Knitting was first done by men in the Arabian Peninsula, Middle East. The goal was to make rugs that were traded by Arab traders. The knitting skill and the final result, namely rugs, are then spread to various parts of the world. In Asia it was first known in the Tibetan region. In Europe it became known in Spain then to the port area in the Mediterranean region. Then by the Spaniards, knitting skills then spread to other European regions.
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Gradually, due to European colonization in various regions of the world, this skill spread to America, Africa and Asia. Knitting was disseminated in Indonesia by the Dutch, so it was more often known as breien (knitting). Currently, knitting activities, which used to be the work of men, are in great demand by women. (from various sources).
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But now knitting skills have developed rapidly. Now knitting skills are not only for making rugs, but have developed to produce other products, such as bags, clothes, shoes, and other equipment. One of the knitted items that is currently in vogue is knitting bags, especially handmade knitting bags. In Indonesia, Handmade Knitting Bags are the best-selling knitted products, when compared to other handmade products.

Handmade knitting bags are much loved by women, because they have a unique model and attractive colors, besides that there are many other advantages of handmade knitting bags. Here are some of the advantages of the knitting bag that made it so popular:

  • Casual

With its casual and elegant impression, knitting bags are very suitable for various types of events, both casual and formal events.

  • Trendy

Knit bag with nylon base material which has bright and shiny colors, making this knitting bag model very trendy and not inferior to other bags.

  • Various colors

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Knitting bags have a lot of color choices to choose from, so it will be easy for you to find your favorite color, because the color has its own charm that can affect the mood that wears it.

  • Unique

Knitting bags usually have different models for each manufacturer, so the knitting bag models issued are usually unique and different.

  • Strong

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Knitted bags usually have a strong material, so they will be difficult to damage, so there are some people who think that knitted bags are anti-theft bags. With its knitted material which is difficult to break, it makes knitted bags safer to use compared to other conventional bags. In addition, knitted bags are also unique and are beautiful bags that are popular with women.

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