Here are 5 Toddler First Aid Kit that Must Have in the Bag

When going with a toddler, the contents of the bag should not only be diapers, clothes, or bottles of milk and milk. Since toddlers, especially those who can only walk and run tend not to be still, you also have to prepare first aid kit in your bag. Minor accidents such as falls, bitten by insects to itching, allergies, or bruised skin are prone to occur in toddlers. So that you can do first aid for toddlers, there are some items that should not be forgotten and must always be in the bag. Dear Mother, make sure these 7 first aid kits are always in the bag.  

  1. Antiseptic medicine to treat open wounds

Toddler skin with thin layers tends to be easily injured even if only scratched by plant spines. Imagine if he fell and only used shorts, his knee might hurt. After the wound is cleaned, applying an antiseptic wound will prevent bacteria from appearing on the wound while helping the skin repair its torn surface due to impact. In fact, now there are antiseptic drugs available in spray packages, so it is more practical.  

If you are worried that the drug will leak and contaminate the bag, put it in an airtight plastic bag and tighten the lid. Also provide cotton to apply this antiseptic drug.

2. Anti-buffer cream

Playing outdoors like a garden does not make toddlers free from mosquito attacks. In the transition season, especially when the weather is hot, mosquitoes will often be found around lush plants.   Michaelkors Outlet

To keep your toddler comfortable during activities, apply anti-buffer cream on his skin that is not covered by clothes. If the toddler has been bitten by insects or mosquitoes, apply aloe vera gel to relieve swelling and itching.

Toddlers should also use clothes made of cotton and brightly colored so as not to be targeted by mosquitoes, because dark shirts and the smell of sweat always invite mosquitoes to approach.

3. Cold compress medication to treat fever as well as collision

The function of a cold compress is actually not only to deal with rising body temperature, but also reduce swelling. Toddlers who are hard to be quiet and want to keep moving sometimes bump or bump into objects in front of them. In fact, if accidentally fell or hit the vehicle window while in the car, collision will cause body parts to swell. To relieve swelling, you can compress it with this cold compress medicine.

4. Plaster

This direct bandage should be kept more than one in a bag. So that toddlers are not afraid when you are going to treat the wound, provide a bandage with a cute motif that toddlers like. Plaster like this even helps reduce fuss when a toddler complains of the wound. He will be entertained to see his motives and return to the spirit of undergoing its activities. However, before dealing with the wound, make sure you have cleaned your hands with a wet tissue or hand sanitizer.

5. Alcohol swabs, to clean your child’s wounds

This alcohol wipes are needed if you don’t find clean water to wash your hands and clean toddler’s wounds. When toddlers fall on the ground, usually dust and dirt will come attached to the wound. Wiping the wound with this tissue will remove bacteria and germs around the wound. After that, immediately cover the wound with tape to prevent bacteria from sticking back to the wound.  

Have you prepared first aid kit for toddlers in your bag?

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