Guaranteed to be fashionable, this tote bag is suitable for men!

Men, supporting your daily style, this tote bag or box-style bag that is usually worn on your shoulders turns out to be able to make your everyday style cooler. To make this one bag model suit you, you also have to know the right color selection. Guaranteed to be fashionable, this tote bag color line is suitable for men!

1. Black tote bag as a basic anti-dirty option

If you like a safe color choice, you can choose a basic black tote bag. This tote bag is anti-dirty and does not require frequent washing. Besides that, black is a color that is easily combined with any color clothes. For men, you can still look manly with a black tote bag. No need to hesitate anymore, men are not only suitable for wearing a backpack, you can look cool with a black tote bag. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Navy tote bag that gives a sporty touch

If you like to be sporty, it’s time for you to look stylish with a navy tote bag. Usually tote bags have ample space to carry various kinds of sports goods or needs and keep you practical all day. Navy color doesn’t get dirty easily when used, so you don’t need to worry about choosing a navy tote bag as your daily bag for work or sports.

3. Gray tote bag that looks cool on you

If you are one of the men who are cool and dignified, you can choose a gray tote bag. Choose a dark gray color for those of you who don’t want the bag to get dirty quickly and if you want to look more stylish, light gray is the right choice. Gray is also suitable if you are bored with black bags.

4. The trendy olive green tote bag

Olive green is a unisex color which is currently a trend among fashion lovers. If you are looking for a tote bag, you can choose a hijab olive color bag that makes it look cooler. Besides that, olive green is a color that doesn’t get dirty easily if you often wear the bag to accompany you in your activities. Tas Branded

5. Broken white tote bag that is ready to elevate a more casual and light look

Make the casual style look light with the choice of a broken white tote bag. This tote bag is ready to make the appearance cooler, especially if you wear it on the weekend. Usually this tote bag has many variations, such as tote bags with painting accents that make you more artsy when wearing the bag to complete your look.

6. Brown tote bag suitable for earthy tone lovers

Including earthy tone lovers? Now you can choose a brown tote bag that is ready to complete the look with earthy tones. The brown color is also a color choice that can elevate it so that it looks more stylish. Whether you want to use it from your office to traveling, a brown tote bag is perfect for you to buy.

7. Cream tote bag is the right option if you are bored with dark bags

Tired of dark bags? Take it easy, you will look manly with this cream tote bag. Especially if you like classic or vintage style, this bag is sure to maximize your appearance. Oh yes, not only for men, the cream tote bag is also suitable for women. So, you can exchange bags with your partner or sister! Sepatu Branded

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