Have an Expensive Bag Collection? This is the way to take care of it so that it can remain an investment

Do you have an expensive bag collection and want that bag to be an investment in the next few years? You must know how to care for him properly. Because the wrong treatment will only make your expensive bag easily damaged. For that, let’s see how to care for expensive bags so they can still be an investment!

1. Diligently clean the stains on your bag

Expensive bags are usually presented with various models and materials. But usually genuine leather bags that do have a more expensive price, are the most sought-after bags for women. But it is precisely the leather bag, which requires extra attention in terms of care.  

Don’t leave any stains on your bag, even if it’s just a little. But if it’s already been stained, you can outsmart it this way.   Prepare white chalk. You have to use white to avoid changing the original color of your leather bag. Mash the lime until it becomes powder. Well, after that you can sprinkle the powder on the surface of the bag that is stained.  Let it overnight. Then in the morning you can clean the chalk powder using a special cleaning product for leather bags.

2. Keep away from sunlight and water

Indeed the bag will be your friend when undergoing activities. But if you do more activity in open spaces, you shouldn’t use your branded bag. Because sunlight can make the texture and color of the bag fade. Similarly, if exposed to water, will make your bag vulnerable to fungus. Therefore pay attention to every time you want to wear your expensive bag.   Michaelkors Outlet

To save also the things above should be your attention. Store the bag in a cool, dry place. Try not to store it in a damp cupboard. In order to keep it in the best quality, it is better after use to clean the bag using a microfibe so that the dust that is directly attached disappears.    

3. Don’t use wet wipes

When you want to be practical and fast, you use wet wipes to clean the stains on your expensive bag. Even though the stain disappears quickly, you should avoid it that way.   The best way to clean up stains that stick is to use ordinary tissue soaked with just a little water. This is because wet wipes contain perfume, and others that can leave yellow stains on your bag.

4. Use a reliable bag washer service

Don’t wash your expensive bags yourself. Washing the bag at home using detergent will only make the surface peel off quickly. Detergents contain chemicals that can damage the bag. If your bag is really dirty you should go to a branded laundry bag in the shopping center. Spending a little deeper doesn’t hurt right for your branded bag to last longer?

5. Don’t pile up your bags when storing them

Do not pile up your bags when storing them in a cupboard, avoiding friction with other bags that can cause fine scratches. Especially if your bag is made of genuine leather, it will be very vulnerable if it is affected by friction.  Pile up bags will also make your bag more susceptible to mold. Sometimes the bag can also cause unpleasant odors so that termites can infest.

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