut off. In addition, there are elements of color that tend to be less attractive on the bag. Then we can be sure, that the LV bag is fake.

The original product of LV bag, the logo placement is really symmetrical. The logo is rounded like the letter “O”. In addition, for this type of one-color bag, the inside of the LV bag is made of brown canvas, decorated with brass logo.

Since decades ago, this bag already has a date code printed on the outside leather. However, LV bags made in the United States, are slightly different from LV bags made in other places, such as France, Spain and Italy. The difference can be from the quality, it can also be from the material used.

– Color and Layer of the Bag

In the original LV product bag, you will find several layers. These include canvas, which can be red or brown, then a fine micro textile layer, then a leather material undergoing a machine finishing process, an on tone polyester layer or a microfiber suede layer.

Its counterfeit products, usually only have a layer made of plastic, or fake leather with a brown color only.

– Bag Stitching

Next, pay attention to the stitches of the bag. Stitches from the original bag are sewn with meticulous detail. For Speedy LV series bags, for example, always have five uniform stitches, both on the top and bottom.

Make sure first that the bag has stitches that are really neat and uniform. If not, then it is confirmed that the bag is fake. Right and left bag handles are also uniform in the seams. The bag is fake, if the bag handles on the right and left are different in shape, or the number of stitches.

– Price

Believe it or not, if the bag you are going to buy is only about 30 percent of the original price, then the bag is definitely not genuine!

So, if you have checked the prices on the official LV bags website, then found a store selling at prices below that, even the price is less than 30 percent the price of the original bag, then the bag is not an original bag.

The only one who can get a discount from the LV brand bag is the employee himself, that is also not often, you know!

So, if there is a Louis Vitton bag that is on sale, or discounted, then that bag is a fake bag.

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