Here are 12 bag models for Hijabers! (ii)

7. Unique looking round bag

Give a more unique impression as a complement to your hijab clothes with a round bag on this one. Lately even the popularity of this bag model is on the rise and much-loved by almost all circles.   Michaelkors Outlet

This unique and unusual model has successfully become the main attraction. Although not able to store a lot of goods when compared to tote bag models, but wearing this round bag makes it look more fashionable.

8. Fashionable PVC bag for casual appearance to holidays to the beach

If you want a more stylish level with hijab clothes, you can also complete the collection using a PVC bag. This bag is made of transparent plastic that has thick plastic material. Tas Branded  

No need to worry about the items carried look more clearly, because you can outsmart them by using a playful patterned pouch so that your personal belongings are not scattered about and remain neatly stored. Its use is also very versatile, this bag is suitable to be worn from casual moments to holidays to a waterproof beach.

9. Oversized bag, suitable for you who are super busy

Are you among the super busy women? The high activity that you do also helps make you carry lots of stuff when traveling. Like to confuse a bag that suits you?  

Now you can try this one solution! Wear a bag with a super large size to carry all your necessities. Not only makes it easy for you to be able to carry lots of things, but this bag is also able to complement your style so it looks more stylish. Choose oversized bags with eye-catching accents.

Net bag
Net bag

10. Net bag suitable for perfecting OOTD style!

You could say very steal and unique attention! Net bag is a bag with a net model that was used for fishing or shopping. Along with the times, the bag is upgraded to a bag that is quite worn and loved by fashion lovers.  

Especially when you want OOTD photos, this mesh bag is suitable for you to use, which is certainly ready to improve your look. The practical model is perfect for carrying a variety of your needs and is able to add plus points when OOTD photos.

11. Micro bag which is suitable for feminine style

Micro bag is a bag with a small size that is practically carried anywhere. To support your feminine style, choose a micro bag with a model that looks formal and choose a brightly colored bag that is able to steal attention on the display even though its size is small.  

For the hijab style, this bag is enough to steal anyone’s attention. Wear simple clothes or plain tops, with this bag can make you look elegant at any time. Sepatu Branded

12. Clutch that creates an elegant and feminine impression at one time

Are you one of clutch fans? Now you can elevate your hijab dress style using a clutch. Certainly makes an elegant and feminine look at the same time. For details, now you can choose clutch with satin, embroidery, to leather. Adjust it to your liking.

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