Here are 12 bag models for Hijabers! (i)

Hijabers, besides clothes, are you also looking for a stylish bag for you? In addition to clothing and footwear, you need to know that bag accessories are also able to attract the attention of people around you. What kind of model is right for you? Not to be confused, here are 12 bag models that are ready to perfect your hijab style! Guaranteed you will look more stylish. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Rattan bags to look like the bloggers

Want to wear a bag that is current and is a favorite of fashion bloggers? Try a rattan bag as fashion items that accompany you on a trip or a vacation to the beach.   Certainly, make you look more chic and unique. For clothes, you can use a long dress with floral or lace accented dress is enough to make you look chic.

2. Playful beaded bag

Rattan bags can be spelled out long enough to be a mainstay bag favored by celebrities, artists, to fashion bloggers. But now, beaded bags or beads are present as bags that are relied on by many celebrities.   The unique model, seems to be able to make the appearance more catchy or playful and certainly well suited to perfect your hijab style.

3. Bucket bag that is ready to hold a lot of goods

Even though you have a lot of luggage, you can also package it by pulling it using a bucket bag. Bucket bag had become a happening bag in the 90s and now back as a bag that is loved by fashion lovers. Bucket bag is a bag with a drawstring detail at the top.   Tas Branded

Now, various renowned designers have launched bucket bags with a more modern touch. The bag comes in simple models to models with powerful stud details. So, for those of you who like to carry a lot of things, this bag is suitable for accompanying you to your daily activities.

4. Metal handle detail bag for lovers of edgy style

If you include lovers of edgy style, choose a handbag with a metal accent on the handle or handle. The round handle emphasizes the edgy style of the look, while it also has a modern feel when wearing this bag.  

Oh yes, you can also mix this bag with shoes that have a statement to perfect your edgy appearance. It’s perfect for you to use when you want to take OOTD photos at a cafe

5. Edgy style lovers can also use a leather backpack

Edgy style lovers, prepare a leather backpack while perfecting your hijab style. It certainly looks polish and stylish when worn.   Sepatu Branded

You can also play the color according to what you like. Ranging from dark black, to bright yellow. Do not forget, if you want to look different just use ankle boots as a shoe option that matches this bag.

6. Chic and elegant with a chain strap bag

If your fashion character is chic and elegant, this bag model is perfect for you for casual to casual moments. Usually this bag strap can be worn with a shoulder bag model or also extended into a sling bag with a long strap.   Wearing this bag certainly makes it easy for you to combine it with various daily outfits. Moreover, a neutral color bag that is certainly easy to be combined with any color clothing.

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