Guess the Personality of a Woman Based on the Bag She Wears

For a girl, a bag is like a lover who will complete her life. Not only will it be ‘coupled’ every time you travel, the bag also becomes a container for storing almost everything you need everyday. Therefore many girls are reluctant to choose their bags haphazardly. Starting from the shape, size, color, up to the price will be considered before finally choosing. Michaelkors Outlet

Because the bag is so attached to the daily lives of women, this object can be said to represent the personality of its owner. Directly or indirectly, we can guess the nature of a person from the choice of bag used by him. Well, for those of you who are still confused with your own character, hereafter will review the nature and nature of humans, especially women from the bag they use. Curious?

1. Love wearing a waist bag indicates that she is a woman who is good at managing money even though her style is out of date.

Compared to other types, waist bags can be said is the type of bag that is the most distant form of the word fashionable. In addition to its monotonous shape, the colors of this bag category are also the most so. If not black, donker blue, the most white. Its function is arguably the most minimalist because usually only for saving money.

Well, if there are girls around you who really use waist bags for their daily lives, it’s predictable that she is the type of person who doesn’t care about looks. For her style is not everything because even though now there are many types of bags that look cooler but she doesn’t care. The choice of a bag with specific functions (save money, cellphones and notes) also shows that she is careful enough to manage money. Tas Branded

2. Clutch bags are usually used at parties so that girls who often wear bags like this are those who are ready to party observant observing appearance.

The form of this cute and very girly bag is generally used by women who have strong concerns with the appearance. The design of the bag that is intended for women to use while partying is a powerful ammunition to perfect one’s outfit when coming to an event. So no wonder this bag also comes with a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes.

Women who like to wear clutch bags are the type of people who care enough about fashion. She will not hesitate to dedicate her time to match clothes with bags and shoes when it comes to a party. For you men are certainly proud because usually this girl will look as perfect as she can. But do not be happy just yet, waiting for her to dress up or accompany shopping is a ‘disaster’ that must also be shared.

Sling Bag
Sling Bag

3. Sling bag, the bag is the owner of multiple personalities: He who pay attention to appearance but not excessive. The bag is feminine but the method is masculine.

It is rather difficult to actually define a woman’s personality with a slingbag choice for her daily activities. The problem is that if you look at how to use a suitable bag sling in all directions, it indicates that the user has a mixed personality. There is a balanced masculine and feminine side in true slingbag users.

She is not the type of person who is too busy thinking about outward appearances. For her comfort is the main thing of clothing. This indicates that she is a person who is simple, easy going, and also not easily influenced. But even so it does not mean she will be totally indifferent with her appearance. The color factor, suitability of size, and motifs are still considered even though the portions are not large.

4. User hand bag: Fashionable girl, charming appearance with sky-high maintenance costs.

Girls who use handbags will generally roam in large malls and are hard to find in traditional markets. The reason is because they are the most all-out group of dress up business. So, honey, if I perform optimally, I only use vegetables for shopping at the market?

Now talking about the nature, users of this handbag, including the type of super duper feminine. Her hobbies are in and out of women’s makeup and accessories stores. When chatting even the topic of the conversation will not be far from the latest clothes from certain brands, the best makeup, to what skin care is the best at this time. Mmm, for guys who have dreams of going out with them, get ready to work hard huh! Because surely behind their appearance there is an ‘unexpected’ cost that must be borne by a man.

5. People who are complicated but motherly will generally choose a shoulder bag for daily activities.

If you pay attention, shoulderbag is the type of bag that is most used by women. Starting from the college kids, office workers, to housewives, all use this kind of bag model. Actually, perhaps the most reasonable reason why this bag is a favorite is because in general shoulder bags fit a lot of things. Ranging from tissue packs, cosmetic boxes, perfume, to notebooks, all can enter here. Sepatu Branded

It could be that people have a way of thinking that is complicated enough to sort out the items that are necessary and not just a difficulty. Afraid of need, afraid of not being there, if you need it and don’t have time to buy what is the reason why the default user shoulderbag never relax. But behind this side of his commotion, he was the most maternal person. She details thinking about his needs and the needs of people. Do not believe? Try to check what kind of bag your mother has!

6. Absolute adventurer women will be reluctant to let go of backpacks from their backs. Like Dora The Explorer.

If you are confused with the personality of women backpack users look at Dora The explorer. Yes its nature is more or less close to that. Like challenges, adventurous, with enormous curiosity. For her life is an exciting adventure and must be lived happily. Its formidable nature makes it almost always managed to get what it wants. But behind all the advantages still backpack users also have shortcomings. One of them is her penchant for asking everything to satisfy his curiosity. As a result the people around her were made a bit annoyed by the questions given. Yes, like Dora like that whose hobby is asking, never answer.

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