Hollywood Celebrity Expensive Bag Collection

Bags for women are not only to support appearance, but also as a medium to show class and social status. So it is not uncommon for women to not hesitate to spend a lot of money just for a bag. Luxury bags can also make women feel more confident in various occasions. This usually occurs in upper-class women who live in urban areas.

Hollywood Celebrity Expensive Bag Collection

Lady Gaga is an artist who is very well known for her anti-mainstream or eccentric dress style. Even so, it turns out that the bag collection from this singer is still a super expensive branded bag. Lady Gaga’s branded bags range from Chanel to Hermes Birkin.

One time when Lady Gaga visited the Louvre museum in Paris, the singer of the song “Paparazzi” was seen wearing a luxury bag from Celine. This black handbag completes Gaga’s elegant and classy look.

  • Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles is a Hollywood artist who is famous for having a very expensive collection of branded bags. Hermes Birkin which of course has a very high price, is one of the collections that Beyonce has ever seen worn.

Jessica Alba is an actress who pays so much attention to her appearance, even this Fantastic 4 movie player can change clothes three times a day. Not only that, Alba is also known as a collector of branded goods.

One of her favorite bags and she always wears is the Farida Snakeskin Shopper bag from Christian Louboutin. This bag has a price of 2,300 US dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 32 million.

  • Rihanna

Rihanna is a singer who is also famous for creating her own trends. One of his collection bags was shown when he was in Paris. The bag he was holding was an edition bag from the famous fashion house, Louis Vuitton. The bag is a collection of fall 2006 which has a price of about $ 17,000 or around Rp. 238 million.

Miranda Kerr is a supermodel from Austria who always carries her luxury bag with her everywhere. This former Victoria’s Secret angel always looks luxurious and classy with her branded bag collection. One of Kerr’s bags comes from the Bvlgari brand, namely Serpenti Shoulder which is a collection from the summer of 2012.

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