Guess Your Character from Any Items That Always Have in the Bag!

Everyone must have a bag that is brought every day. It contained everything, from wallets, smartphones, books, to tissues. But, among the things that are stuffed, there is one that is always perched in your bag. Well, what character do you have based on the items that are always in there? Michaelkors Outlet

1. Laptop

Those who fall into this category, if you take a vacation just bring a laptop. Typing his work first. Even if there are no more tasks or deadlines that must be pursued, they insecure if they do not carry a laptop. Because I usually carry this one thing everywhere, even if it’s big and heavy, it just keeps being taken. So people who fall into this category usually assume half their lives are not girls or other guys, but laptops.

People with this character are identical to students or first-year workers. Why first year? Yes because if it’s already a senior, what is taken is not a laptop anymore, but an unlimited credit card.

2. Water

There are two types of people who always carry water everywhere! First, they care about their health and try to avoid dehydration. Usually this first type also likes sports, although yes, it’s not an athlete either.

The second type is actually more concerned with money, though. Just lazy buy ice tea or orange ice up to Rp 10,000 every day. Get the money to pay for your hobby, or save it to buy holiday promo tickets.

3. Change of clothes

You who always have a change of clothes in a bag, surely your life is mobile. Very rarely boarding or at home, from the campus or office must be directly to the gym, date, or to a friend’s house. This type of person is what his parents often miss. After all, I’m still busy, never at home. Hayo, did you call today with you at home? Tas Branded

4. Eyebrow Pencils

The girl who always keeps the eyebrow pencil in her bag is the type that is painstaking, diligent, and has a high level of determination. Never appear in front of people if the eyebrows are not ready! So, even outside the house they always keep their eyebrow pencil in a bag. So that if their eyebrows run out of sweat, they can immediately remake it wherever they are at that time. Salute to you guys, eyebrow pencil.

5. Tissue or Hand Sanitizer

You who always keep tissue or hand sanitizer in a bag, really know your personal needs. Understandably, often to the bathroom to meet the call of nature makes trouble if there is no hand sanitizer or tissue. Btw, how many times have you been to the bathroom today? Try checking the bag first, hopefully the tissue isn’t left behind!

6. Former Goods

In your bag there is always an item that actually has an ex. It’s hard to guess your true character, because the reason people save goods from the ex is really a lot. Either you have not been able to move on, haven’t had a chance to turn it back, or it used to borrow and until now the item is still useful (and still not being asked by him, so there’s no need to reverse it).

7. Keys, Wallets, Smartphones

Who is it that has no keys, wallet or smartphone in the bag? These three items are indeed sacred, so much homework. But make no mistake, not everyone always remembers putting their keys, wallet and smartphone in their bag before leaving. Sepatu Branded

Therefore, you who always have keys, wallet, and smartphone in your bag are neat, organized, and far from forgetful words. You are also practical, most do not like to add to the hassle by forgetting important things like this. Michaelkors Outlet

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